Saturday, June 8, 2019

Cruel Bomb - Manhattan Mischief (EP 2019)

The production on this Ep is absolutely perfect unleashing the monster in terms of brutality. The guitar tone is fkn insane, bass and drumming are fantastic. Brandon snarls his way through in the most inhumane way and the riffs are as heavy as a ton of bricks. Solos really do the job as well. I doubt any thrash fan can be disappointed with this. On a song level, everything rules. This Ep hits you like a brick wall with its inhumane speed and brutality. "Manhattan Mischief" is a incredible lesson in thrash Metal the Cruel Bomb way.The entire fucking Ep is mean and ferocious as hell. It's a face-melter, for sure !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Father Of Sin - Born Again Satanist (2019)

The new album by Father Of Sin from Pennsylvania is aggressive. When it comes to structure, the guitars are heavy as fuck, the solos are demented. The overall focus in the music is on the interaction between drums and vocals. The drumming attack is done perfectly. The vocals are insane, frequently double-tracked between thrash metal style shout and a half-death growl, and some female choruses as well, delivered with massive speed, spewing ridiculously verbose sets of lyrics over wide verses. These vocals are venomous; the obscure and antisocial lyrics make it even better. You can identify  the attitude and mood that the band expresses. And that is, emotion explored on this release made with absolute rage. I personally think it's great to see a band with one idea, one vision, and carrying it forth so well. Everything's in place on this record, and none of it seems awkward or stilted; it's all been crafted very naturally by people who clearly know how to write music in this style. And it's catchy! All the songs are very good, though some are clearly above others. I can say this is enjoyable. If you like metal in general, play this Cd in your stereo, this is an interested item to pick up whenever you can.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Iron Fire - Beyond The Void (2019)

Iron Fire are your typical power metal band, yet somehow they've managed to add a bit of fire and edge to their songs. The production on this album sounds good, I think that the production on here makes Iron Fire sound even more like your typical power metal band. There's some crazy shredding, and some slower more epic riffs. The guitarist on this album has shown some great versatility. The bass on here follows the drums for the most part, but there are a few snazzy bass riffs that managed to stand out. The vocals are you typical power metal vox; quite high most of the time, but you have to admit this guy has range, which is something I always appreciate. The drummer goes crazy on this album. I can assure you all that for the most part, what seems to be the "standard" power metal drumming isn't used in these songs. This guy knows how to keep a beat without getting repetative, and some of his playing is what adds such an edge to the songs. I would say that this, and their previous albums are essential for any fans of power metal. And those who do not like power metal may like this band for it's fiery and skull shattering sound. A good album by a good band !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Frightful - Born after Burial (2017)

This album is a revelation for me.  Headbanging madness and crusty hardcore punk attacks that bordered on death metal without transgressing over and blew me away. They clearly don't give a fuck about you and what you think about what they do. This album absolutely fuckin' slays! Sickeningly vicious, and heavy as hell, "Born After Burial" tips the scale as a great and enduring metal record. Neverending violence for my ears!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Bloody Brotherhood - Don't Break The Circle (2019)

The level of brutality in this album is insane. Bloody Brotherhood takes no prisoners with this one. The guitar sound is so rotten, low tuned and underground while the drum is always pounding and bad ass. The evilness can be found in most of the riffs and structures, followed by fast solos, made to destroy.  Just a constant barrage of heavy hitting brutality. The songs on "Don't break the circle" are constructed of simple riffs and relatively straightforward compositions, technical death metal, they are not. Their charm instead lies in the conviction of their delivery rather than their instrumental prowess. Every song is in fused with an all-consuming, yet organic heft and seething brutality. The tracks are a mix of mid-paced chugging, slow grooves and occasional bursts of speed. The vocals are deep, guttural growls. The drumming is effective, with liberal use of double bass.  This band from Spain set out to create a brutally heavy, evil death metal record, and they succeed in spades. The album flows seamlessly from one thick slab of death to the next with unrelenting power. In short, it's a crushing release!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Ritual Moon - Demo 2019

Ritual Moon is an amazing blackened thrash Metal female duo that kicks your ass and comes back for more. This demo starts off with a pretty cool tune. You should immediately start head banging. The singing is well done in the most brutal angry way. The guitar work on this album takes you back to the old thrash days of the 80's. 4 songs that will give you in your face fast paced thrash beats. The songs have that awesome I want to get in the mosh pit thrash sound. This demo is amazing! It has killer thrash riffs, the lyrics are catchy as hell, and support the usual metal themes. Evil, death, and War. If you love thrash metal you should own this amazing demo. Great job!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Vicious Circle-Unearthed Precision (EP 2018)

The guitar assault is fkn insane. Vinnie DiBianca really knows what he's doing, and it shows. Riffs and speed are varied enough to give each song a sense of independence, yet unified and cohesive in terms of style and production. The riffs are an onslaught of originality and brutality, and nothing sounds recycled. Dave Surran is a hell of a drummer too. The way he pounds his drums, the punch and the accuracy of the beats that unleashes upon the listener's ears, sounds so dangerous that it sometimes evokes an image of bullets piercing through bodies and puncturing concrete walls. Although I'm certainly a fan of thrash metal, I've barely come across a thrash band with a drummer that truly stood out. Aside from Slayer (Dave Lombardo), what other bands do you think of when you think of "great drummer"? Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus, Rigor Mortis, or Testament? I've never heard anyone talk about how great Lars Ulrich or Nick Menza is as a drummer. Have you? Allow me to humbly suggest Dave as one of the great thrash drummer and this EP is very convincing of Dave's drumming skill. Possessed but not processed - that's how I would describe Brian's vocal here. What makes this EP ultimately an incredible experience is the sense of danger that comes of violence, and nothing sounds more violent here than the vocals and the lyrics. Rather than tough-guy low growls or distortions, Brian shouts with urgency triggered by primal need self-defend, as if he's a rat cornered by a cat. As a result, his vocal sounds fresh and brutal at the same time. Yes, sometimes he whispers, sometimes he quietly sings. But in this album such deviations are not some cheap attempt to be diverse, it just serves as a counterpoint to the knife-sharp delivery of vocals, which in turns makes the shouting all the more purposeful. Bass player is killer as well, following the speed and anger of the band. To top all this off, the production is very appropriate. The sound of this EP, it's like a knife. The production of this  makes the guitar-drum-vocal combo sound like an audio equivalent of razor-sharp, sterile, shining knife that's yet to be blood-stained. Am I making sense? I hope so. Vicious Circle definitely will make your ears bleed !!
Review by Paul Caravasi