Friday, April 9, 2021

1917 - Omnicrisis (2021)

1917 from Argentina have been around a very long time and over the span of more than twenty five years have seen their reputation rise as many time as they've endured line-up changes. I remember discovering this band back in 1997 and after so many years of losing contact with Alejandro, Thanks to the internet this new album arrived in my hands. "Omnicrisis" is an album with something to prove. Few bands this deep into a discography are able to bring much passion and energy to their music but that's exactly what 1917 does. "Omnicrisis" crackles with energetic life: choppy, staccato chords and blurred tremolo riffs coupled to heaving, chunky basslines and tremendously powerful drumming - all slathered in a brutal atmosphere for horror and oppression. The band strides the Death/Black demarcation perfectly, crafting superb slowdowns of despair. And they've added a few new wrinkles to the mix too. It's an incredible experience, especially on headphones. Alejandro Sabransky delivers a fully demonic performance perfectly attuned to the band's occult lyrics. He is also in fine guitar fettle with brilliant riffs and flashes of genius in the few solos he delivers. In a genre rife with stagnation and imitation, it is refreshing to hear another SouthAmerican veteran band answer the challenge of their younger peers and then casually brush them aside with an album so masterly that it is somewhat hard to fathom. Overall, this is a perfect Extreme metal album. There are no flaws and everything about it is perfect from the guitar tone, to the fitting solos, to the drumming, and the bass playing. It all fits together perfectly like an elaborate puzzle. 1917 continue to progress and inspire and "Omnicrisis" is a true highlight of their discography. They have managed to pull off the difficult task of staying true to their roots while at the same time updating and tweaking their sound !!

Band contact:

FB /1917metal

Review by Paul Caravasi

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Dark Zodiak - Ophiuchus (2021)

Dark Zodiak's "Ophiuchus" certainly gets the job done. At some points it suffers from too many quiet or soft parts, but the overall makes up for it. Passionately crushing solos, the melodies are mostly heavy and straight to the point. The production leaves the instruments somewhat clean, sheer and powerful. The drumming kicks ass when are given the main stage. The instrumental bits  are  headbangable as most of the album, they are fine pieces of music. As far as solos are concerned, I have no complaints. They deliver the goods in the style only Dark Zodiak has. They don't go cheap on them, yet don't go wild with ultra-fast virtuoso solos which show talent and feel and the riffs are pummeling throughout almost the entire album, not too fast, but heavy enough. My personal favorites: Invisible Apocalypse , Destroy Destruction and Total Freedom. At overall look, the album is pretty good, highly recommended!!

Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, March 8, 2021

Troops Of Doom - The Rise Of Heresy (2020)

Well, what can I say about this Southamerican masterpiece? This band execute pure savageThrash Metal, well done and lacking downsides. The guitar work is insane. The solos are tremendous. This is the true essence of underground metal. A lot of metal fans will remember this in years to come. Naturally, you hear the very early Sepultura vibes and influence since the legendary Jairo is on this brutal line up. The sound is Dirty, gritty, and true to the Brazilian sound. We all know that traditional Swedish sound and American sound, well, bands from Brazil also have that trademark guitar sound that you will find on such releases as Sepultura “Bestial Devastation” and Sarcofago “Rotting. This is massive and old school as its best. It is a godly monstrosity that speaks for itself. This release deserves to be owned by every metal fan in the world. Yeah it's mandatory!!

Review by Paul Caravasi

Gutted - Bleed For Us To Live (2019)

The guitar work here is killer. Flowing riffs and out-of-control solos, although in keeping with the atmosphere of the album. Vocals are a raspy, articulate roar and adds to the thick heaviness of the album. Highlights are incredibly difficult to pick, as Gutted do not fall into the fault of so many death metal bands in making all their songs sound overly similar. Every song here is given its own identity and voice. "Bleed for us to Live"  is a testament to creativity and brutality. A good album with no set backs!!

Review by Paul Caravasi

Misanthropy Apotheosis - Against Your Filthy Kind (2020)

Some muddy production and tons of Christ hating blasphemy. As a collective, Misanthropy Apotheosis work to blend instruments. It works well within the brutal Death Metal that these guys spawn. The band also plays with tempo. All tracks have sections where the band slows it down, and the transitions are good. Vocalist convey emotion to the listener as he screams, but he stamp his voice into your mind. To death metal fan: stop reading and go get this !!

Review by Paul Caravasi

Create a Kill - Summoned to Rise (2018)

Gus Rios (Gruesome/Malevolent Creation) Guitars/Bass/Drums, Alex Marquez (Solstice/Resurrection) Vocals/Drums,  Dirk Verbueren (Megadeth/Soilwork) Drums, Tobias Gustafsson (Cut Up/Vomitory) Drums, Matt Harvey (Exhumed) Vocals, and Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed) Guitars. What else can i say about this powerful record?

The intensity on this record is absolute, they didn't lack any of the catchiness or violent energy to be at the top of the Metal scene;  This band can be on the death metal bandwagon and at the same time the're the most savage thrash ever. Listening to these 10 tracks will almost guarantee a headbanging marathon. From the insane opener "Create a Kill" to the closing monster "Show of Force" there will be several moments throughout that will make you want to awaken your inner neanderthal and fuck everything in sight up. The ferocious thrash riffage is beyond fast with heavy, crushing passages for maximum chaos to ensue. In addition to being speed freaks, the band also provides plenty of music that simply destroys. Every song has plenty of back and forth solos, and they add just a little more awesome to each track. The vocals on this album are also done very competently as well with extreme hatred and passion throughout the entire album. Now onto the drums. This is the one instrument that does in fact stand out, played with savagery and ferocity throughout the entire album. Extremely technical but these guys can slam on the drums so fast that it sounds like a machine gun chopping next to your ear. Again this is nothing more than brutal and brutish death/thrash metal at its best. If you’re looking for something fancy look else where, but if you’re looking to break your neck doing some serious headbanging then this is right up you’re alley!

Review by Paul Caravasi

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Compendium of Metal Vol. 13 - Compilation CD (2020)

I sit here with beer in hand listening to this compilation, writing a review for Soulgrinder Zine. I know i am not the only 45 year old metalhead lunatic that gets drunk, and plays underground CD's from all over the world. All bands are pretty good here, Heavy, Thrash, Doom, Black/Thrash. This is the new volume of this great compilation series, features a fairly even mix of European bands. This volume leans heavily on thrash and heavy Metal bands, alongside a few Doom outfits too. The bands on this 14 song disc are Ignitor, Chainbreaker, Hellspike, Legionem, Vomit Division, Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus, Midnight Priest, Sacral Night, In Aevum Agere, Risen Prophecy, Kommand, Space God Ritual, Eternal Thirst and Toxikull. This is a killer comp with quality bands and packaging including a booklet with all the bands. Overall, if you are looking to see what real metal sound like, pick this CD up ASAP. Long Live Metal On Metal Records !!

Review by Paul Caravasi