Monday, August 24, 2020

Hellion - Rebel's Curse (2019)

It's a heavy explosion that will simply destroy you. It's relentlessly unstoppable, utterly dirty, and completely endless. This is Hellion from Colombia. This is an insanity of an album! Also a personal note, this stuff kicks a whole lot of ass.  Who cares how sloppy this can get at times, this is metal! The production could probably be noted as a bit thin and has an emphasis on the guitars over everything else, but in Hellion's case here such a mix is appropriate. Totally killer. It's pure raw thrash Metal never giving you room for a short breath in sight. You could say this is pretty comparable to what Whiplash did with Power And Pain, the entire point of this album is just to simply kick your ass repeatedly song after song. Rebel's Curse easily accomplishes this challenge if you're craving for a dose of nonstop brutal thrash. I'll simply end this review with this: if you want relentless violent music with an aggressive rough vocals, with crazy razor sharp fast guitars, and don't mind simplicity, get this Cd immediately. Also do yourself a favor and check out the bands other releases.  If you like your music fast fast fast - get your fix of Rebel's Curse NOW!

Review by Paul Caravasi

Amorphia - Arms To Death (2018)

Thrash metal is finally starting to emerge from different metal scenes worldwide where it was forged during the previous years. Amorphia from India already shocked me with this absolutely masterful “Arms To Death”  (an ultra-raw, lethal dose of thrash with some classic german sound references and, at the same time, a look toward the future) this is terrific and apocalyptic thrash metal. Rude, raw, primitive and flawless. Every riff flows into the next one in a totally flawless manner, beating the listener’s head at full up-tempo speed with some remarkable crescendos of power.  Nearly every song is built around an ascending climax which reaches its apex in the chorus, always conveying a quite threatening and mean feeling. The most brilliant example of this attack must be “Toxic Death”: aggressive, menacing riffs is furiously unleashed, developing into a really tasty sequence of wicked melodies which explodes into the devastating chorus. This Cd contains a lot of brutality and it's barbaric !!

Review by Paul Caravasi

Metralion - Quo vadis/A Mosh In Brazil (2019)

After three decades of silence, Awakening Records proudly presents a compilation of METRALION's two aggressive thrash metal gems "Quo Vadis" (1988) and "A Mosh in Brazil" (1989). In the late 80's the Brazilian Metal scene was simply the best in Southamerica. There were a fierce competition. Bands like Sepultura, Vulcano, Mx, Chakal and Sarcofago at the time were intense, but polishing their sound in every album. When Sepultura shook the world with “Beneath the Remains” not many were left floating around obviously. I'm glad that awakening records release these superb gems in one Cd.  The classic Metralion show here how raw thrash metal with full force should be played. it's simply amazing.  For fans of DORSAL ATL├éNTICA, TAURUS, MX, and ATTOMICA !!

Review by Paul Caravasi

Nightbound - Ep (2019)

This is actually my first exposure to Nightbound from Paraguay. It seems I should have paid a bit closer attention to this band early on it. The production is very full and heavy in all the right spots, which, as a child of the 80's, i really like it.  The true power of Heavy could be heard with all of the ferocity that it's supposed to be heard. I do enjoy the sound captured here; the bass is mixed nicely in the songs, the guitars are crisp without overstating their presence, and the vocals are really good and melodic. A winner there, for sure. Arianna’s vocals are pretty awesome and they definitely have an old school vibe to them, it works quite well. This Ep sets to create a barrage of melodic/heavy tunes and just plain awesome. While there is certainly room for improvement, this band accomplishes that goal with stunning ease and is a fantastic start for a very talented and awesome band.

Review by Paul Caravasi

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Anthropic - Architects Of Aggression (2020)

So if you think there's bands fast or extreme, you have another thing coming. Buckle your seatbelts. This is a brilliant combination of brutality. It displays the band’s wide array of talents; they do it all here. Each member of the band is in top form on their respective instrument. Jim hits the drums about as fast as humanly possible, the bass player attack without mercy. very solid guitar, with monster riffs and awesome fills. The guitar sounds very, very heavy, and incredibly crushing. You WILL bang your head. Vocals are incredible, unbelievably dark, deep, which sounds like a grizzly bear barking at you indecipherably. Too much emotion, sounding absolutely demented. Unbelievable!! He captures all your anger and frustration and turns it into sonic bliss. The production is superb for Grindcore. It’s crisp, it’s clear, you can hear every instrument. Everything sounds great. You can immediately distinguish each instrument and what they’re trying to do. It’s beautiful. It’s definitely ONE OF the best Grindcore albums I’ve heard in a while. All in all, I consider this album absolutely mandatory for Grindfreaks, or anyone curious about what is/was Grindcore, and why it’s a genre worth checking out. Thank you, Anthropic, for showing me the light once again !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, January 24, 2020

Cruel Bomb - Trinity Terror (2020-EP)

When it comes to thrash revival, there have been a lot of amazing new bands that have developed and are playing some really solid old school 80's style thrash, chaotic, spastic, and very punky. So when the occasional new thrash band adds a bit of that groove influence or more of a modern style to the mix, they almost automatically stand out from the pack. This is what makes Cruel Bomb. pop very clearly from the rest of the movement. What makes this new Ep interesting is the combination of chunky riffs and brutal drum patterns with chaotic and thrashy elements, in other words it's a fkn lethal combination. This Ep balances with some very headbangable thrash parts. The impressive production (and very impressive mix and mastering) help bring out both sides of the band. The bass is a prominent feature to their sound and style which is amazing, kick ass riffs, angry vocals and the stellar drumming is flawless. Cruel Bomb is among my favorite new bands from this new thrash movement, and definitely one of the best. The songs are well written and performed in a vicious way.  Young, aggressive and original. They put Thrash metal in the right position of being the heaviest sound on the block, it could sit there forever. Songs to check out: All of them but definitely Atomic Demolition Munition is my favorite. This Ep will crush your fucking skull and Posers will die !!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

25th Mission - Necessary Evil ( EP 2019)

Intricate and complex Heavy/Thrash, all the songs are pretty damn good and the musicianship is absolutely top notch. A complex sound but also extremely catchy and memorable. The drumming on this piece it is complex as hell and we can never predict what he is going to do next. He also doesn't overuse the double bass pedals, which is a clear plus in my books. Curiously, the double bass pedals sound 'clicky', which proves that 25th Mission is very influenced by Metallica's “And Justice For All”. The vocals  adopts a melodic approach to the majority of the songs, which turns out to be great but he also sounds pretty aggressive. The guitar work is varied: the songs include clean guitar segments, where the guitar player really show that he can also play some beautiful lines sometimes. Curiously, their sound isn't  pure thrash or heavy Metal, some songs are more midpaced, containing a mix of calm and gentle guitar lines being accompanied by some melodic vocals. After that, the heavy main riffs kick you in the balls. It's pretty damn good. The production is also incredibly strong, the guitar sounding is powerful, the voice is killer and the drums and bass are present in a brutal way. So, concluding, this is a  great Ep and definitely recommended to every metalhead out there who likes aggressive  metal. Be sure you check this out!!
Review by Paul Caravasi