Sunday, March 4, 2018

Goat wizard-The Book Of Goat Wizard (2016)

This album is for a unique taste. First song  smashes in with a cool-as-fuck riff that would make Iommi proud. Bass and drums  also sound amazingly hellish on this track. These guys are on fire throughout. This album seems to be chock full of riffs, Blazing in from left, right and center. There are no "highlight" tracks or favourite tracks on this album. Everything is complete genius. But then again there are riffs like in the beginning of "Snowbeast" that make me lay on the ground and put a box on my head and repeat it over and over again in my headphones. All in all, this album is killer.Buy it. Enjoy it. Light one up. It's fkn amazing!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, January 26, 2018

Maze of Terror-Ready to Kill (2016)

Sheer, breakneck speed with savage riffs.  Vocalist Juan Pablo has some really harsh vocals, shouted and pushed almost to the point of death-metal gruffness, and his bass lines are supportive without being merely doubling, and he knows exactly when to throw in a good fill. The drummer is a human whirlwinds, and keep up the pace admirably, two razor-sharp guitarrists slice through the riffs. This new album is just slightly more varied than their previous Ep from 2012, as they experiment with a few slower tempos (of course, slower for them is still fast as hell, but you know what I mean....), and the guitar tones are a bit more high-end 'metallic'. This is an enjoyable raw and dirty death/thrash album with an old school vibe full of Rage. The production on this album is also a big step up from the previous Ep. It has much more bass added and creates some great stuff for this album. The guitars sound killer, the drummer rips, and vocals sound more full. This is definitely a new sound while still retaining most of what made Maze of terror what it is.  I can definitely say that it is a good work. This new album is fast fast fast - get your fix of "Ready to Kill" NOW!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Riotor-Cursed Throne (2017)

Pure fucking evil war thrash metal!!! This album combines everything from Possessed to Venom and old Slayer. It's a damn evil mix in the end, for any fan of old school death and thrash metal. It doesn't slow the fuck down and I can guarantee this would be a wild pit if it made it to stage dominion. Nonetheless, these Canadian offer us some fast exxxecutioner tunes on this. The album strikes with catchy oldschool thrash riffing attacked by rasps and screams and brisk drums and it's definitely headbang-worthy, and if I was viewing this at a show, I'd be in total decision-making mode. One way is to sit there with the old arms crossed and watch the nuclear audio destruction; the other is to jump in the giant pit. That's fairly correct verbalism to judging this album. The songs combine with one another between the evil ritual sound and the fast raw/thrash tempo. The terminology to describing an album such as this is mismatched, and I think "evil as war" should clear that up the easiest. Blackened thrash fans would enjoy this. One of my favourite Canadian products to date in the eyes of thrash! RIOTOR RULES!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, January 19, 2018

Argento-Tortura Masiva (2016)

This album has been released in 2016, and it really defines how modern thrash should be in our days: vicious, agressive, heavy and catchy. The producion sounds pretty chaotic and fits perfect the tracks. The riffing sounds pretty cool and though it isn't unique as the 80's bands, it still sounds different and imaginative. There are a lot of catchy moments here, especially the choruses which just sounds fresh and intense and works pretty good. The vocals sounds very different. It still raspy and raw, it sounds lively and energetic, for a modern sound like this album, these vocals sounds proper. Overall, pretty solid album. It has a new sound of thrash and doesn't fails as being a destructive band. Recommended for all the true thrashers out there!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Aislacion-Minor Chants (Demo 2017)

The best two words that describe this demo are raw and unique.  Guitar rhythm and lead riffs complement each other perfectly in both the distorted and clean presence. The production isn't great but I think this is one of those demos where the important elements are Unprocessed, unrefined, crude metal. It has all the elements that make this demo so unique and raw at the same time as well as super groovy/Doomy riffs. It is definitely a kick ass demo making a solid distinction between all the songs. You definitely hear the Black Sabbath influence in this Demo with some killer melodies and heavy drumming . This is a demo I feel that any stoner/doom , and Metalhead in general  can appreciate regardless of what wave they are more inclined to. This demo honestly will put you in a doom trance as long as you can handle it. I will find myself listening to this Demo multiple times and it feeling completely natural and not tiresome. Great demo for a few cold beers in a dark room on a weekend.Ć³n
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, December 29, 2017

Nimrod BC.-God of War and Chaos (2017)

Thrash combines the right amount of aggression and technical flair into a virtuoso worshipping demon that is Nimrod BC. If you are having a bad day and wish you could kick the shit out of whoever made it so, this album is quite therapeutic and a good alternative to facing assault charges. The entire album is a mix of insanely thrashing style. Rapidly shifting beats and riffs, and literally bashing the hell out of the listener until his ears bleed. This album is so fkn fast, if you like thrash Metal and you don’t have this album, lie and say you do have it until you can get it, don’t be caught praising Nimrod BC and  not actually have your own copy, get this one. The production of this album is what I consider “Made by the best one for thrash metal, the one and only Bill Metroyer”: clean and powerful. The vocals are fantastic and after few seconds a true fucking heavy riff takes dominion with a bit faster mid tempo. The technical level is high and the form of the song is always catchy. The songs are always long and quite complicated in their riffs. The work done by the drums-bass-guitars is always perfect and quite difficult, awesome guitars solos and some speed metal riffs. Well, I have to stop my review. I can only say: “Buy this fucking album!!” and you are gonna love it for sure. I think this is the true Nimrod Bc peak in songwriting, technique and inspiration. A must for every die hard thrash metal fan. A Killer Album !!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Valdur-Divine Cessation (2017)

Valdur has a hateful fire burning up inside of them and violently crafted an evil, this is a crucial album into the underground world of extreme metal. Possessing a threatening brutal Black/death sound, the listener is feeling no hope escaping their body as if they're watching their blood pour down a plug hole. Most of the guitar riffs we encounter are of the death metal variety but are crushed and almost deformed by an overwhelming amount of nasty, waspy and have this violent creation taking form before us. This album is brutal as fuck, this is an unrelenting  demon of an album; inducing the listener into a strange demonic path. As I said, the songs on this album fit together perfectly but keeps the listener on edge the entire time, thanks to the drum tempo changing around a lot and unusual riff patterns (typical Black/death metal behaviour). This band should be in the collection of extreme metal collectors everywhere.
Review by Paul Caravasi