Saturday, February 4, 2017

Desecrate the Faith-Unholy Infestation (2017)

Tight-as-fuck riffage. Yup, tight, is the word. An album is chaotic, those guitars, bass and vocals burn like a buzzsaw blade over the top of a drumkit being abused by a pillheaded octopus, chaotic drum patterns. The drums alone are a fistfuck to the face of anyone who calls Death Metal 'untalented' or 'samey'. Everything leaps out of the speakers, and hopefully seeps through every wall in the house and pisses off the parents. I'll raise a glass to the new generation of metalheads setting the standard again for albums and bands to come. Extreme metal is the law !!

Invasion-Destroyer of Mankind (2016)

A must have for all death metal fans. Invasion's music is all about brutality and kick ass musicianship. "Destroyer of Mankind" is an unholy orgy of double bass, blastbeat drumming and killer vocals, with superb but not flashy guitar work. The tempo varies from lightning fast to fast, the very few slow passages in the album are used only to emphasise the head crushing speed of the rest of the music. This is the kind of album that makes you bang your head like a fkn lunatic. The technique is simply perfect, it has to be heard to be believed. All the songs in it fit with each other like a puzzle and I find it very hard to point out any single one of them. However, the opening track "I am the enemy" stands out, managing to be both real fast and epic at the same time. Another killer track is "Iron bottom sound", which is a violent extreme metal inferno done in the good old school-style.  On the whole, my rating is "buy or die". Valid for death metal and thrash maniacs.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Suppresive Fire-Nature of War (2017)

This is just a very memorable and catchy album, and should be recognized by the metal community. The sound of Suppresive Fire on this new album is really crushing, and highly distinct. Even if you aren't liking them at first, I am pretty sure they'll grow on you. The voice is extremely viscous, evil, and nice and out of the ordinary. The drums are perfect, almost sounds like gunshots, with some impressive double-bass moments. Riffing is very strong indeed, sorta reminds me of Cancer's first two albums. You can hear the thrash influence as well. The solos are pretty raw. I am very impressed by how heavy this is, guitar tone is top of the line. Without a doubt this is a must have album. Keeping the Old school vibe is the best of the best, and this is an excellent example of why. Highly recommend you track this down. Best tracks "Depravity", maybe the catchiest riff, "Earthripper","Nature of War". Enjoyable and brutal !!
Review by Paul Caravasi