Sunday, December 30, 2018

Istina-Revelation of Unknown (2018)

The decision to review this album presented me with a challenge. This is a Russian Atmospheric Black Metal album (that's what the band define themselves). It seems almost an impossible task for me to tell exactly what it is in my opinion, It's a complex piece. I humbly present to you, the reader, my modest review. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this release is its sheer scope. Although it is certainly not an instrumental album, there are few lyrics; the primary mode of expression is through the music itself, which they have achieved. You can listen to this album and feeling like in a desolate and abandoned village. The instrumentation on this release is mainly generated using keyboards and strange sounds. However, by and large, the sound isn't bad at all. A real highlight of the release is the vocals. The performance is a mix between melancholy and Rage. Tragic-sounding pieces, the voice is applied to the more sweeping portions, producing a really thrilling sound.  It’s hard to describe this music in detail. I'd recommend this to anyone drawn in wonder to the mysterious dark ambient listeners in general. This is music to daydream of orcs marching to war, magick rising from the depths of deep lakes and churches set aflame in the dead of night, marking a blaze in the  sky.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Anialator-Rise To Supremacy EP (2018)

The first time I heard Anialator was in the late 80's. Then, years later I ended up purchasing their first demo tape. After many years Their sound stuck to my memory. It wasn't until I discovered that they reunited and released this Ep, after seeing news feed about Anialator new line up that I took time to look more into this band these days. I am a big fan of Metal in general specially of classic bands that started it all in the underground scene. Thanks to Inferno Records finally i got this killer Ep and It is here to stay in my prized collection of music. What an incredible sound. Guitars. Guitars guitars guitars. The dual guitar assault doesn't deviate much stylistically. However, Roland and Armando really know what they are doing, and it shows. Riffs and speed are varied enough to give each song an sense of independence. Their riffs are an onslaught of originality, and nothing sounds recycled. Bass lines are superb. All 5 songs sound great here, this Ep is a collective statement that really kicks ass, rather than a collection of stellar or diverse songs. OJ is a hell of a drummer too. The way he pounds his drums, the punch and the accuracy of the beats that unleashes upon the listener's ears, sounds so dangerous that it sometimes evokes an image of bullets piercing through bodies and puncturing concrete walls. Although I'm certainly a fan of thrash metal, I've barely come across a thrash band with a drummer that truly stood out. Aside from Dave Lombardo and Hoglan, what other bands do you think of when you think of "great drummer"? Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus, OverKill, Rigor Mortis, or Testament? I've never heard anyone talk about how great Lars Ulrich or Nick Menza is as a drummer. Have you? Allow me to humbly suggest OJ Landa as one of the great thrash drummer. Possessed but not processed - that's how I would describe Angel Gonzalez vocal works here. What makes this Ep ultimately an incredible experience is the sense of danger that comes of violence, and nothing sounds more violent here than the vocals and the lyrics. Rather than tough-guy low growls or distortions, Dolving shouts with urgency triggered by primal need self-defend, as if he's a rat cornered by a cat, it just serves as a counterpoint to the knife-sharp delivery of vocals, which in turns makes the shouting all the more purposeful. Lyrics are worth reading too - I wouldn't say they are brilliant, but they are real. All in all this is a great Ep. This is one of the most definitive thrash albums post-Metallica-and-Megadeth-gone-mainstream. This is a must have!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Mourning Sign-Contra Mundum (2018)

There are some albums you admire for their serenity, their subtlety, and their ability to really make you think. This is not an album that could ever be confused with one of those. What it is instead, boldly and with an utter confidence few other bands could hope to even fake, is one the most formidably constructed sonic batteries ever intentionally summoned up and release upon an unsuspecting populace without a trace of mercy. Virtually every song is a flurry of impossible riffs that sounds more like a blizzard of razors than anything so innocently named as a ‘note’. What truly sets this apart from any current band is the phenomenal skill possessed by its executors. This album is authentically violent. Priceless riffs before terminating in an absolute headbanger's paradise. What makes this band special for me is their willingness to smash to bits any of the expectations of the extreme metal that don't conform to their vision. It filters the strengths of the genre through the high level of musicianship. It does what modern Death metal rarely dares to do: Meloly and brutality at the same time, it actually kicks ass.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Death In Your Yard-Make Crossover Attack Again (2018)

I pretty much discovered this band by accident. You can imagine my surprise when I'm listening to this album by a band called Death In Your Yard From Israel, with arguably one of the kick ass art covers I've ever seen in these later years, and it's absolutely amazing. I was not, I repeat, I was not ready for the crossover audio assault that came pouring through my speakers and down my ear drums. Although not the most original crossover thrash album in the world, this one is an onslaught of genuinely aggressive riffs, fast vigorous guitar solos, and just a damn powerful sound. Make Crossover Attack Again have one of the coolest drum sounds I've ever heard, it's definitely something that I usually gloss over, but it's so fucking crisp that I can't help but notice and admire it. And it's not just the drums, it's the guitars and bass too, it feels like they achieved a perfect audio balance that works entirely to their strengths, and their strengths lie in the riffs. Look, it's undeniable that these guys takes large influence from the late 80s, mainly D.R.I. Excel and Suicidal Tendencies, the vocalist even sounds a lot like Mike Muir. But goddamn it, I say they do it better, and this is the passion for me particularly well-versed in crossover thrash, but it's also the word of someone who has a lot of passion for the music that i'm listening to. Make Crossover Attack Again is a perfect music record and I can usually answer that question very easily by asking myself the following question: "Does this record have a bad song?". And the answer to that is a resounding fucking no! All the more impressive considering it's a crossover thrash album, a style very well known for its long track length and short songs that sometimes just don't do anything for you. All the songs here slay! The riffs are heavy and just don't stop coming, it's like a huge sea storm with non-stop ship-wrecking waves pouring from each side. The occasional thunder cracks the sky and those are the guitar solos, they are fast with a tinge of melody, they are powerful and they are rare. It's not lack of talent, because with fewer solos come tasty riffs, and these guys just have riffs to spare. It's a pointless exercise to pick highlights or best songs here, this album is very consistent. It seems to always be like that, isn't it? The fewer expectations you have, the bigger is the probability to be completely stunned by the music, and this album gave me one hell of a stone cold stunner. The guys from Israel aren't the creators of crossover thrash, but to me, they perfected it. Flawless !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, December 10, 2018

Alphakill-Degrees of Manipulation (2018)

At this point in time the thrash scene is arising once again worldwide, and with the rapid progression of the current scene you could easily pigeonhole the bands into certain categories. Degrees of Manipulation is a collection of ten tracks of pure kick ass thrash metal with a technical slant, and for my money this one serves as one of, if not the finest examples of the classic thrash metal sound. Each and every band member is on the ball here. Unlike a lot of thrash out there, this album comes with a healthy dose of variety as well. This level of quality and punishing riffage, it does leave you wanting more. At least in my case.  It has all the addictive elements that make thrash one of the most kickass genres out there - catchy choruses, rifforama madness and a healthy dose of punk making the songs stick to your brain like superglue while also compelling you to mosh the fuck out. Very few current thrash albums out there capture all the ingredients the way this one does. This album freaking compels you to obey its command of thrash till death by moshing and headbanging like there’ no tomorrow !!
Review by Paul Caravasi


Bloodphemy unleashed a battering sound that threats to demolish everything in their path, this is reckless brutality; and the result is satisfactory, this album is a turmoil of asphyxiating darkness and agitation. It is turbulent but also meticulous with the melodies and sometimes unpredictable, armed with odd timings and tempo changes that won’t necessarily dictate you how to headbang to it. If you want “squared” music you should pick some noisy grind instead. It doesn’t stand out just for the destructive riffs. Song structures dwell between occasional heavy breakdowns with high pinched harmonics and drumbeats thought to go along with the riffs. Fast and full of anomalies but most of all frantic and malevolent riffs accompanied by relentless blast beats are present too, and so are those dense guitar melodies whose only purpose is to push fear and despair into the heart of men. The solos are delivered accurately and sharp with psychotic precision. The album is mixed amazingly, with loads of highly organic tones with nothing really overpowreing anything else serverly. Definitely worth the buy. If you're new to Bloodphemy and Death Metal in general , this is probably the best place to get into the band and I know it was for me. This is one album that any death metal fan should let slip through their fingers. It is simply stunning !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Eversin-Armageddon Genesi (2018)

Finally cranked out this album that's enjoyable to listen. It's not incredible, but it is in fact listenable. I'm actually willing to listen to this and pay attention to it. Eversin from Italy incorporate thrash material they occasionally experimented with death metal growls, it actually helps the music out dramatically. The uptempo sections are decidedly rocking and get you moving while the slower, more hardcore and metal influenced sections are interesting enough to keep your attention as well. It WORKS. The production is clean and strong and present, which is quite good for such music. As usual, it's simple instrumentally and in writing, but in this case the simplicity is functional and solid throughout. It's not fascinating, but it grabs my attention at certain point. They've managed to make a decent album that I'm willing to listen to on occasion. Those who don't know these guys might be persuaded to check this one out and give them a chance. Keep your mind open and you might find enough fun here to be worth your time.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, November 2, 2018

NecroSexual-Grim1 (2018)

Grim 1 features a lot of catchy and kick ass hooks. The shredding is near ceaseless but melodic and fitting, not random fits of masturbatory flashiness. They add a tough and evil sense to the music. The bass is its own entity and contains a vicious amount of attitude not always playing what the guitars are. The vocals by Necrosexual, well those vocals man, is a mixture between Cronos and King Diamond but with his own touch and it fits perfectly to the music. The drumming is on full force, ripping your face apart. The music easily slots in the melodic Thrash category with perhaps a few influences here and there, Sabbath for example in some riffing and Motorhead as well. The music is tight, tough but enchanting, dark but catchy and fun. Also featuring a cover of Rolling Stones "Paint in Black". This is just what a good Metal album should be a mixture of darkness, evil and fun. If there are any complaints it would be that this is painfully short, but over all this is an electrifying album that should appeal to fans of the aforementioned. Good job Necro !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Fatal Agent-Innocent Victims (Demo 2018)

This demo somehow manages to kicking you in the skull with thrashing crossover approach that is best likened to the mayhem of Wehrmacht, Whiplash, Nuclear Assault, early Anthrax and why not Exodus as well. The most enthralling element in this dimensional excursion into the zenith of speed metal's potential velocity is the atypical aesthetic that results from the cacophony of drum hits and rapidly struck chords. The crunchy to the point of almost frosty guitar tone meshed with a tremolo-insane riffing style somewhat informed by the likes of Possessed and Slayer, though only occasionally hitting similarly dissonant territory. This is a perfect example of how the fastest, heaviest, and finest thrash metal is created,. Instrumentation is incredibly tight here. This is one of those demos where every single note played feels important, and not a single one out of place, which is an impressive feat for a band that moves at such breakneck speed. Complex riffs  but still memorable, drums are so tight and fast. bass lines are good, and the vocals are aggressive. The production is sharp as it needs to be. It blends both the hardcore influence of East Coast thrash with the unrelenting technicality of Bay Area thrash. Every track on this demo is great. So, that's Innocent Victims, an amazing Thrash Metal demo.I recommend it absolutely. It shouldn't be missed by any thrash maniac !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, October 29, 2018

Dissentience-Mask Of Pretense EP (2018)

This Ep by Dissentience from Pennsylvania really surprised me for the best. "Mask of Pretense" maybe short, but it does what it's here for. The sound is many times drum driven, and many times the guitar simply follows the double bass pedals. But this is just half of the time, and the other half is outstanding killer riffs . The riffs are a fine combination of heaviness and melody. Other than that, several solos are featured. Bassist does a great job in my opinion, and production makes sure it is heard and emphasizes its importance. As I said, there are a lot of drum driven parts. in fact, most of the songs are written half guitar riffs and half drum riffs, all of which are excellent. Screams of anger and hate turned into music. If you haven't heard them, you should really check them out and buy this EP. It's a solid release from Dissentience, and I can't wait to hear their full album. At general view, this is a kick ass EP. My personal favorites: "Maniac", "Tombstone Currency" and "Disinter". Excellent musicianship from these kids. Go and get it, they're ready to kick your ass without mercy !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Terrorizer – Caustic Attack (2018)

The newest Terrorizer album Caustic Attack, starts off like a shotgun blast, unlike it’s three predecessors which have intros or the rock and roll fade in kicking off World Downfall. New additions Lee Harrison (drummer of Monstrosity) on guitar and Sam Molina (x-Monstrosity) on bass and vocals bring new elements and make this recording very familiar sonically but with fresh twist. Fans of the impeccable blast beat drumming of grindcore legend Pete Sandoval (X-Morbid Angel) will have this in their possession already and will not be disappointed. Another line-up change would likely have an eyebrow raised, but the band utilizes the original guitar tone, dialing in the genuine first album Terrorizer sound, as well as Molina’s gruff vocal delivery ala World Downfall. They also use the pinch harmonics and dual guitar harmonies of Darker Days Ahead (2006) and Hordes of Zombies (2012), both albums which seem to take a beating for some reason but are just awesome regardless. This fourth installment of Commando and crew is another grinding, pummeling diamond in the gold crown that is the band’s anthology. Although, some purist-type fans may gripe about this or that not being this or that, repeated listens will surely change their mind. Harrison’s take on riffs, send the band just slightly askew from the aforementioned formula and a keen ear will notice the originality cloaked in the Terrorizer sound. Final track “Wasteland” is a bit of what I call Slayerizer, an insane romp you will not stay still hearing. Any booking agencies out there, a Terrorizer/Napalm Death/Carcass/Brujeria tour would be !!
Review by Deron Christman

Paganfire – Play Loud F*ck the Rest ( CDR 2017 )

This is a compilation of tracks from 2012-2017. Black/Crust flavored death metal from the Philippines. They have a razor’s edge to their extreme songwriting style with extra points for the screeching vocals.
Review by Deron Christman

Old mother Hell – Self Titled (2018)

German traditional metal group Old Mother Hell take Maiden’s trad-esque power metal, and put it through an epic song filter complete with soaring vocals (But not too high of a register, he seems to know his limitations, thank goodness). Europeans/metalheads outside of the US will dig it big time. For fans of Blind Guardian and anything Nuclear Blast put out between 1998-2002.
Review by Deron Christman

Invidious - Purpose Defeater (2017)

What we have here, is a live analog recording, which is an incredible performance by the band,. However, (and this seems to be a reoccuring theme this episode) the production is all over the place and it's a real brain-buster of a listen. I am in no way knocking analog recording at all, hell, my stuff is 99% analog gear. Invidious definitely worships at the altars of madness during the world downfall. Includes a "Chapel of Ghouls" cover.
Review by Deron Christman

Eternal Exhumation-The Great Conquest (2018)

The Great Conquest is an excellent brutal death metal album by the Peruvian maniacs External Exhumation. The vocals, lyrics based in the Peruvian Empire are very interesting and even the CD cover art is fkn good. Raw brutality. In many ways this is the opposite of modern death metal, while in some ways newer extreme metal has become enamored with pop conventions such as catchiness, hooks, and cleanly cyclic song structures, but this flies in the face of all this. 'The Great conquest' carries itself as almost an antagonist to the listener, daring one to try and hear this music and survive, much less enjoy it. It's a sheer face of brutality communicated at every level. Riffs are tight combinations of atonal power chords or streams of tremolo notes, and the way the riffs interchange are extremely tight with a fill erupting in the space of a breath before a new set of notes begins to grind itself out. Drums are rigid and unyielding, hammering out sequences of snapping thrash and blast beats. In short, this is exactly what I think death metal is supposed to sound like. It's not supposed to be a step further from thrash. It's not supposed to be preening and melodic, nor exceedingly technical and progressive in nature. An excellent release recommended to all death metal fans. The record starts of with the menacing Mother Killa, from there, the record picks up a voracious pace (The Invocation, Hymn To Wiracocha, Human Sacrifice), pummeling the listener with raw blast beats, heavy riffs, tremolos and intense growling that could make a zombie shit its pants!!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, September 14, 2018

Pathogen-Ashes of Eternity (2017)

Part Entombed’s metal pedal underwater gurgling guitar tone and Embalmer’s hi hat based blast beats and general production/mix. The Philippines is a hotbed of extreme metal sounds and I’m hoping there is an upgrade in recording equipment soon (or a decrease in the price of recording in the Philippines). There’s a ton of good music there that hasn’t harnessed their sound properly on a recording. Maybe I just haven’t come across it yet. Pathogen is lightning fast and have awesome riffs, but they don’t have the punch you would hear in a live setting, even when I adjust the bass and mids.
Review by Deron Christman (Dethrok Metal Webzine )

Draghkar –The Endless Howling Abyss (2018)

Heavy, doom-laden death metal that takes a minute to get going, but they lock right into their set of chugging doomy death/sludge reminiscent of Derketa and Evoken.Slow and churning terror with  awesomely dark and grim cover art by Karmazid.
Review by Deron Christman
(Dethrok Metal Webzine )

Dark Managarm-Victorious March “Special Edition 10 Years of War” 2015

This is a collection of music, recorded over 10 years, by two different incarnation of French black metal horde Dark Managarm. The difference between the two album parts is, the first half has better production and songwriting than the second half, but its a great listen all the way through. Victorious March is a crusty, thrashing, stabbing attack of metal blackness that borders on death metal when with the slight use of guttural vocals. They have some fun in spots with rocking riffs that will have your cold, dead, black metal ass, up and air guitaring like a drunken jock at the corner bar, who just heard the first lick of Enter Sandman.
Review by Deron Christman
 (Dethrok Metal Webzine )

Friday, August 3, 2018

The Donner Party-Pizza Patrol (2017)

I got to know this band when they opened for the legendary Leeway in Allentown Pennsylvania. These maniacs play a relentless Crossover/Thrash Metal, well, not so many things have changed and the band remains an uncompromising Thrash Metal chariot ready to tear everything apart. If there are times you miss the 80's, then read below and find out why this is one of your top choices for listening to The Donner Party. The Crossover/Thrash Metal act was formed in 2009 in Bloomfield New Jersey.  The band is really into the DIY ethics, releasing everything they have released on their own or to be more precise. So, the Jersey metallers were kind enough to gave me a copy of their 2017 album "Pizza Patrol", even though a few years have passed since they formed, who could resist reviewing a relentless Thrash Metal album? These guys have managed to create a pretty interesting, yet totally old school mixture of iron forged Thrash Metal with Crossover touches and some fragments of old pure Hardcore/Punk music. There are times when their similarity with DRI  is just amazing! The guitars are razor sharp, the pounding drumming kicks ass, bass is fkn cool too and the vocals are bringing back memories of the old days, when Metal music was coming straight from each musician's heart and passion. Yeah, what if "Pizza patrol" is far from being characterized a great album? Donner Party are definitely not aiming to become the next big thing in the Metal scene. They just hope to create kick-ass music that will satisfy both themselves and the fans. As they say, they will never bow at the altars of money or trends. That's all that has to be said, nothing more. If you are looking for some good DRI meets WEHRMACHT old school Metal manifesto, then these Jersey guys can surely do the work for you! Hold the flag of hate high you crazy motherfuckers! I'm waiting for your next assault!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Meliah Rage-Idol Hands (2018)

What we have here is well crafted, played and catchy Heavy Metal songs. I dare anyone to listen to the opening of "The kill-all rule" and not want to start headbanging! Vocals are catchy. For me they are the high point of the album this time. The bass is prominently featured, much more than previous albums, which works to the song’s advantage. The tone of the guitars on this album are killer, they add additional heaviness to the songs and drumming is good too. Not bad at all in the long run, a few adjustments here and there, but overall fairly acceptable old school heavy metal with thrash influences. This effort delivers the goods.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Meliah Rage-Dead To The World (2018 Edition)

Originally released in 2011, this Re-issue features 2 bonus tracks. Well here's the review:

Drummer is probably the strongest member of the group; his skills on the kit are quite sharp and technical, the bass adds nicely to the sound layers and he gets a few moments to shoe off his fills, the guitars are pretty damn good.Then we have a  good vocalist. This album is a power metal with thrash metal influences. How about the songs? Actually, they're all really pretty good, each sounding similar but different enough o each do their own thing. You've got more straightforward speeders like the catchy "Skin and Bones" or " Never from Me". Then we get a bunch of bigger, more atmosphere and riff-driven mini-epics. Overall, "dead to the World" it's a pretty damn cool listen. The band members have good grasps on their instruments. Additionally all of the songs are pretty kickass; often pretty memorable with a lot of riffs thrown around. If you can get a copy of it, then I do recommend it. It's a pretty good album.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Warfield-Wrecking Command (2018)

Here comes the simple recipe for a strong thrash metal album. You need at least 4 guys (or girls). Everyone of them has to be a live wire. They do not need to be technically perfect, but they must have a master plan with a clear goal: total sonic devastation. Furthermore, it is helpful to have a talent for coherent compositions and a penchant for riffs that are sharp enough to stab the listener in the twinkling of an eye. (Of course, only in the figurative sense.) But the most important thing is the right attitude. Youthful recklessness is essential, a small portion of naivety does no harm. Warfield possesses all the ingredients for this recipe. This album features an explosive mix of riffs, drumming, bass lines and brutal vocals. The very abrasive guitar sound constituted the most outstanding feature of the production. Due to the continually increasing fury of the opener, the guitars dominated the mix right from the beginning. Finally, to be quite fair, this album is one of the greatest thrash release of Europe these days, it clearly deserve its praise and status among the new and old school metalheads. I definitely recommend this record, it's actually a great one to start with. What you get is a great variety of thrashing riffs and lots of aggression. Go ahead and take a listen, or if you already did once, do it again!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Killing Addiction-Omega Factor (2018)

This band is again able to deliver us a very good quantity of death metal in this new Re-release of their demo from 1990', 7" Ep from 91' and the Omega Factor album from 93. They are again here to enjoy the relentless march of this sincere band in death metal. Uncontrolled fury and convincing riffs. The brutality and the blast beats are mixed with  catchier riffs to create good songs specially in their demo and Ep. The furious assault of the instruments is precise and terrifying for power and precision in the album, great vocals are screamed, angry and really nasty. The stop and go with thrash restarts give more variety to the songs. The blast beats are often broken by up tempo parts or fast double bass kicks and this is what is great to make these compositions less monotonous. Also the structures are more complex but flowing and the tempo changes are really well-done and stuck perfectly with this massive structures of violent music. The energy and mix on this cd is lethal, in a good way. This is where the souls of this band collide to create a really good and violent music.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Ripped To Shreds- Burial (2018)

This is all about pure death metal inspired in the swedish sound. The level of brutality in this album is mercyless…this solo project from California takes no prisoners with this debut.The guitar sound is so rotten, low tuned and underground while the drum is always pounding and bad ass. “Craven Blood” is the opener. No melody at all, this is total impact. The brutality can be found in most of the riffs and structures and are amazing, followed by fast solos, never technique but made to destroy. With “Yellow River Incident, 1938” the level of rottenness is so high...unbelievable. Here can really see Repulsion influences with the first blast beats. The sequence “Black Seeds” is truly bestial in malevolence and impact. Truly hellish, powerful and always rotten. There's one song performed in Mandarin "Bone Ritual" about burying without embalming to let the flesh naturally rot away......
Very good work. Brutal as fuck!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Seeking Obscure-Cutting Heads (2017)

Sick and twisted solo project called Seeking Obscure. definitely is one of the most fun albums to listen to when in the mood for horror and gore. Seeking Obscure blends death, thrash metal and grindcore beautifully into one  sick sound. The riffs are not fast but are catchy. The bass rumbles along underneath the riffs providing more earth shaking tremors. The drums are not played particularly fast, but they are technically very impressive. They are constantly present and blend with the music extremely well. There are some vocal effects that are used to great effect, enhancing the listening experience that much more. The vocals are often deep, decayed growls that sound as if they are coming from the grave. Every once in awhile vocalist Rob will unleash a blood curdling shriek or do something else unexpected which further adds to the horror of the music.The production on the album is thick and dirty, yet clean enough to hear everything that is happening on the album. This album is a ton of fun. Featuring re-recordings of 3 tracks from the 2006 split Cd and covers of Hipocrisy "Left To Rot" and Therion "The Return". Killer stuff !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Molder-An Act Of Revenge (Demo 2018)

Unquestionably this band is fkn vicious, easily gained a respectable status already. This demo debut is violent and schizophrenic, the atmosphere in these tracks is savage. The violence, the impact and the darkness are the essential elements of Molder. The production is very clear for the drums sound and the vocals, but always conserves a beautiful dark touch. From the opener we already can see the awesome blend of thrash metal riffs, dissonant breaks and sudden fast restarts. The vocals are already able to be frightening and truly morbid with that raspy, dramatic and totally sick tonality, it reminds me of the early Pestilence. Unbelievable drumming, he has a chirurgical precision on alternating the fast beats while the  guitarist always draw lines of pure violence united with morbid lead lines to create a compact and suffocating sound. The fast riffs run after each other in an infernal organized chaos of fast solos, desperate vocals, catchy refrains and relentless drums. The sound is like a wall of sick devastation. This demo is a real inferno of all the influences you could find in the extreme genre for these times, but redone in a personal and brutal way. Now it’s time to discover Molder. This is an  incredible debut!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, June 22, 2018

Sinaya-Maze of Madness (2018)

Powerful songs with great variation in the way the guitars are used, also features high-paced drums and heavy riffs in the verses and brutal chorus you will likely ever hear. Not to mention every single other type of track in-between. Mylena Monaco vocals are solid here. Now, I like a bit of variety in my music, this is a Death/Thrash sound definitely. Everything else on this album is well done. From the heavy riffs and solos from Mylena and Renata (and playing in general), the spectacular drumming of Cynthia Tsai (particularly on the faster songs) and even the bass-work by Bruna Melo.The number of different styles of death metal these girls can play on one album is incredible. My personal favourite song on the album is probably 'Always Pain" (although with the number of great songs it's nearly impossible to choose). The track is a kind of average pace, but is also one of the heaviest songs on the album. The guitar work is excellent, a wonderful mixture of fast riffs and melodic hooks as well as a great solo to top it all off. The drums are fast and pounding for the most part, keeping in time with the guitars. So to conclude, i can say this is possibly even the most enjoyable death-thrash album to listen to.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Carnal Trash/CorpseEater Split Ep 2018

Today recording an album or a demo is easy, you can do editing and overdubs, you can emulate an amplifier on your PC, and it's not expensive at all. Even if you really suck at playing, you sound great. So you have to consider all these aspects when reviewing a recording like this, because this is the real deal, no pro tools at all, just pure raw insanity, the production is far from  perfection, but the seeds of brutal grindcore is here. Carnal Trash and CorpseEater (Solo Project from Germany) comes along and grabs you by the ear with a twisted, agonized yelp and a brutal grindy guitar riffs. This is pure nasty GrindAll in all, I consider this split absolutely mandatory for Grindfreaks, or anyone curious about what is Grindcore, and why it’s a genre worth checking out. Believe me.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Agony Kings- (2017)

A def treat for hardcore fanatics such as myself. This is brutal and intense. Keeping the Metal guitar tone we all love and keeping the riffs very interesting. I really enjoy the energy the band puts out in this fkn awesome album. Also the songs are very distinctive. The cover of S.O.D. "Kill Yourself" will kick your ass. This is definitely a great example of how Hardcore should continue, brutal, angry and raw as fuck, get this and have a noisy weekend. Chaotic to the Max. Amazing !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Air Raid-Across The Line (2017)

One of the best movements in modern metal is without a doubt the new wave of traditional heavy metal. Just like the NWOBHM, the NWOTHM has some bands that break the mold as something viciously talented and special, and there's the bands that just fade into the rest. When metallians Air Raid from Sweden hit the scene with a promising album, one could only hope that they're here to stay. They're without a doubt one of the best bands of the NWOTHM along with Striker from Canada. This album offer some of the most focused, driving, and ballsy metal ever played in this decade and it never lets up. If it's good 'ol heavy freakin' metal you are looking for, Air Raid will definitely be right up your alley. The chorus' are all wonderfully written, being very memorable and catchy but never being lame. The verses are always fast and driving while the cleaner interludes are always tasteful and never interrupting. With a set of songs each equipped with raw riffs and ripping solos, a great rhythm section, a fantastic vocalist, and even above average lyrics; Air Raid has proven that they are arguably the greatest NWOTHM band.  This is all splendid, damn this is good. Definitely recommended to everybody.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Acephalix-Decreation (2017)

Simple death rot metal, not just "death metal"--these monsters unleashed a brutal album. Thick guitar riffs still in B-flat tuning (for all you metal guitarists) with slow, moderate and fast riffs delving deep in original songwriting fashion. Extreme old death metal influence among the ranks of classic bands such as Autopsy, Obituary, but Acephalix is in a league of their own! Vocals fits the music quite well and it's good that there features this variety of brutality, it keeps the albums' with thickness vibe. They seem to put together a fresh new chunk slabs of riffs together with a maximum amount of distortion and bar chord/tremolo picking onslaught of axes that totally annihilate! If you want to hear what death rot truly is, "Decreation" is equipped with all incorporated style of precision recording quality, drum work that's featured with blast beating intensity along with precise double bass/time signature changing, guitars that are just so damn heavy they'll destroy your speakers, vocal variety domination and screeching leads to the point of eardrum explosion. I hope they'll continue this onslaught throughout their days. So grab this CD metalheads to embrace the brutality they've obliged listeners to hear proving that metal is definitely alive, well, and undying !
Review by Paul Caravasi

Anthropic-EP (2017)

I've been a non-stop Grind/death fan since the early 90's, defending and enjoying even their most mediocre work of bands. And while they've never really released a flat-out bad album, there certainly were several middle of the road ones towards the end of the last decade. By 2015, I'd pretty much lost hope. I was skeptical before listening to this band but being the loyal die-hard I am, I quickly plunked out for their EP and set it in the player with minimal expectations. "Blacked Out" proceeded to rip my face off. As did each successive track after it. Note for note, song for song, there wasn't a single piece of filler. Every song was concise, well-written and strongly executed. The production was razor-sharp and well-balanced with the guitars way up in the mix. When it was over after the 7 songs, I was exhausted and excited. Here was the sound I'd always known and loved and hoped to have back again. A band ferociously, righteously angry with a huge chip on their shoulder and something to prove. Nothing could be more creatively exciting, especially for a band just discovered by me. Brutal as fuck !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Anubi's Servants-Duat (2017)

This album is different.They ditch the billy badass lyricism and groove wankery for properly structured heavy metal and lyrics that talk about the real world. Another thing, this album has a heavy production. Now onto the music itself. Overall, the album is interesting. Now for the good stuff: they just bombard the listener with crunchy grooves. Vocalist assaults the microphone with shrieks, yells. One thing that does stick out about  vocals on this album is that it seems to be layered, but not so layered that it turns to mud. I'd say the layering adds a nice touch, and makes his voice sound insane. This album have enough variety and intensity to keep the listener interested. Not bad at all.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Apallic-Of Fate and Sanity (2017)

Here we have the debut full lenght album by a German band specialising in death metal of the somewhat technical and progressive variety. And I would emphasise "somewhat", as one conspicuous characteristic here is the balance they find between the straightforward and the unexpected, between memorable riffing and more complex transitional passages. It owes more to mid-period Death and "Testimony of the Ancients"-era Pestilence, injected with the speed and brutality of perhaps Morbid Angel, for want of a better comparison. The vocals are raspy and clear rather than deep and muffled; one is reminded more of Jeff Walker than Glen Benton. All of the songs are highlights; there's not a second of filler here . This is an excellent debut that gives reason to expect even more powerful contributions from Apallic in future. Killer !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Amken-Theater of The Absurd (2017)

Remember the good old year of 1986 when thrash metal was the most dangerous art form around? Remember when "Reign In Blood", "Darkness Descends" and "Pleasure To Kill" were among a whole army of albums that sought to bring about the end of all that was good and pleasant in this world? If not, then a good antidote for such a sorry case of amnesia would be Amken, which is among one of the more extreme albums to come out of Greeece of late. I've often dreamed about what "Bonded by Blood" with a heavy dose of methamphetamines would sound like, and now that dream has come to life and taken on a nightmarish existence of the likes that would frighten the Frankenstein monster. There have been a good number of all speed, all the time albums to rage forth out of this side of the America, but this one pretty well tops them all, merging all of the attitude and fury of the old school with a slight helping of crossover brilliance in the vocal department. Exodus first floated the idea that all of the poseurs had to die, but Amken here actually took it to the next level and proceeded to kill them all off in the most intricate and utterly painful way possible. Each bone-crushing riff, each gut-wrenching shout, and each megaton of blast beating fury hits the senses in an unrelenting sea of chaos, culminating in anthems of violence with enough chug sounds to make James Hetfield and Jon Schaeffer blush. When Dave Mustaine commanded the masses to rattle their fucking heads, I sometimes wonder if maybe he didn't fully comprehend the beast that he was unleashing. Much like the famed George Carlin dare disguised as a joke in "You'll never see someone taking a shit while running at full speed", one has to prepare for the possibility that someone will come along later with the audacity to actually follow through on the dare. That's essentially what Amken has accomplished here, a massive ode to literally throwing one's head clean off their shoulders. I defy anyone to try and listen to this beast without instantly breaking into a one-man mosh pit in his own room, it's a virtual impossibility. This might not be the most original thing to come out of the woodwork of late. Forget about Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust, give this radioactive miracle a try and see if you're still alive afterwards. Fkn angry and in your face Thrash Metal !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Beyond Description-The Robotized World (2017)

In my serious opinion, this album would be praised as a classic if released earlier, but this is not the case, the album itself is really nice, and if you're completely bored, this should snap it up for you. The lyrics are of course pretty generic, speaking of social issues, rebellion, tyranny and several other topics which have always plagued the genre of Thrash for decades, -which doesn't mean every band did-. The guitars sound perfect, although the solos don't seem to stand out very much and the drums are practically jamming the same tempo over and over again. The riffs are fast and aggressive an they're the kind of style i'd go listening while walking all badass in my job's hallway. Vocals are just pumps of words scream at the right time, which actually saves them from seeming unfitting. Bass kills it. They're pretty good coordinated. Old school influence can be heard throughout the album, James Hetfield (Kill' em all era) vocal influence there. Overall the album is awesome. It's a good album to have listening with your fellow thrash buddies in your garage-cave, and i don't know, maybe drinking some beer and headbanging like fkn maniacs. Good job !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Goat wizard-The Book Of Goat Wizard (2016)

This album is for a unique taste. First song  smashes in with a cool-as-fuck riff that would make Iommi proud. Bass and drums  also sound amazingly hellish on this track. These guys are on fire throughout. This album seems to be chock full of riffs, Blazing in from left, right and center. There are no "highlight" tracks or favourite tracks on this album. Everything is complete genius. But then again there are riffs like in the beginning of "Snowbeast" that make me lay on the ground and put a box on my head and repeat it over and over again in my headphones. All in all, this album is killer.Buy it. Enjoy it. Light one up. It's fkn amazing!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, January 26, 2018

Maze of Terror-Ready to Kill (2016)

Sheer, breakneck speed with savage riffs.  Vocalist Juan Pablo has some really harsh vocals, shouted and pushed almost to the point of death-metal gruffness, and his bass lines are supportive without being merely doubling, and he knows exactly when to throw in a good fill. The drummer is a human whirlwinds, and keep up the pace admirably, two razor-sharp guitarrists slice through the riffs. This new album is just slightly more varied than their previous Ep from 2012, as they experiment with a few slower tempos (of course, slower for them is still fast as hell, but you know what I mean....), and the guitar tones are a bit more high-end 'metallic'. This is an enjoyable raw and dirty death/thrash album with an old school vibe full of Rage. The production on this album is also a big step up from the previous Ep. It has much more bass added and creates some great stuff for this album. The guitars sound killer, the drummer rips, and vocals sound more full. This is definitely a new sound while still retaining most of what made Maze of terror what it is.  I can definitely say that it is a good work. This new album is fast fast fast - get your fix of "Ready to Kill" NOW!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Riotor-Cursed Throne (2017)

Pure fucking evil war thrash metal!!! This album combines everything from Possessed to Venom and old Slayer. It's a damn evil mix in the end, for any fan of old school death and thrash metal. It doesn't slow the fuck down and I can guarantee this would be a wild pit if it made it to stage dominion. Nonetheless, these Canadian offer us some fast exxxecutioner tunes on this. The album strikes with catchy oldschool thrash riffing attacked by rasps and screams and brisk drums and it's definitely headbang-worthy, and if I was viewing this at a show, I'd be in total decision-making mode. One way is to sit there with the old arms crossed and watch the nuclear audio destruction; the other is to jump in the giant pit. That's fairly correct verbalism to judging this album. The songs combine with one another between the evil ritual sound and the fast raw/thrash tempo. The terminology to describing an album such as this is mismatched, and I think "evil as war" should clear that up the easiest. Blackened thrash fans would enjoy this. One of my favourite Canadian products to date in the eyes of thrash! RIOTOR RULES!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, January 19, 2018

Argento-Tortura Masiva (2016)

This album has been released in 2016, and it really defines how modern thrash should be in our days: vicious, agressive, heavy and catchy. The producion sounds pretty chaotic and fits perfect the tracks. The riffing sounds pretty cool and though it isn't unique as the 80's bands, it still sounds different and imaginative. There are a lot of catchy moments here, especially the choruses which just sounds fresh and intense and works pretty good. The vocals sounds very different. It still raspy and raw, it sounds lively and energetic, for a modern sound like this album, these vocals sounds proper. Overall, pretty solid album. It has a new sound of thrash and doesn't fails as being a destructive band. Recommended for all the true thrashers out there!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Aislacion-Minor Chants (Demo 2017)

The best two words that describe this demo are raw and unique.  Guitar rhythm and lead riffs complement each other perfectly in both the distorted and clean presence. The production isn't great but I think this is one of those demos where the important elements are Unprocessed, unrefined, crude metal. It has all the elements that make this demo so unique and raw at the same time as well as super groovy/Doomy riffs. It is definitely a kick ass demo making a solid distinction between all the songs. You definitely hear the Black Sabbath influence in this Demo with some killer melodies and heavy drumming . This is a demo I feel that any stoner/doom , and Metalhead in general  can appreciate regardless of what wave they are more inclined to. This demo honestly will put you in a doom trance as long as you can handle it. I will find myself listening to this Demo multiple times and it feeling completely natural and not tiresome. Great demo for a few cold beers in a dark room on a weekend.Ć³n
Review by Paul Caravasi