Friday, September 14, 2018

Pathogen-Ashes of Eternity (2017)

Part Entombed’s metal pedal underwater gurgling guitar tone and Embalmer’s hi hat based blast beats and general production/mix. The Philippines is a hotbed of extreme metal sounds and I’m hoping there is an upgrade in recording equipment soon (or a decrease in the price of recording in the Philippines). There’s a ton of good music there that hasn’t harnessed their sound properly on a recording. Maybe I just haven’t come across it yet. Pathogen is lightning fast and have awesome riffs, but they don’t have the punch you would hear in a live setting, even when I adjust the bass and mids.
Review by Deron Christman (Dethrok Metal Webzine )

Draghkar –The Endless Howling Abyss (2018)

Heavy, doom-laden death metal that takes a minute to get going, but they lock right into their set of chugging doomy death/sludge reminiscent of Derketa and Evoken.Slow and churning terror with  awesomely dark and grim cover art by Karmazid.
Review by Deron Christman
(Dethrok Metal Webzine )

Dark Managarm-Victorious March “Special Edition 10 Years of War” 2015

This is a collection of music, recorded over 10 years, by two different incarnation of French black metal horde Dark Managarm. The difference between the two album parts is, the first half has better production and songwriting than the second half, but its a great listen all the way through. Victorious March is a crusty, thrashing, stabbing attack of metal blackness that borders on death metal when with the slight use of guttural vocals. They have some fun in spots with rocking riffs that will have your cold, dead, black metal ass, up and air guitaring like a drunken jock at the corner bar, who just heard the first lick of Enter Sandman.
Review by Deron Christman
 (Dethrok Metal Webzine )

Friday, August 3, 2018

The Donner Party-Pizza Patrol (2017)

I got to know this band when they opened for the legendary Leeway in Allentown Pennsylvania. These maniacs play a relentless Crossover/Thrash Metal, well, not so many things have changed and the band remains an uncompromising Thrash Metal chariot ready to tear everything apart. If there are times you miss the 80's, then read below and find out why this is one of your top choices for listening to The Donner Party. The Crossover/Thrash Metal act was formed in 2009 in Bloomfield New Jersey.  The band is really into the DIY ethics, releasing everything they have released on their own or to be more precise. So, the Jersey metallers were kind enough to gave me a copy of their 2017 album "Pizza Patrol", even though a few years have passed since they formed, who could resist reviewing a relentless Thrash Metal album? These guys have managed to create a pretty interesting, yet totally old school mixture of iron forged Thrash Metal with Crossover touches and some fragments of old pure Hardcore/Punk music. There are times when their similarity with DRI  is just amazing! The guitars are razor sharp, the pounding drumming kicks ass, bass is fkn cool too and the vocals are bringing back memories of the old days, when Metal music was coming straight from each musician's heart and passion. Yeah, what if "Pizza patrol" is far from being characterized a great album? Donner Party are definitely not aiming to become the next big thing in the Metal scene. They just hope to create kick-ass music that will satisfy both themselves and the fans. As they say, they will never bow at the altars of money or trends. That's all that has to be said, nothing more. If you are looking for some good DRI meets WEHRMACHT old school Metal manifesto, then these Jersey guys can surely do the work for you! Hold the flag of hate high you crazy motherfuckers! I'm waiting for your next assault!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Meliah Rage-Idol Hands (2018)

What we have here is well crafted, played and catchy Heavy Metal songs. I dare anyone to listen to the opening of "The kill-all rule" and not want to start headbanging! Vocals are catchy. For me they are the high point of the album this time. The bass is prominently featured, much more than previous albums, which works to the song’s advantage. The tone of the guitars on this album are killer, they add additional heaviness to the songs and drumming is good too. Not bad at all in the long run, a few adjustments here and there, but overall fairly acceptable old school heavy metal with thrash influences. This effort delivers the goods.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Meliah Rage-Dead To The World (2018 Edition)

Originally released in 2011, this Re-issue features 2 bonus tracks. Well here's the review:

Drummer is probably the strongest member of the group; his skills on the kit are quite sharp and technical, the bass adds nicely to the sound layers and he gets a few moments to shoe off his fills, the guitars are pretty damn good.Then we have a  good vocalist. This album is a power metal with thrash metal influences. How about the songs? Actually, they're all really pretty good, each sounding similar but different enough o each do their own thing. You've got more straightforward speeders like the catchy "Skin and Bones" or " Never from Me". Then we get a bunch of bigger, more atmosphere and riff-driven mini-epics. Overall, "dead to the World" it's a pretty damn cool listen. The band members have good grasps on their instruments. Additionally all of the songs are pretty kickass; often pretty memorable with a lot of riffs thrown around. If you can get a copy of it, then I do recommend it. It's a pretty good album.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Warfield-Wrecking Command (2018)

Here comes the simple recipe for a strong thrash metal album. You need at least 4 guys (or girls). Everyone of them has to be a live wire. They do not need to be technically perfect, but they must have a master plan with a clear goal: total sonic devastation. Furthermore, it is helpful to have a talent for coherent compositions and a penchant for riffs that are sharp enough to stab the listener in the twinkling of an eye. (Of course, only in the figurative sense.) But the most important thing is the right attitude. Youthful recklessness is essential, a small portion of naivety does no harm. Warfield possesses all the ingredients for this recipe. This album features an explosive mix of riffs, drumming, bass lines and brutal vocals. The very abrasive guitar sound constituted the most outstanding feature of the production. Due to the continually increasing fury of the opener, the guitars dominated the mix right from the beginning. Finally, to be quite fair, this album is one of the greatest thrash release of Europe these days, it clearly deserve its praise and status among the new and old school metalheads. I definitely recommend this record, it's actually a great one to start with. What you get is a great variety of thrashing riffs and lots of aggression. Go ahead and take a listen, or if you already did once, do it again!
Review by Paul Caravasi