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                                                      Interview with drummer Marut Pozzi-Escot

Where is Desarme from and how did the band get started?
Desarme was  born in Barranco Lima-Peru in1988, a group of Friends of the district / school, we all loved punk, metal and all honest music and lyrics. It all started with the idea of ​​making a band, and it progressed and took shape.

How many members are in Desarme? How many releases do you all have?
Desarme is: Rodolfo Vertiz Guitar, Zoe Ascorra Vocals , Bayo Ojeda Bass and  Marut Pozzi-Escot on Drums. Marut Rodo and Zoe formed the band, but the band made some Line-up changes in the past as well ,Beto “Orcacore” Cuba, Carlonga Angeles and José “Martillo” Arenaza.
Discography: Demo Porque…? 1991/ Visión Hostil 1999 / Corrosión en la Nación 2003/ Es tu error 2005/ Involución 2009 and we're working in a new album for 2014. Odio Los discos from Chicago will release our first demo Porque...?? in Vinyl soon, and we'll re-issue "Corrosion en la Nacion" too.

What (if any) is the message behind Desarme's lyrics?
The message in the lyrics are straightforward about reality in our own view of things. It's about all the bullshit in society worldwide, all the injustice and stuff , we all know what's going on.

Who are your biggest influences?
All the real heavy and fast music that we really like. HXC Crossover Old School, Punk, Thrash, and all kinds of metal. Bands that influenced us are DRI ,Suicidal Tendencies, Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, COC, Cryptic Slaughter, Nuclear Assault ,Post Mortem, Death Angel, Slayer, Exodus, Old Metallica, Ramones, Bad Religion, Misfits Anestesia, Soziedad Alkoholika,  Black Sabbath, Death, Deep Purple, Maiden, Exploited, Bad Brains, Excel, etc...

Of the various shows you have played, what is the most memorable, and why?
Well from 88 -94 La Casa Hardcore of Barranco where we played for the first time as a band on april 89' along with G3 and Curriculum Mortis, all shows made by Galicio in the center of Lima, by Grupo Pacifico, El Hueco, shows in La Colmena, the underground shows in Camana and Malambito, Condorock, the Ataque Metal, and we shared stage with Masacre from Colombia, Sarcófago, Torturer, Sadism.
We played with DRI in 2002, Averno, in 2005 we played with Agnostic Front twice, Madball-Municipal Waste, Sick of it All, Terror.  We feel so happy to shared the stage with those kick ass bands, all the shows in Lima Harcore, we like to play everywhere. I guess we've been playing like 500 times live, we don't care if we play in front of 10 people or 2,000 we just play fucking Hardcore damn it.

What have Desarme been up to lately?  Any of Desarme members from other bands, or currently working on other projects?
Well , we just play in Desarme, we all have regular jobs, support our families, study, we like to practice a lot, we hang out, and the most important thing in a band, we're good friends, the band is a very important part in our lifes. Me and the vocalist Zoe have a small shop in Lima called Barrancore, we sell Cds, Shirts and a lot of Merchandise and support the Peruvian Scene.

How do you categorize the Desarme sound when people say “What kind of music is it” Thrash, Punk, Metal, Hardcore, Crossover, What?
A fanzine from Germany called us PUNKMETAL BASTARDS ORNITORRINKOS FROM HEL and we thank them for that. We play Crossover or Thrashcore if you will. We like to be influence by all the music around here in Peru and worldwide.

What is your opinion on the current state of the world? (terror, wars, Injustice, murders, politics, and so on…)
Same shit!!!!! Never gonna change !!!!
Here in Peru politics are fucking assholes, they're the ones with money, we're the middle hard working class, the coruption is something normal here and it's really fucked up. Now our society is becoming more and more materialist, the education is really bad, the rich people are getting more power, not equal rights, injustice everywhere, besides that all the Peruvians try to survive in all this bullshit every day.

What are the plans for the rest of the year 2014?
There's a record in the making, the re-release of our first demo from 1991', we're trying to release two videos of past shows and doing a new tour as well.

Since you guys have been together for more than 20 years now, have you noticed a huge difference in the metal scene from when you first started to now?
Well, technology helps a lot, the bad thing about this is there's more fucking posers Lol, in the past everything was so real and from the heart, that's why the old schoolers are the real deal.

Tell me about the show with Hadez, Mortala, Cobra and Mortem. How did you feel sharing the stage with those Kick ass bands?
They are brothers !! We're in the same shit since the 80's and we're proud about being part of it!!!

I know you're a busy guy, so i guess this is it for now bro. Thanks for this interview, any last words for the fans of Desarme and readers of Soulgrinder Zine out there? This space is for you
Gracias brother for this interview, you have a fucking cool zine, cheers to all the maniacs that support Desarme and Hardcore in general, Stay True fuckers!!
Interview by Paul Caravasi

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