Sunday, December 30, 2018

Istina-Revelation of Unknown (2018)

The decision to review this album presented me with a challenge. This is a Russian Atmospheric Black Metal album (that's what the band define themselves). It seems almost an impossible task for me to tell exactly what it is in my opinion, It's a complex piece. I humbly present to you, the reader, my modest review. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this release is its sheer scope. Although it is certainly not an instrumental album, there are few lyrics; the primary mode of expression is through the music itself, which they have achieved. You can listen to this album and feeling like in a desolate and abandoned village. The instrumentation on this release is mainly generated using keyboards and strange sounds. However, by and large, the sound isn't bad at all. A real highlight of the release is the vocals. The performance is a mix between melancholy and Rage. Tragic-sounding pieces, the voice is applied to the more sweeping portions, producing a really thrilling sound.  It’s hard to describe this music in detail. I'd recommend this to anyone drawn in wonder to the mysterious dark ambient listeners in general. This is music to daydream of orcs marching to war, magick rising from the depths of deep lakes and churches set aflame in the dead of night, marking a blaze in the  sky.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Anialator-Rise To Supremacy EP (2018)

The first time I heard Anialator was in the late 80's. Then, years later I ended up purchasing their first demo tape. After many years Their sound stuck to my memory. It wasn't until I discovered that they reunited and released this Ep, after seeing news feed about Anialator new line up that I took time to look more into this band these days. I am a big fan of Metal in general specially of classic bands that started it all in the underground scene. Thanks to Inferno Records finally i got this killer Ep and It is here to stay in my prized collection of music. What an incredible sound. Guitars. Guitars guitars guitars. The dual guitar assault doesn't deviate much stylistically. However, Roland and Armando really know what they are doing, and it shows. Riffs and speed are varied enough to give each song an sense of independence. Their riffs are an onslaught of originality, and nothing sounds recycled. Bass lines are superb. All 5 songs sound great here, this Ep is a collective statement that really kicks ass, rather than a collection of stellar or diverse songs. OJ is a hell of a drummer too. The way he pounds his drums, the punch and the accuracy of the beats that unleashes upon the listener's ears, sounds so dangerous that it sometimes evokes an image of bullets piercing through bodies and puncturing concrete walls. Although I'm certainly a fan of thrash metal, I've barely come across a thrash band with a drummer that truly stood out. Aside from Dave Lombardo and Hoglan, what other bands do you think of when you think of "great drummer"? Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus, OverKill, Rigor Mortis, or Testament? I've never heard anyone talk about how great Lars Ulrich or Nick Menza is as a drummer. Have you? Allow me to humbly suggest OJ Landa as one of the great thrash drummer. Possessed but not processed - that's how I would describe Angel Gonzalez vocal works here. What makes this Ep ultimately an incredible experience is the sense of danger that comes of violence, and nothing sounds more violent here than the vocals and the lyrics. Rather than tough-guy low growls or distortions, Dolving shouts with urgency triggered by primal need self-defend, as if he's a rat cornered by a cat, it just serves as a counterpoint to the knife-sharp delivery of vocals, which in turns makes the shouting all the more purposeful. Lyrics are worth reading too - I wouldn't say they are brilliant, but they are real. All in all this is a great Ep. This is one of the most definitive thrash albums post-Metallica-and-Megadeth-gone-mainstream. This is a must have!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Mourning Sign-Contra Mundum (2018)

There are some albums you admire for their serenity, their subtlety, and their ability to really make you think. This is not an album that could ever be confused with one of those. What it is instead, boldly and with an utter confidence few other bands could hope to even fake, is one the most formidably constructed sonic batteries ever intentionally summoned up and release upon an unsuspecting populace without a trace of mercy. Virtually every song is a flurry of impossible riffs that sounds more like a blizzard of razors than anything so innocently named as a ‘note’. What truly sets this apart from any current band is the phenomenal skill possessed by its executors. This album is authentically violent. Priceless riffs before terminating in an absolute headbanger's paradise. What makes this band special for me is their willingness to smash to bits any of the expectations of the extreme metal that don't conform to their vision. It filters the strengths of the genre through the high level of musicianship. It does what modern Death metal rarely dares to do: Meloly and brutality at the same time, it actually kicks ass.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Death In Your Yard-Make Crossover Attack Again (2018)

I pretty much discovered this band by accident. You can imagine my surprise when I'm listening to this album by a band called Death In Your Yard From Israel, with arguably one of the kick ass art covers I've ever seen in these later years, and it's absolutely amazing. I was not, I repeat, I was not ready for the crossover audio assault that came pouring through my speakers and down my ear drums. Although not the most original crossover thrash album in the world, this one is an onslaught of genuinely aggressive riffs, fast vigorous guitar solos, and just a damn powerful sound. Make Crossover Attack Again have one of the coolest drum sounds I've ever heard, it's definitely something that I usually gloss over, but it's so fucking crisp that I can't help but notice and admire it. And it's not just the drums, it's the guitars and bass too, it feels like they achieved a perfect audio balance that works entirely to their strengths, and their strengths lie in the riffs. Look, it's undeniable that these guys takes large influence from the late 80s, mainly D.R.I. Excel and Suicidal Tendencies, the vocalist even sounds a lot like Mike Muir. But goddamn it, I say they do it better, and this is the passion for me particularly well-versed in crossover thrash, but it's also the word of someone who has a lot of passion for the music that i'm listening to. Make Crossover Attack Again is a perfect music record and I can usually answer that question very easily by asking myself the following question: "Does this record have a bad song?". And the answer to that is a resounding fucking no! All the more impressive considering it's a crossover thrash album, a style very well known for its long track length and short songs that sometimes just don't do anything for you. All the songs here slay! The riffs are heavy and just don't stop coming, it's like a huge sea storm with non-stop ship-wrecking waves pouring from each side. The occasional thunder cracks the sky and those are the guitar solos, they are fast with a tinge of melody, they are powerful and they are rare. It's not lack of talent, because with fewer solos come tasty riffs, and these guys just have riffs to spare. It's a pointless exercise to pick highlights or best songs here, this album is very consistent. It seems to always be like that, isn't it? The fewer expectations you have, the bigger is the probability to be completely stunned by the music, and this album gave me one hell of a stone cold stunner. The guys from Israel aren't the creators of crossover thrash, but to me, they perfected it. Flawless !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, December 10, 2018

Alphakill-Degrees of Manipulation (2018)

At this point in time the thrash scene is arising once again worldwide, and with the rapid progression of the current scene you could easily pigeonhole the bands into certain categories. Degrees of Manipulation is a collection of ten tracks of pure kick ass thrash metal with a technical slant, and for my money this one serves as one of, if not the finest examples of the classic thrash metal sound. Each and every band member is on the ball here. Unlike a lot of thrash out there, this album comes with a healthy dose of variety as well. This level of quality and punishing riffage, it does leave you wanting more. At least in my case.  It has all the addictive elements that make thrash one of the most kickass genres out there - catchy choruses, rifforama madness and a healthy dose of punk making the songs stick to your brain like superglue while also compelling you to mosh the fuck out. Very few current thrash albums out there capture all the ingredients the way this one does. This album freaking compels you to obey its command of thrash till death by moshing and headbanging like there’ no tomorrow !!
Review by Paul Caravasi


Bloodphemy unleashed a battering sound that threats to demolish everything in their path, this is reckless brutality; and the result is satisfactory, this album is a turmoil of asphyxiating darkness and agitation. It is turbulent but also meticulous with the melodies and sometimes unpredictable, armed with odd timings and tempo changes that won’t necessarily dictate you how to headbang to it. If you want “squared” music you should pick some noisy grind instead. It doesn’t stand out just for the destructive riffs. Song structures dwell between occasional heavy breakdowns with high pinched harmonics and drumbeats thought to go along with the riffs. Fast and full of anomalies but most of all frantic and malevolent riffs accompanied by relentless blast beats are present too, and so are those dense guitar melodies whose only purpose is to push fear and despair into the heart of men. The solos are delivered accurately and sharp with psychotic precision. The album is mixed amazingly, with loads of highly organic tones with nothing really overpowreing anything else serverly. Definitely worth the buy. If you're new to Bloodphemy and Death Metal in general , this is probably the best place to get into the band and I know it was for me. This is one album that any death metal fan should let slip through their fingers. It is simply stunning !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Eversin-Armageddon Genesi (2018)

Finally cranked out this album that's enjoyable to listen. It's not incredible, but it is in fact listenable. I'm actually willing to listen to this and pay attention to it. Eversin from Italy incorporate thrash material they occasionally experimented with death metal growls, it actually helps the music out dramatically. The uptempo sections are decidedly rocking and get you moving while the slower, more hardcore and metal influenced sections are interesting enough to keep your attention as well. It WORKS. The production is clean and strong and present, which is quite good for such music. As usual, it's simple instrumentally and in writing, but in this case the simplicity is functional and solid throughout. It's not fascinating, but it grabs my attention at certain point. They've managed to make a decent album that I'm willing to listen to on occasion. Those who don't know these guys might be persuaded to check this one out and give them a chance. Keep your mind open and you might find enough fun here to be worth your time.
Review by Paul Caravasi