Saturday, October 28, 2017

Face First-The Demo Tape (2017)

Almost 10 minutes of unrelenting angry lyrics, screaming vocals, pulse pounding bass, power chord guitars, and unstoppable percussion. I think if you go to see this band live, be sure to not forget your helmet because that mosh pit has to be pure madness. This demo is musically pretty basic overall. Each song follows the same pattern: heavy riffs pound, singer screams, drums kick. If you're looking to relieve some anger should keep listening. Looking forward to hear their full lenght album!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Apothesary-Accept Loss Forever (2017)

Brutal riffs and a touch of melody. Really, this is how every song carries on. There is no shortage of chunky riffing, harmonies, and well executed solos here. Textbook brutality executed by capable musicians. The guitarwork throughout is quite impressive, and my favorite aspect of the album. The drumming is pretty textbook, and doesn't really deviate from the norm- nonetheless, the drummer is good at what he does as well the bass. The vocals, which alternate between a hardcorish scream (a la In Flames and At the Gates) and a death growl are a nice touch to the music. The production is also flawless. Apothesary aren't out to break any boundaries per se; however, they are out to kick some ass. I can't help but think of mid-period death when I listen to the shredding and structures of this album. If you are a fan of classically executed death metal, chilling to the bone, I would highly recommend you obtain this album. Fast riffs, great melody, perfectly executed screechy vocals, and great lyrics. Those are the four things that come to my mind when somebody asks me if Apothesary is a good band. All in all, Tremendous Melodic Death album, great melody and killer vocals, terrific lyrics, flawless drumming. Highlights of the album: "Sensory Overload", "1976" , "Elizabeth", and "You've met with a terrible fate,Haven't you?". I highly recommend at least giving a listen, as it is well worth it if you do like it !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hessian Wolf Children-Wolves Orchestra (Rehearsal 2014)

“Wolves Orchestra” is my first encounter with Hessian Wolf Children and I have to say I like what I hear. I would consider this rehearsal to be straight grindcore. It’s just got that attitude that they were going to do whatever they wanted on this cassette and didn’t care if people liked it or not. The presentation of this tape is awesome, shorts songs. This is just another reason why this cassette seems like pure grindcore to me. Lots of punk influenced riffs, and of course, blast-beats. The vocals are just insane. They fit in very nicely with the grindcore and punk atmosphere. The songs themselves don't vary all that much. Punk riffs, pounding blast-beats, and indecipherable vocals. Short and to the point grind from beginning to end. The drums are perfect. Overall, this rehearsal is very good. If you’re a fan of grindcore, buy this Cassette. In Grindcore we trust !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Gravewards-Subconscious Lobotomy (Demo Tape 2016)

Athens, sweet Athens… A hideous monster is born – Greek death metal. This demo tape show not only death but also some thrash metal influences. But don’t be afraid, these maniacs  prepared pure death metal in the way it should to be! Believe me, the effect is just perfect! When you can hear the sound of music and Nikos screams, you can relish great riffs, bass passages and insane drumming, an excellent performance on this one. The guitar work/leads are really tuneful, memorable, it makes “Subconscious Lobotomy” something special.  Amazing, outstanding opening of the killer track. You can hear a real band, three soldiers of pure metal which know what to do with their skills, minds and instruments! Fast, accurate song with crushing guitar solo ends with Niko screams. Gravewards attack with energetic riffs, some twisted melodies bombing auditory centre. Here we have slow down and murderous musicians assault. To put it all together – mixing excellent perfect riffs, bass/drums devastation and biting vocals, Gravewards create something I define as a magnum opus of death metal genre. It sounds raw a bit, from the other side very solid. So this is obvious that by this review I would like to pay homage to this band, unique band with soul. The band which is a real interpretation of everything in metal music. Killer demo!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Fractial Generator-Apotheosynthesis (2017)

A well-produced album, heaviness and oppressive atmosphere, but each instrument is easily discernible, making the whole album crushing. Atmosphere, heaviness; these two things are integral to this band’s sound, but they wouldn’t amount to much if they weren’t propped up by good, brutal songs. The band strides the death metal demarcation perfectly, crafting superb slowdowns of despair to interperse with their high-octane face-melters. It's an incredible experience, especially on headphones. In a genre rife with stagnation and imitation, it is refreshing to hear another  band answer the challenge of the other younger peers and then casually brush them aside with an album so masterly that it is somewhat hard to fathom. Fractial Generator continue to progress and inspire and "Apotheosynthesis" is a true highlight !
Review by Paul Caravasi

Valgrind-Seal of Phobos (2017)

A brutal album. Valgrind speaks to many in different forms. Extremely heavy production, tight and commanding drumwork, catchy, sharp guitar work, chaotic, amazing leads, and of course, catchy yet angry vocals, yes, this album has indeed a lot of features. There are maybe one or two riffs or sections in the brutal 5 songs - but not enough to really be called thrash, this amazing work of Death Metal will have you wanting to hear it again and again until you're black to the blind. The double bass is clear in your're pounded upon relentlessly by an unbreakable wall of pure death metal. The lead in the songs are killer. The harmonics at the end of the riffs are truly amazing. There you have it. A powerful fkn death metal album!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Maze of Sothoth-Soul Demise (2017)

The music on here is just flat out amazing. These riffs are so beyond heavy, i mean all the tracks deliver insanely heavy parts, plenty of blast beats, they change up a lot on this album in terms of the drumming and guitar riffs. The riffs are so incredibly heavy that it is hard not to love this album. “Lies” is an amazing song with yet another (big surprise) amazingly heavy riff. I usually don’t put lyrics in my reviews but “Seed of Hatred” has some of my favorite lyrics ever: “
Our union will create a new form of Evil
Put in your womb the seed of hatred
your sacrifice won't be in vain
errant demons populate the earth”
Production on here is one word, perfect. None of the drums get lost behind the guitars and they sound amazing, vocals are in top form here. Everything about this album is good and I think you will agree. Best tracks – “Lies”, “Seed of Hatred”, and “Multiple Eyes"
Review by Paul Caravasi

Naga-Inanimate (2017)

A blast of pulverizing doom, gutteral vocals and Hellhammerish chord. Inevitable and ensuing aftermath of hunger, desolation, and hopelessness.  As for the tracks themselves, what you get here is delivered at the irnoic pace of a funeral procession. This is strictly metal in conception and execution, regardless of its  novel properties. Totally dark and fucking evil heaviness...and I am an avid and well-educated fan of Doom Metal and other extreme stuff…Here it is also interesting to draw a comparison with Black Metal which often is considered the most cold, dark and evil kind of metal or even music in general. Well, some Black Metal bands might appear more maniacal due to their somewhat chaotic hysteria and to some degree they achieve to create some evilness since most of them strive really hard, but with Naga it’s just true and natural, they don’t want it out of principle, they just deliver it. And the same goes for the darkness and coldness. Where especially Norway orientated Black Metal bands might have this Northern coldness like winds over deserted mountains, which on sunny days might still cause warm feelings for the beauty of nature. Inanimate should be of interest to any fan of really heavy, dark and brutal metal, but probably it will always remain a rarity in record collections. Fortunately, those who understand this kind of music enjoy the more. Eternal frost, indeed!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Voids of Vomit-Ritual Expiation (2017)

Death metal from Italy inspired in the vein that brought us Death and Obituary, this rigid adherence to a classical sound raises this album up for what it's worth, their insistence on keeping it basic old school sound more in their favor , the good thing is that they don't sound like a modern technical death clone. The great elements of this album? all of them. Listen to this amazing death metal album and  the solos and vocals remain entrenched in one solid territory.  Having said that, what had me so attracted to Voids of Vomit is having two impressive guitarists, they can do something more with their instruments than arpeggios on the highest possible notes, actually manage to convey some emotion other than pure frenetic energy, and perfectly compliments the uncomfortable atmosphere contained in these brutal songs, the incredibly versatile voice for this death metal vocalist is killer, going from low growls, to rabid snarls, high pitched shrieks and semi growled shouts that is almost reminiscent of pre-death metal thrash artists such as Possessed. Such a vocal style will be disconcerting to anyone unfamiliar with death metal before Cannibal Corpse, but in an era where very few extreme metal vocalists are immediately distinguishable from the crowd of cookie monsters, vocals such as these are a breath of fresh air. These two memorable elements aside, the rest of what is on here is standard fair for this kick ass band. The riffs are a nice balance between sinister riffage and late 80s death metal speed and brutality. This is intense and brutal. Being a fan of this particular strain of death metal, I enjoyed this record and leave a good impression on. Take that tidbit of information as you will; if you are a fan of late 80s style death metal like I am, you will enjoy this record, I can guarantee that this will be the death metal record that will stay with you forever !
Review by Paul Caravasi