Saturday, April 15, 2017

Demontage-Fire of Iniquity (2016)

The songs on "Fire of Iniquity" have the up-beat feeling of Thrash Metal and have the evil feeling of Black Metal. The vocals are harsh but there not exactly screamed. There almost a mix of Araya (from early Slayer) and Darkthrone. There also some catchy choruses layed out in the album. The drumming is simple. It's typical Thrash Metal drumming. The riffs are speedy and evil. Sure the guitars don't really pull of anything crazy but there are some pretty good solos.  The problem with the solos are that they're cut too short. This is a good album and matained the brutality through out the album and there are no songs with slowed down parts. "Fire of Iniquity" is a simple yet fun to listen to album. If you're interested in Black/Thrash Metal, get this right away!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sauron-Conquest through Attrition (2016)

It doesn't matter what style of music you're talking about, nothing beats a good tune. Over the years I've heard some strangely disparaging remarks about Thrash Metal, some have said this style is "generic" while others said it is not original enough. Now certainly in 2017, Sauron are the fastest band on the planet. However, there are pretty damn fast bands and would certainly be considered extreme. As for the comment that new Thrash Metal bands are "generic", I'll simply never understand and often have discovered that those who felt that way had never really listened to this sound of Thrash Metal... Sauron are from Michigan, and they play a style of raw fucking Blackened thrash metal very much their own. Operating as a trio, Sauron possessed one of the thickest sounds in thrash. Stylistically, Sauron has similarities to bands like Exciter, early Whiplash, Destruction, a bit of Nasty Savage, etc.. Cross this traditional sound with the speed of hardcore punk and you come close to Sauron. In reality though, they truly had a sound all their own. Much of this has to do with their tremendously well-written and catchy songwriting. These guys know how to use catchy choruses and hooks to their benefit. Badass vocal. Very punked out and delivered with tons of attitude, his raspy, spitfire style growl is killer. The musicianship on this album is also superb. Bolstered by a red hot production in an era when sadly many thrash bands sound like overproduced crap,  awesome leads, and heavy riffage, bassist yet killer and dynamic rhythm attack, and drummer's wicked and tight performance all add up to make this album one of the most powerful and fun thrash of 2017 which still sounds very fresh. It's just such a well thought-out album and each song is highly memorable to the point where the tunes will get stuck in your head. I couldn't imagine anyone who is a thrash fanatic not having "Conquest through Attrition" in their collection. Simply put: it's fkn killer !
Review by Paul Caravasi

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mortem-Deinos Nekromantis (2016)

Now this album rocks my socks off. Sure, you could pretty much say the same for any Mortem's releases; they have all been freakin' awesome, but this one is different. This one sticks on the mind like flat Ginger Ale would when spilled all over the new hard-wood floor. It's not that there is a specific element of this release that makes it more worthwhile than other such classics from the band, though there is a much more obvious focus on brutality, with certain songs being all out Death metal-fests as well as a more pronounced focus on "Killer riffs" and a darker, more cerebral atmosphere. However, none of these elements are what make this album what it is. Rather, it's something deeper, and I know what it is...Okay, I shouldn't have led you on like that. I don't have any fuckin' clue what it is, but what I do know, is that I like this album. I feel like it's one of Mortem's most...well, most everything album. What makes this so cool, is that there is such an obvious chemistry between the  guitarists, making it sound like they are really working together to create a cohesive work of art through the solos, as opposed to just pointlessly shredding way. Drumming is nothing beneath completly phenomenal on this album. While most drummers simply blast on and on Amduscias instead supplies a huge amount of variety, as well as still performing constant blast beats, giving us everything. As far as tone goes, his snare has a distinct echo to it. Now, imagine that the low, rumbling I mention there is the bass drum. While it is powerful and terrifying, it's a far cry from the fake, overly triggered bass drums of modern day drummers. Fuck it, just check it out regardless of your musical taste. This is a fucking Masterpiece !!Ăº
Review by Paul Caravasi