Friday, December 29, 2017

Nimrod BC.-God of War and Chaos (2017)

Thrash combines the right amount of aggression and technical flair into a virtuoso worshipping demon that is Nimrod BC. If you are having a bad day and wish you could kick the shit out of whoever made it so, this album is quite therapeutic and a good alternative to facing assault charges. The entire album is a mix of insanely thrashing style. Rapidly shifting beats and riffs, and literally bashing the hell out of the listener until his ears bleed. This album is so fkn fast, if you like thrash Metal and you don’t have this album, lie and say you do have it until you can get it, don’t be caught praising Nimrod BC and  not actually have your own copy, get this one. The production of this album is what I consider “Made by the best one for thrash metal, the one and only Bill Metroyer”: clean and powerful. The vocals are fantastic and after few seconds a true fucking heavy riff takes dominion with a bit faster mid tempo. The technical level is high and the form of the song is always catchy. The songs are always long and quite complicated in their riffs. The work done by the drums-bass-guitars is always perfect and quite difficult, awesome guitars solos and some speed metal riffs. Well, I have to stop my review. I can only say: “Buy this fucking album!!” and you are gonna love it for sure. I think this is the true Nimrod Bc peak in songwriting, technique and inspiration. A must for every die hard thrash metal fan. A Killer Album !!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Valdur-Divine Cessation (2017)

Valdur has a hateful fire burning up inside of them and violently crafted an evil, this is a crucial album into the underground world of extreme metal. Possessing a threatening brutal Black/death sound, the listener is feeling no hope escaping their body as if they're watching their blood pour down a plug hole. Most of the guitar riffs we encounter are of the death metal variety but are crushed and almost deformed by an overwhelming amount of nasty, waspy and have this violent creation taking form before us. This album is brutal as fuck, this is an unrelenting  demon of an album; inducing the listener into a strange demonic path. As I said, the songs on this album fit together perfectly but keeps the listener on edge the entire time, thanks to the drum tempo changing around a lot and unusual riff patterns (typical Black/death metal behaviour). This band should be in the collection of extreme metal collectors everywhere.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Mudra-One Look Beyond (2017)

Mudra from peru is essentially a new band, a terriffic lineup fresh and vital. A quality modern thrash. The riffs are thick and fkn brutal, like i said before, well suited to the modern thrash approach.The entire album kills. "Brutal Genocide" is as brutal as it can get and that solo there is pure class and it hits you like a brick wall with its inhumane speed and brutality. Steve Montenegro snarls his way through in the most inhumane way and the riffs are as heavy as a ton of bricks. Solos really do the job. I doubt any thrash album can be disappointed with this. "One Look Beyond" is a incredible lesson in thrash the Mudra way. The entire album is worth hearing !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Demon Head-Thunder on the Fields (2017)

The Cassette opens with an awesome track and maintains the high quality level right to the end. The music is very varied both in tempo and intensity which makes the whole experience very interesting. The drums have this groovy feel to them and the guitar work is impressive. Not only the riffs but also the lead work delivered is amazing. “We are Burning” and “Thunder on the fields",  also the vocals work very well. He has a great tone and I enjoy his singing.The bass has leading parts in several songs, so in conclusion every member really does a good job. Combining this with seven great tracks and you got a really unique and interesting album. If you're a fan of NWOBHM,this is Very recommendable.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Kriegszittern/Minenfeld (Split Cassette 2017)

Kriegszittern: Dark, brutal and Heavy. Three characteristics are present on this band, each song is a gem in its own right; there are no fillers. The guitars are vicious; they come through clearly but without having the sound of being overproduced. The riffs in each song are numerous and varied, but they meld together almost perfectly, there is hardly an awkward moment throughout this cassette.  Killer riffs, they never get old. The drumming ranges from standard time keeping to interesting double bass patterns and relentless blast beats. The bass drum isn’t too loud, but sometimes it isn’t that audible either. With the intense riffing going on and how well the snare fits in with the songs however, I hardly notice that. The songs are still fun to listen to, head banging atmospheric death metal tracks with killer solos and demonic vocals. this band is eerie and heavy.
Minenfeld: The best way to describe the overall sound of this band is a mix of Dismember, the rhythmic focus of Suffocation, Morpheus, and the extreme thrash and grindcore bands of the early 90's. This mixture serves as an interesting feature of the cassette, with raw vocals adding to the charm, makes this an easy band to listen to. The obvious blast beats and up tempo parts are always present to break the mid-paced, gore parts and add the deserved speed. This is a good piece of old school raw death metal.
Review by Paul Caravasi

K.L.L.K.-Le Brasier Des Mondes (2017)

I can’t recommend any black metal bands in particular to illustrate the point, because black metal doesn’t appeal to me. I can definitely recommend a doom metal band, however: this one, the  band K.L.L.K. is like being crushed by a glacier at top speed. In other words, it’s very heavy, it’s very cold, and it’s very, very slow – songs to watch the earth freeze to the core by.  You shouldn’t listen to this cassette in summer or by day or with the heating on and you probably won’t be able to listen to it repeatedly, but if you like, or want to hear doom metal you should definitely listen to it. Very interesting !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Taphos Nomos/Urdun "RIP" (Split Cassette)

Taphos Nomos: It is always interesting to review bands that play this. I am only able to comment on the music itself and how it affects me. Once I could HEAR THE DAMN THING, I found Taphos Nomos to be a truly unique and highly enjoyable Death metal band. So, I believe there is not much more to be said about this unstoppable death metal beast. If you like extreme metal and you don't like this, you just probably don't really like extreme metal at all.  If you are into early Morbid Angel, Asphyx, Incantation, Immolation, this is simply essential. GET IT!
Urdun: Sharp and savage, tearing away at your face like a rabid pitbull. The guitars are sludgy as hell, shredding, harmonized, and purely fucking metal. Make no mistake here - Every riff and lead break on this thing is an expertly crafted sledgehammer to face. Basically, if you like death metal, you need this band. If you don't like it, you're a dick and would be better off listening to metalcore.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Unspekeable-Expulsion of the triumphant Beast ( Demo 2017)

Brutal and blasting death metal with their own identity. Sure their music is as wicked and gruff as death metal has any right to be, but it’s also unblessed with eerie structures, memorable anti-melodies, and an ever present, nearly tangible sense of Black metal and desperation. Everything that gives off an image of death metal is present in this demo. Heavy guitars, lyrics about occultism, demonic vocals. Now, I consider this demo to be flawless - that's right, there is nothing wrong with this demo at all. Why, though? Well, this demo is crushing. The heaviness of this demo is like being trapped in a swamp full of mush and below that swamp lies an evil that just sucks your soul in to never return. That's the best way I could describe how oppressive and dark a demo like this is. Monstrous vocals, somehow manages to sound like Cthulhu combined with Satan himself to give off one of the most devastating vocal performance. Overall, this is a kick ass demo. There are no flaws and everything about it is perfect from the guitar tone, to the fitting solos, to the drumming, and the bass playing. It all fits together perfectly like an elaborate puzzle. It is really that good.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Morbid Cross-Ep 2015

This debut Ep features insane riffs and some truly awesome soloing. Holy freaking fudge this is a crazy band. There is a very fine line between what is actually metal and what is noise, and this band pushes that line to it's absolute limit without being just noise. This Ep will destroy you listen after listen. Morbid Cross from New jersey fuses absolutely wicked raw power with insane riffing and ferocious vocals in a very surprisingly fashion. Sure, there are bands who play way faster than this, and other bands who played as heavy as this, but usually not both of these aspects combined in such a way. It's rare that you hear a band with this much aggression and energy. I cannot get enough of this Ep, it is insanely good. The music on here is play by a bunch of pissed off kids who armed themselves with the ability to thrash, and they do a wicked job. Overall, this debut Ep is an absolute beast. It is not at all polished or clean. It is a monster that will assault you. I love it and I listen to it regularly, it never ceases to put a smile on my face with its raw energy and power. Also features a cover of the legendary Sodom "M16". If you are a Thrash metal fan buy this right freaking now, you will like this if you haven't already heard it. If you want something to seriously get you headbanging or if you want some seriously intense metal, check this band out !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

La Bruja (2017)

This Peruvian band just simply makes interesting, varied music that needs to be heard and enjoyed by any fan of 70s heavy metal and hard rock. This is a new project by members of Kranium and Reino ErmitaƱo. This album has it all: aggressive, introspective, and melodic songs. It really just makes you want to move your head and sing along, even if you can't sing worth a damn. Outside influences are used to perfectly compliment a somewhat classic sound, and it's just a fact that it produces five cool songs, all of which can be enjoyed. Check out La Bruja right away. You'll love their sound if you love bands like Purple, Sabbath and Uriah Heep, it sound badass. Then give yourself a little bit of time to let the rest of the album sink in. It may take a few listens, but this may very well end up as one of your favorites. If you know spanish check out the lyrics on the album too: equally introspective, soulful, and telling some interesting stories and ideas which, while not traditionally "metal", are still awesome.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Genocidal Terror/One day in Fukushima 7" split Ep (2015)

These maniacs have been conjuring some of the cruelest Death/Grind metal ever summoned! Wimps and posers be warned! The Dark Lords are here! This is a Split 7" with One Day in Fukushima. Lets' talk about Genocidal Terror first. I imagine poser corpses all over the place, and i think this holocaust is complete ( well in my mind is when listening to this pulverizing Ep) The tight Death/grind execution is expertly played in this trio. Drums whip the grueling pace while the lightning fast speed picking flies above it all, raining down deadly metal notes. The bass is on death command, warning Nu metal  fans to run for cover. Vocals vomiting hate for all those who choose to pose is palpable. It is clear it pumps through his metal heart. This is an excellent band playing a savage metal style. Well now is the turn for One Day in Fukushima. From an Instrumental standpoint, complexity is not their forte. The riffs are extremely basic. This doesn't necessarily make it bad. They're catchy and you'll most likely enjoy the riffs very much. The drumming is very fast. In my opinion, the fast, and almost careless, do what you want feel, is what made me love this band. You have to just accept the fact that this band is basic, fast, heavy, and pretty crazy sounding. This is fkn grindcore and is great. I enjoy the commotion created within the songs. Overall, I fkn like it. Even though it's basic, it has a great sound,, it's brutal as fuck, and it will kick your ass. I can't stress enough that it is not for everyone. You've been warned. LONG LIVE EXTREME MUSIC !!!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Code Red-Fang of the Sun (2017)

The thrash metal revival has become huge now once again. All countries with a metal culture already have their fair share of new thrash metal acts. Code Red from Japan are a bunch of really energetic fast guys. Their originality might not but that good, but their energy and solid song writing easily makes up for it. Top of the bill enthusiastic retro thrash on which the pace is very high most of the time. Exactly the way I like it. Izuru’s screaming and screeching vocals are exactly what this music needs. Hyperactive drumming in true Nuclear Assault and early Slayer fashion with razor sharp guitars. It’s difficult to name highlights since the album as a whole simply rages on without giving the listener time to breath. But if I have to, it would be opener "Rise of the Avenger" and "Toward the South. Catchy and furious sing-a-long songs that will do perfect in a live environment. This album should be available all over the world. Code Red is by far the best new thrash metal band from Japan and I can’t wait to hear new material. Fkn Insane !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Strike Master (2017)

It's really hard to find good bands these days , specially when everyone try to imitate other bands. Strike Master from Mexico finally reaches his definitive lineup, an unstoppable trio with which they raze the world. All the tracks maintain a lot of melody, speed, rage and they are very catchy, by that I mean the riffs, the choruses, the guitar solos, drumming is insane,  and even the  bass is killer on this release. All of them are real gems of pure speed and aggression. They remind me a lot of heavy/speed metal bands from the 80's, with very good riffs. Regarding the production, I personally like it very much, a perfectly audible bass and aggressive and dirty guitar just like the voice, like i said the drummer is a fkn beast. You don’t get bored while you're listening to the album, it’s not monotonous, the songs are very original and worked. They are made with desire to destroy your ears. In short, an essential record from an era when all the bands are overproduced. I can't really highlight nothing, because I like all of it, it's perfect. Many people probably don’t think like me, but i don't give a crap, this album is a must have, period !!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Kahless Clone "Our Never-ending loneliness" (2017)

Every single one of the members showcases their abilities perfectly and beautifully throughout the entirety of the Ep. Every track brings a vibrant and powerful feeling to them, drum work adds an amazing base to the structure of the songs and is just predominant enough for the audience to enjoy it without being pulled away from the rest. Bass work is absolutely beautiful and truly adds something to the Ep that became a deciding factor in its greatness. Guitar work is completley earth shattering. Throughout the whole Ep extremely complex and stunning guitar melodies are displayed and are played perfectly without a single slip up. All the members and their musical abilities truly come together in "Our Never-ending Loneliness"  and form an over all perfect tone and feeling with it. In conclusion, this is a must listen for any metal fan.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Gatoebrio-Epico, Sucio y Malparido (2017)

This album is easily worthy of a perfect rating. But I'm sure that some will say that Doom Metal is boring, and blah blah blah. I hope this record isn't ignored by metalheads. This record hits just as hard, and sometimes harder than all the early 70's classic bands as Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. It's full of the gloom and doom that I love. The music is influenced by Black Sabbath i must say. Vocals are so cool, the guitar is heavy and down tuned, i mean every instrument deliver a powerful rhythm section. Now let's get to the songs. There is some slow, heavy and bluesy stuff on here, most notably "Cabezas con Coronas"", the amazing dark song "La era de la nausea". There are some more upbeat songs too. Such as "Altezas de las Mentiras"", my personal favorite "Batallas en los viajes Internos". A cool doom metal band from United States featuring Peruvian musicians from bands as Mazo, Reino ErmitaƱo and Mantra Wheel. This album is essential to every collection of metal albums. I think you can find this album online, if not, contact: Gato Mazo Cortez to get a copy right now. So put down that extreme  metal you're listening too, and check out the band that has a fkn amazing sound. You will not be disappointed. I almost forget to tell you, Grab a few beers and enjoy !!!
Review by Paul Caravasi