Saturday, February 4, 2023

Victim - Planets of Graves (2022)

Debut self-release from this thrash band. It's not bad and thank god no Pantera or nu-metal shit passing itself off as thrash. I think the guitar sound and crunch the band has and the singer has a strong good voice as well. Powerful and vicious. I don't like the bass sound on this though. The drums are fine too. No screeching neither vocalwise. Check out a video of them and ordering info below:

Review by Chris Forbes 

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Death In Your Yard - Bears Against Humanity (2023)

I'm amazed how good this band is. Death in Your Yard from Israel unleashed this Crossover album, It has every element of the genre that harbors greatness. Speedy riffs, spastic drum beats, Hardcore vocals in the right places, and clean/spoken word vocals in others. Every track on this album kicks ass. Each track flows right into the next perfectly. As one ends, you can't wait until the next begins. Prisilia opens with a great riff, and then the vocals come in, with some back-ups. The fury of the vocals perfectly accent the guitar work. Attack of the drunks is a catchy thrasher tune that will have you headbanging from start to finish. Honestly, this is an addicting album. Overall, this is a kick ass Crossover album. I'm glad I had the honor of giving Death in Your Yard a review in Soulgrinder Zine. Go out and pick this one up!!

Review by Paul - Soulgrinder Zine

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Rumor Kontrol - Here are The Facts (2023)


This is chaotic music, an artistic brutal expression in their own way. To get a good idea of how this cassette sounds, picture yourself in a stressful day at work or caught in the middle of traffic in a hot/humid summer day with no AC in your car....that's the vibe I get when I hear this band. I just can’t explain it, but it really gives this release some character. Extreme Music is about fury, about fighting, when it comes to emotion. There’s an enemy, or some form of injustice, or some monster, or simply acts of perversity. I wanted to give this album a chance, and i listened to it 4 times and compared to most modern day bands, this album is  energetic, don't get me wrong but modern digital recordings with triggered drums isn't my thing. The fury is there, but they can do better!!

Review by Paul Caravasi

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Obituary - Dying of Everything (2023)

Here we are in 2023 with Obituary’s latest album and where do you begin? Well, for a start, Obituary are back, kicking off with the brutality of 'Barely Alive', it may not be 'Slowly We Rot'  but it is a fantastic way to announce that Obituary have returned to kick your fucking skull, Tardy’s voice is on point and never mind the foot tapping that goes along with it, before too long you’ll notice that the head starts to bang too! Tardy has a distinct voice, that clawing shout to growl which make Obituary instantly. Obituary never lets up, it clocks in at around 45 minutes making it short, sweet and difficult to lose your attention; all the hallmarks of a brutal album. The ever present Trevor Peres’ guitar claws through the mix, chugging away like a chainsaw swallowing down its gasoline, helped along with the insane drumming of Donald Tardy which make tracks such as 'The Wrong Time', the superb 'War' and 'Weaponize The Hate'. The lead guitar slot is still taken by Kenny Andrews, even though Andrews has been a solid part of the line-up for a while now, it is 'Obituary' where Andrews comes into his own with some sick solos. When you think about it, Obituary have possibly recorded one of the best albums for this new 2023 and certainly it is their best work since 'Cause of Death' in 1990. Obituary are back and doing what they do best. If you happen to be one of the lucky few enlightened death metal enthusiasts in this world, but have not yet explored the grisly wonders of Obituary, do so now and waste not another minute of your decaying, rotting existence on this Earth and go get this album.... NOW!

Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, December 26, 2022

Graveyard - Time Ran Out ( 2021)

Well, this album starts viciously hacking away at your ears with the gang shouts and hammering riffs, as the songs start picking up the speed and aggression for a while, the demented riffs repeats and kick you in the fkn nuts. This is it ladies and germs a really interesting band called Graveyard from New York. If you've probably never heard this band, now it's the time to do it. You need this album just to listen to the innovative approach. You are seriously missing out if you haven't heard this gem already. I'm not usually one for picking apart individual tracks, but every song on this album is distinct and has its own thing to offer. This is quite complex music, not especially easy to get into, indeed it took me a while...but when it clicked, it happened in a big way. It has slowly worked its way into my subconscious and become a good album in my collection. I fully recommend this Disturbing Political Death Noise !!

Review by Paul Caravasi 

Thrashback Records Compilation CD (2022)

This is a death/thrash metal compilation album that contains songs that are having an impact in the world of underground metal. The world must not forget the true metalheads that support these bands, this isn't about the mainstream or the lastest trend. With all that said, the album itself should not be looked at as a joke but looked at as an honest collection of extreme metal which is what it truly is. So this album gets a thumbs up. Some of my favorite songs here are Serial Thrasher by The Donner Party, Perpetual Perdition by Schizophrenia, and Sounds of War by Shades Of Grey. So get this album and crank it up!!

Review by Paul Caravasi

Damnability - Liability To Damnation: demos '88-90' ( 2022)

This is an obscure old school thrash Metal band. I like the vocals, the tone of the instruments, the tracklist, everything really. Hell, even the Artwork here is kick ass, the songs here are remarkably consistent at the very least. Riffs are everywhere, it makes for a very literally "thrashy" and punchy listening experience, and this is evident in all the tunes. It's intense, unrelenting, and has enough changes to keep the energy up for the entire compilation. This band is fast, heavy and even though it can have a chaotic feel at time, never sounds as if it's out of control and will keep you headbanging throughout. Comparing Damnability to early Exodus wouldn't be far from the truth. Even by today's standards this band is fairly unique, total fucking headbanging mayhem. You like Pleasure to Kill? Show No Mercy? Bonded by Blood? You will dig the living fuck out of this one.

Review by Paul Caravasi