Friday, November 2, 2018

NecroSexual-Grim1 (2018)

Grim 1 features a lot of catchy and kick ass hooks. The shredding is near ceaseless but melodic and fitting, not random fits of masturbatory flashiness. They add a tough and evil sense to the music. The bass is its own entity and contains a vicious amount of attitude not always playing what the guitars are. The vocals by Necrosexual, well those vocals man, is a mixture between Cronos and King Diamond but with his own touch and it fits perfectly to the music. The drumming is on full force, ripping your face apart. The music easily slots in the melodic Thrash category with perhaps a few influences here and there, Sabbath for example in some riffing and Motorhead as well. The music is tight, tough but enchanting, dark but catchy and fun. Also featuring a cover of Rolling Stones "Paint in Black". This is just what a good Metal album should be a mixture of darkness, evil and fun. If there are any complaints it would be that this is painfully short, but over all this is an electrifying album that should appeal to fans of the aforementioned. Good job Necro !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Fatal Agent-Innocent Victims (Demo 2018)

This demo somehow manages to kicking you in the skull with thrashing crossover approach that is best likened to the mayhem of Wehrmacht, Whiplash, Nuclear Assault, early Anthrax and why not Exodus as well. The most enthralling element in this dimensional excursion into the zenith of speed metal's potential velocity is the atypical aesthetic that results from the cacophony of drum hits and rapidly struck chords. The crunchy to the point of almost frosty guitar tone meshed with a tremolo-insane riffing style somewhat informed by the likes of Possessed and Slayer, though only occasionally hitting similarly dissonant territory. This is a perfect example of how the fastest, heaviest, and finest thrash metal is created,. Instrumentation is incredibly tight here. This is one of those demos where every single note played feels important, and not a single one out of place, which is an impressive feat for a band that moves at such breakneck speed. Complex riffs  but still memorable, drums are so tight and fast. bass lines are good, and the vocals are aggressive. The production is sharp as it needs to be. It blends both the hardcore influence of East Coast thrash with the unrelenting technicality of Bay Area thrash. Every track on this demo is great. So, that's Innocent Victims, an amazing Thrash Metal demo.I recommend it absolutely. It shouldn't be missed by any thrash maniac !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, October 29, 2018

Dissentience-Mask Of Pretense EP (2018)

This Ep by Dissentience from Pennsylvania really surprised me for the best. "Mask of Pretense" maybe short, but it does what it's here for. The sound is many times drum driven, and many times the guitar simply follows the double bass pedals. But this is just half of the time, and the other half is outstanding killer riffs . The riffs are a fine combination of heaviness and melody. Other than that, several solos are featured. Bassist does a great job in my opinion, and production makes sure it is heard and emphasizes its importance. As I said, there are a lot of drum driven parts. in fact, most of the songs are written half guitar riffs and half drum riffs, all of which are excellent. Screams of anger and hate turned into music. If you haven't heard them, you should really check them out and buy this EP. It's a solid release from Dissentience, and I can't wait to hear their full album. At general view, this is a kick ass EP. My personal favorites: "Maniac", "Tombstone Currency" and "Disinter". Excellent musicianship from these kids. Go and get it, they're ready to kick your ass without mercy !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Terrorizer – Caustic Attack (2018)

The newest Terrorizer album Caustic Attack, starts off like a shotgun blast, unlike it’s three predecessors which have intros or the rock and roll fade in kicking off World Downfall. New additions Lee Harrison (drummer of Monstrosity) on guitar and Sam Molina (x-Monstrosity) on bass and vocals bring new elements and make this recording very familiar sonically but with fresh twist. Fans of the impeccable blast beat drumming of grindcore legend Pete Sandoval (X-Morbid Angel) will have this in their possession already and will not be disappointed. Another line-up change would likely have an eyebrow raised, but the band utilizes the original guitar tone, dialing in the genuine first album Terrorizer sound, as well as Molina’s gruff vocal delivery ala World Downfall. They also use the pinch harmonics and dual guitar harmonies of Darker Days Ahead (2006) and Hordes of Zombies (2012), both albums which seem to take a beating for some reason but are just awesome regardless. This fourth installment of Commando and crew is another grinding, pummeling diamond in the gold crown that is the band’s anthology. Although, some purist-type fans may gripe about this or that not being this or that, repeated listens will surely change their mind. Harrison’s take on riffs, send the band just slightly askew from the aforementioned formula and a keen ear will notice the originality cloaked in the Terrorizer sound. Final track “Wasteland” is a bit of what I call Slayerizer, an insane romp you will not stay still hearing. Any booking agencies out there, a Terrorizer/Napalm Death/Carcass/Brujeria tour would be !!
Review by Deron Christman

Paganfire – Play Loud F*ck the Rest ( CDR 2017 )

This is a compilation of tracks from 2012-2017. Black/Crust flavored death metal from the Philippines. They have a razor’s edge to their extreme songwriting style with extra points for the screeching vocals.
Review by Deron Christman

Old mother Hell – Self Titled (2018)

German traditional metal group Old Mother Hell take Maiden’s trad-esque power metal, and put it through an epic song filter complete with soaring vocals (But not too high of a register, he seems to know his limitations, thank goodness). Europeans/metalheads outside of the US will dig it big time. For fans of Blind Guardian and anything Nuclear Blast put out between 1998-2002.
Review by Deron Christman

Invidious - Purpose Defeater (2017)

What we have here, is a live analog recording, which is an incredible performance by the band,. However, (and this seems to be a reoccuring theme this episode) the production is all over the place and it's a real brain-buster of a listen. I am in no way knocking analog recording at all, hell, my stuff is 99% analog gear. Invidious definitely worships at the altars of madness during the world downfall. Includes a "Chapel of Ghouls" cover.
Review by Deron Christman