Saturday, October 11, 2014

Desarme-Involucion (2010)

I've been a crossover die-hard fan since the late 80's, though I really dig Suicidal Tendencies, Cro-Mags,Crumbsuckers and some old DRI. Still I can proudly say I just can't get enough of this cool style. I also enjoyed some previous stuff of this peruvian band Desarme, especially their first demo masterpiece, but what we have here is a solid album to my ears, since it involves those over the top punkish riffs which oblige you to mosh and some other mid-paced yet thrashy ones to bang your head with until it explodes. At the very start of it you can hear exactly what I mean: some ass-kicking riffage with a really decent production that introduces the album with enough variety and balls to make you love it since the very first (mindblowing) tempo change. And even more when that first riff of "Moralista" kicks in, a sheer maelstrom of violence and adrenaline unleashed. Both "Bio-cidio" and "Politica Corrupta" have intros that somewhat slow down that relentless feeling of aggressiveness, but maybe I'm 'dealing with it' in a too much perfectionist way...It reminds me of their previous shit and that's just excellent to me. "Moralista" in my opinion,is a catchy song with a memorable chorus to sing, okay, they extended song lengths and therefore offered less songs. But still it is an incredible and really complete Desarme album and, to me, one of the best of their career. This is Desarme from Peru Mother fuckers!!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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