Friday, January 24, 2020

Cruel Bomb - Trinity Terror (2020-EP)

When it comes to thrash revival, there have been a lot of amazing new bands that have developed and are playing some really solid old school 80's style thrash, chaotic, spastic, and very punky. So when the occasional new thrash band adds a bit of that groove influence or more of a modern style to the mix, they almost automatically stand out from the pack. This is what makes Cruel Bomb. pop very clearly from the rest of the movement. What makes this new Ep interesting is the combination of chunky riffs and brutal drum patterns with chaotic and thrashy elements, in other words it's a fkn lethal combination. This Ep balances with some very headbangable thrash parts. The impressive production (and very impressive mix and mastering) help bring out both sides of the band. The bass is a prominent feature to their sound and style which is amazing, kick ass riffs, angry vocals and the stellar drumming is flawless. Cruel Bomb is among my favorite new bands from this new thrash movement, and definitely one of the best. The songs are well written and performed in a vicious way.  Young, aggressive and original. They put Thrash metal in the right position of being the heaviest sound on the block, it could sit there forever. Songs to check out: All of them but definitely Atomic Demolition Munition is my favorite. This Ep will crush your fucking skull and Posers will die !!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

25th Mission - Necessary Evil ( EP 2019)

Intricate and complex Heavy/Thrash, all the songs are pretty damn good and the musicianship is absolutely top notch. A complex sound but also extremely catchy and memorable. The drumming on this piece it is complex as hell and we can never predict what he is going to do next. He also doesn't overuse the double bass pedals, which is a clear plus in my books. Curiously, the double bass pedals sound 'clicky', which proves that 25th Mission is very influenced by Metallica's “And Justice For All”. The vocals  adopts a melodic approach to the majority of the songs, which turns out to be great but he also sounds pretty aggressive. The guitar work is varied: the songs include clean guitar segments, where the guitar player really show that he can also play some beautiful lines sometimes. Curiously, their sound isn't  pure thrash or heavy Metal, some songs are more midpaced, containing a mix of calm and gentle guitar lines being accompanied by some melodic vocals. After that, the heavy main riffs kick you in the balls. It's pretty damn good. The production is also incredibly strong, the guitar sounding is powerful, the voice is killer and the drums and bass are present in a brutal way. So, concluding, this is a  great Ep and definitely recommended to every metalhead out there who likes aggressive  metal. Be sure you check this out!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, September 13, 2019


                                                 Black/Thrash from Los Angeles,California.

Hi and welcome to the pages of Soulgrinder Zine. Ritual Moon is a name that is growing within the extreme metal community in the States. With the release of your demo, do you think it will continue your strong influence within the metal ranks?
Belen (vox/guitar): Hell yeah. As a demo, it’s our starting point and it will prove how far we can go in the long run.
Mars (drums): We do hope to release more material in the future, but yes, we are confident with our demo and we hope people will listen to it for a long time, it’s the perfect introduction to what ritual moon is.
Rachel (bass): Yes, I do! As a fan of Belen & mars before I joined, I think the following albums that Ritual Moon comes out with will continue to do the same.

Being a female extreme metal act, have you met fans that were inspired to pick up an instrument and start their own musical projects?
Belen: I’ve been lucky to meet some other chicks that have said I’ve inspired them. Those experiences have been so humbling and dope. I only hope they keep it up and prove it to themselves that they can do anything!
Mars: I always strive to inspire people to pick up their instruments and get into music, especially females, I wanna show everyone that u can do whatever u want no matter what age or what restrictions I might have!
Rachel: I haven't met anyone yet, but I hope someone gets inspired to pick up any musical instrument and start something!

For those who are unfamiliar with your band – introduce yourself, give us a bit of background to Ritual Moon and how you formed.
Belen: Around spring of 2018, Mars and I started this band as a side project to jam other genres (like black metal, death metal, doom and thrash), which were different than what we were currently playing with another band. We picked up the pace in terms of practice days and we came up with a band name. We hit the studio in March 2019 and released a demo right before our first show that same month. After playing live for 5 months, we decided to get a bassist to beef up our sound. Now we’re here!
Rachel: My name is Rachel and I play bass. I'm actually the newest member of the band, Belen and mars started Ritual Moon

What can we expect from Ritual Moon on stage?
Screeching highs and low growls from Belen, heavy black/death riffs discharged out from Orange amps, fast cymbals, drum fills and pounding double pedals from Mars, and thick, heavy distorted bass lines from Rachel. Collectively, we are excited onstage and have fun at every point of the performance. In short - full energy and force coming from all of us, you’ll only know once you see us live!

What are the next goals for the band?
New music, release a full album before the end of 2020, more shows, and continuous improvement and growth.

What would you say to the haters out there who don’t believe females can play extreme music?
We don’t have to say anything. All we have to do is make our music.

I think You’re taking baby steps, but leaving a big footprint.
Belen: Thanks! I would rather leave room for anticipation than to lay everything on the table. Nonetheless, we’re working towards things.

Outside of heavy metal what do you listen to?
Belen: A lot of different genres, from old school hip hop, to reggae, big band jazz, classical, synth wave, retro wave, some indie rock, psychedelic garage rock. I’ll listen to anything…. Except country music. Haha!
Mars: I listen to a lot of different genres from reggae to old school hip hop, as long as it’s got rhythm!
Rachel: I enjoy all different types of music, from jazz to rock en Espanol to flamenco.

Who writes the lyrics in your band?
Belen: Lyrical topics range from death, self-reflection, rituals in killing men, rituals in killing babies, self-empowerment, and sexual play. We don’t have a theme we are following, but rather I write whatever I feel like at the moment.

What are your influences?
Belen: For guitar, I love death metal and black metal bands, so that creeps into my style. I can’t note any person in particular, but my playing can portray influences such as Black Sabbath, Bathory, Impetigo, and Autopsy.
Mars: Me as a drummer I wanna bring a lot of Venom influence and we’ll as Cruel Force, those are my two biggest influential bands
Rachel: Geezer Butler, Charles Mingus, Geddy Lee, Comus ... And many more

What would be your dream tour to go out on?
Belen: If I had to choose bands to tour with, I would love to tour with Asagraum or Hellripper. Where? Everywhere on this planet. Europe for sure. I hear they’re fuckin sick ass fans and get crazy.
Mars: I would love to tour South America!!!! Even Europe! It would be great to be able to take our music far beyond!
Rachel: South America

Photography by Jorge Branca
What does the future hold for Ritual Moon?
Belen: We can’t predict the future, so all we can do is continue to create music, have fun, connect with people who dig it, and work hard.
Well, thanks so much for your time answering this interview. I wish you the best of luck with your projects and all and hope to hear a full length soon. Is there anything else you want to say?
Thanks for having us, Paul! You’ve been a strong supporter of the underground metal community. To everyone else reading, if you haven’t done so already, you can download our demo for free through our bandcamp ( Also, we have a few videos on YouTube from our practice sessions and live shows. We’ll continue to upload on there as well. You can stream our music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and more platforms. We have merch (shirts, stickers, and physical copies of demos) and we ship worldwide. However, whatever we have now will not be reprinted. We like to keep merch limited. BUT…. We will release new merch with the full album. AS ALWAYS, DO WHAT THOU WILT & EMPOWER YOURSELF.
Interview by Paul Caravasi

Friday, September 6, 2019

Encryptment - Mangel Fran Soderort ( Demo 2019)

The guys from Stockholm seems they don't care much for trends and fashion and picked their own unique way to show their face to the world of  Metal, i got this demo in the mail Thanks to Marcus Bengtsson. It is fucking impressive, the breakneck speeds is worthy of any Grind Band that dominated the vibe.  However in some little parts, this reminds me of bands like Celtic Frost and the older Darkthrone stuff. Encryptment manage to put their own darkness in to the mix and are able to create this brutal vibe. 8 minutes and 23 seconds of pure insanity. To finish this review, I'd just like to reccomend this amazing band, try to appreciate all the details it offers. This demo is a genre by it's own as it's not Black Metal influenced by other genres. It picks from a lot of genres and merges it into this enormous masterpiece.  A must have!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Devine Defilement - Obliviora (2019)

The beginning of the album is marked with an incredibly heavy piece that strikes immediately after the intro that is "Obliviora". The eerie, clean intro rapidly turns into what brutal Death Metal are about - we are introduced to onslaught of extremely aggressive musical delivery. Pacey, but at the same time technical drumming creating controlled havoc that is a signature move from death metallers. Definitely more than a promising commencement of the release. As the album tracks pass by, a listener can notice how coherent the album actually is. No disturbing oddities to be found here. Creative songwriting, rumbling blast beats, extremely low vocal tone, unique and sinister riffs - each tool of the trade to be found on this full-length by the band.Devine Defilement is here to conquer the underground world of extreme music, the death metal world below.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, August 26, 2019

Cyanide Paradise - Reach For The Stars (EP 2019)

Cyanide Paradise's "Reach For The Stars" EP certainly gets the job done. At some points it suffers from too many quiet or soft parts, but the overall makes up for it. Crushing solos, the melodies are mostly melancholic and ominous.  Drums are clean, sheer and powerful. Several times the drums are given the main stage. The 4 tracks on this Ep are fine pieces of music. As far as solos are concerned, I have no complaints. Martin knows how to deliver the goods inthe style of Cyanide Paradise. He doesn't go cheap on them. The riffs are pummeling throughout almost the entire EP, not too fast, but heavy enough. Vocalist Linn Liv, she does a nice job on these songs. Sounding really pissed off, she lets loose a cannon of guttural roars that put most Death Metal vocalists to shame. She delivers a raw feeling that suits the band quite well for the release. It sure can make your feet stomp and head bang. At overall look, the EP is pretty good, highly recommended to contemporary metal fans.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, July 22, 2019

Morbid Cross - Disciples Of The Goat (2019)

I have been a fan of Morbid Cross for a bit now. Before I listened to Disciples of The Goat, I expected the sound they always went to; furious thrash. It was so and beyond that beginning thought. As I first listen to any Morbid Cross song, I always pay attention to all the instruments and vocals. All of the riffs sound catchy and original,the guitar solos are insane. Nothing seems re-used. Besides the thrashy approach, there are more death and groove elements that are used on this record. Drums are still thrashy but includes some extras. Zach's voice is perfect for Morbid Cross . In this record, he has emotion in all the songs, it creates a haunting and savage tone. To top all this off, the production is very appropriate. It just means that this album was produced just clean enough. It minds the treble more than the bass, which, is a nice change of routine to my ears, after listening to so many metal albums that just wants to be 'heavy'. Of course, there is bass, and it's listenable. It does rumble like crazy and it's certainly necessary to make this record what it is. Excuse me for repeating a same simile, but the sound of this album, it's like a knife. The production of this album makes the guitar-drum-vocal combo sound like an audio equivalent of razor-sharp, sterile, shining knife that's yet to be blood-stained. Am I making sense? I hope so. This is Morbid Cross at their best.
Killing Songs: All of them !!