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                                                      Interview with drummer Marut Pozzi-Escot

Where is Desarme from and how did the band get started?
Desarme was  born in Barranco Lima-Peru in1988, a group of Friends of the district / school, we all loved punk, metal and all honest music and lyrics. It all started with the idea of ​​making a band, and it progressed and took shape.

How many members are in Desarme? How many releases do you all have?
Desarme is: Rodolfo Vertiz Guitar, Zoe Ascorra Vocals , Bayo Ojeda Bass and  Marut Pozzi-Escot on Drums. Marut Rodo and Zoe formed the band, but the band made some Line-up changes in the past as well ,Beto “Orcacore” Cuba, Carlonga Angeles and José “Martillo” Arenaza.
Discography: Demo Porque…? 1991/ Visión Hostil 1999 / Corrosión en la Nación 2003/ Es tu error 2005/ Involución 2009 and we're working in a new album for 2014. Odio Los discos from Chicago will release our first demo Porque...?? in Vinyl soon, and we'll re-issue "Corrosion en la Nacion" too.

What (if any) is the message behind Desarme's lyrics?
The message in the lyrics are straightforward about reality in our own view of things. It's about all the bullshit in society worldwide, all the injustice and stuff , we all know what's going on.

Who are your biggest influences?
All the real heavy and fast music that we really like. HXC Crossover Old School, Punk, Thrash, and all kinds of metal. Bands that influenced us are DRI ,Suicidal Tendencies, Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, COC, Cryptic Slaughter, Nuclear Assault ,Post Mortem, Death Angel, Slayer, Exodus, Old Metallica, Ramones, Bad Religion, Misfits Anestesia, Soziedad Alkoholika,  Black Sabbath, Death, Deep Purple, Maiden, Exploited, Bad Brains, Excel, etc...

Of the various shows you have played, what is the most memorable, and why?
Well from 88 -94 La Casa Hardcore of Barranco where we played for the first time as a band on april 89' along with G3 and Curriculum Mortis, all shows made by Galicio in the center of Lima, by Grupo Pacifico, El Hueco, shows in La Colmena, the underground shows in Camana and Malambito, Condorock, the Ataque Metal, and we shared stage with Masacre from Colombia, Sarcófago, Torturer, Sadism.
We played with DRI in 2002, Averno, in 2005 we played with Agnostic Front twice, Madball-Municipal Waste, Sick of it All, Terror.  We feel so happy to shared the stage with those kick ass bands, all the shows in Lima Harcore, we like to play everywhere. I guess we've been playing like 500 times live, we don't care if we play in front of 10 people or 2,000 we just play fucking Hardcore damn it.

What have Desarme been up to lately?  Any of Desarme members from other bands, or currently working on other projects?
Well , we just play in Desarme, we all have regular jobs, support our families, study, we like to practice a lot, we hang out, and the most important thing in a band, we're good friends, the band is a very important part in our lifes. Me and the vocalist Zoe have a small shop in Lima called Barrancore, we sell Cds, Shirts and a lot of Merchandise and support the Peruvian Scene.

How do you categorize the Desarme sound when people say “What kind of music is it” Thrash, Punk, Metal, Hardcore, Crossover, What?
A fanzine from Germany called us PUNKMETAL BASTARDS ORNITORRINKOS FROM HEL and we thank them for that. We play Crossover or Thrashcore if you will. We like to be influence by all the music around here in Peru and worldwide.

What is your opinion on the current state of the world? (terror, wars, Injustice, murders, politics, and so on…)
Same shit!!!!! Never gonna change !!!!
Here in Peru politics are fucking assholes, they're the ones with money, we're the middle hard working class, the coruption is something normal here and it's really fucked up. Now our society is becoming more and more materialist, the education is really bad, the rich people are getting more power, not equal rights, injustice everywhere, besides that all the Peruvians try to survive in all this bullshit every day.

What are the plans for the rest of the year 2014?
There's a record in the making, the re-release of our first demo from 1991', we're trying to release two videos of past shows and doing a new tour as well.

Since you guys have been together for more than 20 years now, have you noticed a huge difference in the metal scene from when you first started to now?
Well, technology helps a lot, the bad thing about this is there's more fucking posers Lol, in the past everything was so real and from the heart, that's why the old schoolers are the real deal.

Tell me about the show with Hadez, Mortala, Cobra and Mortem. How did you feel sharing the stage with those Kick ass bands?
They are brothers !! We're in the same shit since the 80's and we're proud about being part of it!!!

I know you're a busy guy, so i guess this is it for now bro. Thanks for this interview, any last words for the fans of Desarme and readers of Soulgrinder Zine out there? This space is for you
Gracias brother for this interview, you have a fucking cool zine, cheers to all the maniacs that support Desarme and Hardcore in general, Stay True fuckers!!
Interview by Paul Caravasi

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Violent Wisdom II

Violent Wisdom is a Thrash Metal band from Chicago, this band is fairly typical 80's style , but they are good at what they do. Their music has a lot of killer riffs and guitar solos, but they still have a structure that is definitely worth to listen. I notice that very few bands actually use a guitar solo in their music, but many of the bands out there today couldn't pull it off very well to begin with. This is one band that can and does. This CD-R is a compilation of early demos from 91-92. I don't think they know how to write a bad riff, and are experts at creating memorable metal. I'd like to get some more of this. Overall, a diamond hard gem of anger and brutality!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Ordo Caper-Haspu (Cassette/Ep)

The vocals on this are fairly brutal for Black Metal, but they also have a tendency to be understandable-a trait that you don't usually find when a band employs the deeper growling style. All the songs on this cassette are heavy and  not only proficent but memorable as well. However, this is an engaging listen, but i'm not sure how often i'll be playing it!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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                                                          2 Day Metal Fest
                                                    Jabber Jaws-Allentown, Pa

It’s Saturday night, what could be better than heading into the venue and catching a metal show that was put on by Marvin Skip Horn. This event was held at Jabber Jaws in Allentown, most of you know this venue is the new place to see local shows from now on.
On stage tonight was a band LifesBlood, that I am not familiar with, . They established themselves that night, they performed a really tight set. I couldn't catch all the following bands 'cause  i was at the bar talking and meeting cool people. Faith Or Fear is next on stage, it's almost midnight, these members are from the philly/Jersey area, and who have established their own sound of Thrash metal since the lates 80's. If the stage had been bigger I am sure that they would have been moving around with some great energy. The floor filled up a little more for FOF. Some have compared this band to Exodus and Overkill, well being an avid Thrash Metal fan, I don’t hear it at all ( maybe the riffs). Their set list was a killer , songs like CDS, TIME BOMB, RIP OFFS, PUNISHMENT AREA......
You can't compare these guys with another band, they do have their own sound, and that’s exactly what you hear, to create something your own. I really miss Tim Blackman on vocals, he has all my respect, but to be honest the new vocalist did an amazing job as well, they really did an excellent show. An underrated band that hopefully are getting more attention thru the metal world. Cool show!!
Next day , another band I wanted to see Condition Critical from Jersey. For this band a bunch of metalheads came to the stage area, and I can totally see why, if you like Demolition Hammer, Sadus, or Exodus, then this is exactly the sound you are going to get. Band members all wore cool Thrash metal shirts. Musically these guys killed it, totally Thrash metal. It’s a shame the venue was not really big enough to hold a brutal mosh pit, I think that would have shown the band just how much everyone was enjoying their set. Next Band Dying Eyes Of Sloth. Their set was kick ass Death metal, and they put it together in a brutal way too. For me it was great to be able to stand right up front and enjoy, the only way to get the real feel for the music. Guitar, drums, bass and vocals were all carried out to perfection, I really enjoyed their set.
I appreciate watching a band that’s trying to be unique and knows what they are doing. March to Victory was next and did a good job as well. Last up tonight is Solstice, this band I do know but never had the chance to see them live. They kicked ass that night, you always want to see the crowds enjoying, that way you know you are dishing out the right stuff for all to walk away with a great feeling. Killer set list as well , people enjoying the show to the maximum and having so much fun and you will see Ryan on vocals/rhythm guitar, Dennis Munoz lead guitar, Alex on drums and Julian Guillen on bass. Their music though fast paced is well put together, guitar riffs, drum blasts, bass and brutal vocals are worth a listen. They obviously have worked hard/practised a lot to reach their accomplishments. Solstice has perfected their sound, its not just noise. And I found myself really enjoying their music. What a great fucking night that was. Really cool hanging out with cool Metalheads and glad to see the Metal scene getting stronger every day !!
Concert Report by Paul Caravasi

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus-Vainamoinen (Cassette Ep-2013)

Still slower than a sludge that's about to Od on sleeping pills. Pennsylvania's saddest souls bring us a taster of their upcoming album that should be out on July. If you feel miserable already you'll surely not be any happier with these two tracks of depressing BM!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus-Synkaa Tuuli (Full Lenght Tape-2013)

Depressing, but not in a crushing Black metal kind of way, more like a Atmospheric BM. This is somewhat more Metal moments, and it's well played, but i'm having a hard time getting excited about it. The guitars are depressing wails of desolation, but they don't bury you under an avalanche of depression and it has crushing riffs at moments. This style does a lot to set them apart, and is a welcome relief from the usual Black metal speed. Not my favorite style but they do a good job with it. Cd format as well by Horror Pain Gore Death Records!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Acid Age-Enter The Zomborg (Ep-2013)

It's not too often that i hear something so thrashy, honestly all these 7 songs are fkn fast and no way it's lack of intensity. I do enjoy listening to this quite a bit, and can growl along with all the songs. I guess nothing can stop these guys, This is the style i love and the more i listen to this Ep, the better it gets. Hopefully i'll be hearing more from these guys soon. If you like Atrophy, Destruction, Artillery, Exodus, Dark Angel or Whiplash you'll enjoy Acid Age!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Detriktuss-Dehumanized With Rage (2010)

Brutal, memorable Death is just the beginning of Detriktuss from Colombia. The ultra sick vocals, the old style riffs in the vein of Immolation, Vital Remains and early Deicide......something does hold them back for releasing more albums, maybe they deserve more support from the underground headbangers. I hope to hear something new about this band soon, This album from 2010 is some evil shit. Impressive!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Wrath-Stark Raving Mad (Promo 2014)

Wrath is back! They play Thrash metal, more epecifically, they mix it with mid-80's style with accuracy, from the soaring solos to the crunchy guitar sound and vocals. That having been said, Wrath is talented enough to make this dated style of music seem vital. Actually, the credit should go to the whole band for the dedication and passion doing this album after so many years in the metal scene. If you can find this one, get it!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Tacit Fury-A Social Berserker (2014)

Old style Death metal with Thrash riffs and vocals with speedy drums and a nice production. 11 tracks of interesting extreme metal from Russia, their song structure can be a little repetitive sometimes but they do a good job playing this kind of style. Refreshing Death/Thrash with a lot of influences. It's ultra energetic, and a bit intense than normal, but man have i heard a lot of bands just like this recently....Tacit Fury may be one of the best, though!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Interview with DalnZane ProjektsMazter-Lord Panzerfaust

For those that may not know you, how would you describe your projects and your zine? Can you talk a bit about the lineups and how it has been to work with them?
Hails Paul and thank you for your time to interview me. Well my projects Lepra, Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors and ReakThor are just me, my own solo projects, and it`s really easy to work with myself haha. Not many people know that Meanie (Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors), Nuklear Bastard (ReakThor) and Evil Zjaak (Lepra) are the same person in all the solo projects; just me. Lepra is fun death/grind with Dutch lyrics and a lot of double entendres. Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors is a journey into weird, funny, crazy and insane grindcore/death/thrash/black metal which is too insane to describe and I call it NekroHouzeMetal. And Reakthor is Nuklear Grind Metal, indeed a new genre, like NekroHouzeMetal. The first ReakThor album ``FuckYouShima`` is a funny (to me it is) concept album about nuclear disasters in Japan. When I started making musick in 1997, I didn`t know either it were the blueprints of the music I make nowadays, and for my old school black metal band Penis Christ. Current line up of Penis Christ is Lord Panzerfaust and Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus (S.F.I.). To work with S.F.I. is great, he is a talented musician like me and understands what Penis Christ and black metal is about. For the 3rd album of Penis Christ, I wanted a bassplayer. So after trying/asking 3 bassplayers I asked S.F.I. if he could do it, he said yes, so I sent the music files of the planned ``Nocturnal Slaughter`` album to him. I didn`t have to wait long for his bassparts, and his vocals on the recordings. Finally after 3 years, ``Nocturnal Slaughter`` was released. To me it sounds awesome, and it`s a great black metal album to my opinion. In that time S.F.I. was already with SpeedSlaughter magazine and productions, and he does a lot of work like interviews and reviews as well for SpeedSlaughter magazine. The magazine and label I also run is just for when we have time for it, and the label I run is to help out bands releasing a cd if they can`t do it themselves, or if other labels won`t. It is not a professional thing (yet), but we got everything in our own hands, we are independent and no rip off. Basically we do interviews with bands, artwork artist, cd reviews, some reviews about books, movies and games. I made a bock beer review once! I had 23 bock beers to review, that was fun to do haha. We also have some partners that work with us, a distribution (Zwaertgevegt label/distro) and we can provide artwork for bands if they don`t have any (Enchanted Playground). And Domini Inferi Prods. is a partner of us. I hope to announce more partners soon in the SpeedSlaughter magazine. It is great to work with them all, because as online magazine we don`t have a deadline, and time to do our own private stuff as well, and not to forget, all of us in SpeedSlaughter are musicians, Armand Martin of Plagues of Rhyzyktus, Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus, Razakel Krieg and me to name some.

What are some of the themes covered in your bands and where do you normally get inspiration for writing?
For Penis Christ it`s Satanism,death and destruction, ReakThor is a conceptproject that got in my brain after the Fukushima disaster in Japan. Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors is a bunch of controlled chaos that jumps from this to that subject and it`s just a fun project. Lepra has lyrics that go from fucking a sheep, some old dude that`s having sex with a T-rex doll and to a exploding alcoholic... My ispiration is just But nothing that has to do with politics.

When did you first pick up an instrument and decide you wanted to play in a band?
I think it was around 1994 or so, I got a stupid Ibanez guitar I couldn`t play, and then a Hamer Diablo or something. Nothing for me so when I finally got a B.C. Rich Warlock the fun began. In 2000 I tried to make Penis Christ the first black metal band from Katwijk, but yeah... that was a faillure. But i`m still the first black metal artist from my town Katwijk haha.

What originally drew you to metal?  Were there any bands in particular that you would consider influences?
As a little kid I listened to popmusic... But also to Motorhead, Black Sabbath, and Boston when my dad was in the mood for some metal at home haha. Later on I got friends that listened to Iron Maiden and more extremer bands like Sodom, Bathory, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Destruction... And from there I chose to listen to metal music. I was 13/14 years old when I heard Death`s ``Scream Bloody Gore`` album... Penis Christ is based on older black metal bands from the past. The other projects I have are not influenced by any band, i`m not too much into grindcore and death metal music for many years.

Do you receive mail from fans across the globe? What about local press? Do you ever see any interest from record labels?
I do not get much reactions or fanmail, I don`t have time to reply them either so that`s just perfect haha. The local press... Local press here does not care for (local) metal bands, unless they are well known. We have some ``metal`` magazines here, like Aardschok, but they are just boring and same commercial bands are featured in their magazine all the time. Besides that, those magazines are expensive but good to use as toiletpaper haha. Wiping your butt clean in the face of that Within Temptation singer haha. But it`s also a reason that I started SpeedSlaughter, magazines are just boring featuring same bands over and over again. And if no one else does care for local and underground bands, then i`ll do it. I interviewed local bands though, but yeah the metalscene here looks like it`s dead. So local Dutch bands, make yourself known and contact SpeedSlaughter! Bands worldwide can contact us too. Oh yeah I got interest from Salute Records and Depressive Illusions Records. They released some of my albums in limited editions and also on tape. Besides that I am on my own SpeedSlaughter label with all my official releases and that`s not going to change. I got a few releases done by Satanica Productions in the past, but yeah... I never got a copy of my albums released by them and a compilation cd which i`m featured on, which were promised me. Nor any money from the sold albums... So the owner of that label is a rip off dicklicker and with these words all of you are warned... Satanica Productions is a rip off label, and it`s a pity there are more of them out there. So do research before you send material to a label for a release!

What are your thoughts on the metal scene (or lack thereof) of today?
Too many people scream and yell that they support the metalscene while they don`t. To my opinion it`s ashaming that metal music became something commercial, the ticketprices of metalfestivals are insanely expensive nowadays! And undergroundbands are chanceless if they are not a support act of bands as like Metallica, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth. And undergroundbands are not bad, underground bands on my label, as like Plagues of Rhyzyktus, Bewitcher, Necrolepsy, Luciferian Insectus, Graverobber and S.F.I. and all are really great! The people forgot, or don`t know how it all started in the 80ies, with buying physical albums, tape trading, buy official merchandise... Now it`s like: Oh yeah I saw that band playing live with Marduk, they were good, let`s download their album(s) so we don`t have to buy them... And to those whom really do support the metal scene, I only can say that people like them keep the scene alive and that i`m proud to be one of them! Also it`s a pity that a lot of clubs just don`t make it here and have to shut their doors. No financial support from the municipality to get great bands play live, and as the amount of visitors goes down, it`s done with the club. A pityful thing and bad development it is, and sometimes it`s not even the club`s fault. The travel times of public transport... example: the last bus goes at like 23:30 as the 2nd band of the three or four bands is still playing... So the club has a financial loss when  visitors have to take the last bus to get home, and if that keeps ongoing, bye bye club.

Any particularly memorable shows?
Hmmmz I did guest vocals live a few times in the past... With The Impaler (a local band from Katwijk) haha. Yeah it was called ``Poep met Porno`` (poop with porn). And a song with Malignant Tumour but what song it was...? I think one of my own Lepra songs, ``Leven is niet fijn, ik spring voor de trein`` (Life is not really good, I jump in front of a train). So not much to mention, I prefer to see others play live shows haha. Or the liveshows I went to? I guess it was with Ancient Rites (black metal from Belgium) on a festival, and the afterparty was memorable... I don`t know how I got home that night (but I did) and some great backstage moments with Destruction after a few of their great shows.

What are you currently listening to? Is there anything new out there which you can’t stop listening to? Are there any releases or bands which you go back to very often?
I saw Disenterred from Belgium play live a while ago, and they really kick ass! I like to hear their demo ``MMXIII`` and Incarceration`s ``Sacrifice`` ep is really great. Witch Trail is also great and from Belgium, I like to listen to their demo ``The Witch's Trail``, Funeral Whore from Holland is awesome old school death metal and Hats Barn, black metal from France is great (I saw them all live and I bought their merchandise!). When it comes to death metal I prefer to hear old school stuff and Disinterred and Incarceration would fit well together in a live package. And well, I truely love to hear the ``World Extermination`` album by Insect Warfare.

Can one be popular, successful, making money out of their music and still be “underground” in spirit? When does a band become “mainstream”, a “sell out” and stops being “underground”?
Good question. My opinion about all that is: Popularity and success can come in time, money has to be earned, that`s not being a sell out. Still it`s not always the band`s choice to stay underground or become mainstream. A good example is Darkthrone. Everyone knows Darkthrone, they don`t want to be a mainstream (and maybe a sell out band), which they are now, despite their will, but they want to be a underground metal band. They only become underground again if they make true black metal again. I like bands as like Immolation, they were dropped by RoadRunner or Roadracer, after the release of their fantastic ``Dawn of Possession`` debut album. Reason: death metal wasn`t popular anymore, but grunge and black metal become popular so they had to go, the label would not earn any money with Immolation, right... But Immolation kept on going in doing in what they believe in, and well they are still underground, but popular and I do hope they earn some money with selling merchandise and releases, they got my respect. Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth are sell outs, just like Metallica, they used the underground scene to become popular, got a clean commercial sound, and even little kids think they are ``cool`` wearing their shirts. If those kids really were into black or death metal, and thinking they are brutal and evil they would wear shirts of Suffocation, Hell Militia, Thornspawn, Sodom,  or Hats Barn! Bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth are no longer underground bands and are promoted very well by recordlabels and a lot of people go to see their well promoted shows with expensive merchandise. Bands, promotors and recordlabels like that fucked up the scene, to my opinion.

Do you think the music / metal industry has become too professional?
No, it became too commercial, sadly. And expensive, I don`t go to metalfestivals anymore because of that. Not only the merchandise is expensive, but also parking your car, or go there by public transport, consumptions at festival area and needing a hotelroom maybe, it`s not cheap (in Holland).

Do you read any metal print magazines? In this age of mobile apps and the Internet do you think they are still important and worth purchasing?
Yeah I do read paper magazines sometimes, I have a bunch of old undergroundmagazines still, but I barely have time to read magazines to be honest... Busy with my label, my magazine, my music, and private life of course. I try to promote my releases as good as I can in between, and reply messages of bands that want to release their album through SpeedSlaughter. Indeed, in this age it`s not really necessary to buy underground magazines. Maybe when internet shuts down, and people buy albums again, and paper undergroundmagazines... but it sure does have it`s charms and I wish it all comes back, the times that people bought cd`s or vinyls and tape releases and magazines like yours. And sometimes people that try to make a magazine really don`t understand music, or are too lazy to check backgrounds of bands/bandmembers, and that`s really unprofessional.

Thanks man!  Your dedication and never ending support to the metal scene is to be commended. Any final words for the readers of Soulgrinder?
In first to you Paul, thanks again for this really great interview with me, your interest and for your support. I hope all of your readers keep on supporting you, the underground metal scene, and keep on supporting us, all the people that work hard for it, to keep the underground healthy, alive and kicking! Check out SpeedSlaughter online magazine & productions here:
Check out my bandprofile here:
Cheers and hails to yall!!!
Interview by Paul Caravasi


Sunlord is a heavy metal/rock NYC band formed in 2004 by Argentinian vocalist and guitarist Alfonso Ferrazza. In 2005 they recorded their best and only album to date,"The First One", which is really good and you should get. Sunlord is always playing great shows that real metal fans shouldn't miss. Here's the interview with founder member Alfonzo.

Hi Alfonzo , tell me how did you form Sunlord.
Sunlord was originally formed an founded around 2004. I learned and begun guitar playing in a tribute band that would actually get payed gigs,it became a job,all this guitar time inevitably led to me writing my own material,Sunlord is born.  The guys in the band like the songs , so we start playing Sunlord at the tribute gigs,this was a great time,cause we toured and got payed across the U.S drawing people with the cover show,Exposing our music and demo, back then I know I sold and gave about 1500 demos around the U.S. I carried my band dealing with all kinds of lineups , finally recorded the music immortalizing that era with "The First One".

How would you describe the past material from your demos and the new musical direction of it with the debut album and / or future releases?
The first album is the first material,it was made in 2005,and it is a sum of all my influences,the record I wanted to hear as a metal fan,I wrote it by myself in its entirety,its a metal,blues,punk album,which is what I like,Sunlord's music will always be what I think music should be. The new material is aresult of the years that went by and the evolution or regresion(depends ...)of my persona and all the music that I absorbed. The new material is very heavy,there are more slow and groovy parts to it,its darker definetely, guitars tuned down. I always say that I dont get my metal from metal,the greatest thing we can do in life is be ourselves,that can be very hard,I love many styles of music,real music by real people,I take all of that heavenly rebelious music and bring it to metal cause im a hyper exagerated person and playing fast and or heavy suits me. I LOVE James Brown and psychobilly and country and the old blues masters,all of it goes into Sunlord. Cant wait to finish this second album.

What are the main influences that turned Sunlord musically into what you are now? Which bands do you respect the most? What are your strongest music influences?
Music was crucial for me since a very early time,listen to music non stop since im 6 years old,Genesis was the first music I got into,learned to speak english translating their words. The first rock that came to me was AC/DC,I was 9 and got a tape froma friends older brother,it was if you want blood ve got it. Changed everything,the next album I got was diary of a madman,got it cause of the cover,also got Rock n Roll by Motorhead,also got it cause of the cover.  Metal s been a huge part of me ever since.The bands I respect the most are Rainbow,Black Sabbath,AC/DC,Motorhead,The Exploited,The Ramones,The Stooges,Iggy Pop,James Brown, ZZTop and Hank Williams 3. Music written and perfomed to exorcise true devils and pain,and to spread freedom of the mind. True music done with skill by people who know , who are great.

You’re coming from Argentina living in United States right? a country considered as the main place for Southamerican acts, even if nowadays it seems a bit to corrode with a lot of bands’ new conceptual orientations… what’s your glance upon the actual situation of Metal in Argentina, United States and the rest of Southamerica?
My friend, Argentina is the nation of rock music,any style,its just the most dionisiac place on earth. Metal there is very important, it carries sacred meaning for the fans. To understand you need to know our history,Argentina has suffered a great deal ,lost its freedom for 10 years,in 1983 this came to an end, rock music exploited like an atomic bomb of freedom , our scene is very valid and full of geniuses,I feel bad for those who miss out,Southamerica is very oldschool with its music,likes it raw,fast and heavy,and yes even thou there is some pollution from the new metal,it doesnt get far. Metal has social connotations and people carry on day by day with the help of their music,its not entertainment. Southamerica is the stronghold of metal in the world. I hear Europe is pretty hot but those guys dont have the anarchistic savagery that reigns in the southernportion of the new world ha!.Concerning the USA I think music is suffering the same fate as everything else here,fucked by greed. Whisky is not what it used to be,neither is food,neither is music,bad music runs the airwaves,bad music is being promoted,stupidity is being funded by greedy assholes who think they know what we will like and will buy,fake metal done by people with no stories to tell and no skills , just noisy angry stupid shit that you cant get into cause you are either smart or older than 13 years old. This extends of course to the bussiness side which is , venues , tours,labels and opportunities in general. When all doors are shut you must build your own door,the fight for our music  and lifestyle is on as always,its the big fight that we live,and we win it every time we are ourselves.

Did you have a good response from the audience here in America? Any bands that you shared the stage with? Are there new dates planned (outside of United states)?
We always get a good response , always have. We ve been around for a while and the audiences always get what we bring them. Sunlord can open up for anybody and be very much up to it,this is a really badass band,very badass. Its been a hard road,lot of bar gigs,lot of empty rooms,but also lot of good times,and a lot of rewards here and there. We got to share stages with a lot of greats,lets see ,we played with Mortician,Flotsam and Jetsam,Raven,Helstar,Dio disciples,we played with Soulfly and Havoc at bbkings in nyc,Nile, Metal Church, and many more crazy rockers , we have a show with Anvil coming up,cant wait.We live and feed our rock life the best we can in the midst of our human life of jobs and bills. Always hunting for Sunlord , for those gigs that will enlarge our collection of great memories. We are planning to return to Argentina,we had a great time there. We wanna go everywhere,we will just go and do it,cause we are or we arent .

How do you reckon your musical career will develop as the years passes on?
I know I will always make music and try to get it to as many people as posible. I wouldnt try to invent what is already invented but will always try to get better and make intense meaningful music. Metal can get very repetitive and boring,even childish.  I would like to keep evolving as a songwriter and as a Guitarist but never leave the path of High energy rock music , I think of Hendrix and James Brown,they mastered their way of expresion,they owned it. I like wild music,strong with feeling. You gotta have your own identity as an artist and at the same time stick to the basics and make powerful music. Like the blues legends,all playing the blues with its bluesy scales,yet all so diferent . Metal has been pushed to get modernized and I dont like most of the results,Sunlord will always have the oldschool in it.

What got you into  Metal? Why did you choose this musical genre for expressing yourself?
I got an AC/DC tape in 89,I was 9 .After that I got Motorhead and Ozzys diary of a madman,these I bought because of the cover artwork,I think it came to me as destiny. I was always into visual art,even before music and before I knew metal I was an artist, a dark one,always atracted tothe macabre and the occult and to spirituality and ancient times,history. Always liked reading and always investigated in depth that which interested me. Metal was inevitable. To me metal always was about being strong,smart,self made completely customized,rebellion fighting.turning bad feelings into fuel. A friendly dark force that turns into light.

What is, in your opinion, the state of the Metal scene worldwide nowadays? Any bands you would like to mention?
I think metal is very strong as always , its people being separate from mainstream and more loyal than any other kind of fan,all the big bands are working , touring and recording,we still got a bunch of legends alive putting out albums. Metal is alive,I havent gotten much into many new bands , I couldnt name any.  I listen to a lot of metal from Argentina and a lot of psychobilly and country music,I think Hank 3 is one of the best things in music right now,I love Down and also listen to a lot of old punk music and the blues. Theres a lot of bands now and the internet has changed the world,its a whole diferent game now for underground bands,theres a lot more work involved nowadays...

Apart from music, where do you draw your inspiration from?
That's a great question for me because music has always brought images to my mind , I have always been drawing and painting and the music was always there. The same way the construction of a heavy riff involves a lot of visuals,metal music sounds like many things from dark worlds or from high speed explosive worlds,music can command the thought.  I like to sit down with the pedalboard and trip out,thats how the best stuff comes. Musically speaking,other than that inspiration comes from life itself.

Where do you see your band a few years from now? And now one serious question: what is your idea of fun?
I know I will never stop doing this because of how it makes me feel. I have a lot of faith in the band and im a fan of the band as well.Even thou Sunlord has been around for many years , started 10 years ago,I dont think I was ever as focused and active as now,also this is the best lineup  ive had and everybody contributes,we have been opening up for a lot big bands like Soulfly and Metal Church and more and I think we are earning a place in the scene,we are also starting to travel around,we definetely wanna do more SouthAmerica,it was great.And go out and the U.S some more,we have a new record coming soon. We are a working class band and finance our music with our jobs, we do as much as we can,we are not signed and remain completely independent selling our own records. Hope a good label will become interested and help us out to live the way we want.Sunlord will never stop. My idea of fun is generally to be home with my dog and a girlfriend,or by myself working on my artwork or music drinking wine and smoking weed. I make living doing tattoos and that can get very absorbing,so alone time at home being creative is highly appreciated. I also have a Mr.Hyde that goes deep into the night of the new york city bars , spent a lot of time there. Got divorced a few years ago .Been living alone in new york ever since,I have a good time .

Thanks for the answers Alfonso! Feel free to add one last personal stamp on this interview. Cheers bro and Good luck with the band!
Paul , thank you so much for this great interview,im looking forward to getting some Soulgrinder copies for me and the boys and I hope to see you soon!long live heavy metal!
Interview by Paul Caravasi

Suffering-Chaosatanas (Ep-2014)

Suffering brings back memories of the BM sound of the mid-nineties with this Ep. Perhaps they mix aggression with melancholy, the vocals shift between harsh screams and clear singing, although all of the latter aren't always totally successful. The songs found on this Ep offer interesting and varied material, but there's still some way to go before i'd like to hear an album with these guys. It'll be interesting to hear the progression of these maniacs from Poland!!
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Delirium X Tremens-Belo Donum/Echoes From The Past (2011)

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Torn The Fuck Apart-Sexually Transmitted Torture (2014)

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The songs burn into your mind and stay there, the song structure can be a little predictable sometimes, but who said that's even a flaw? Torn The Fuck Apart prove once again that they are a force to be reckoned with. Needless to say, this is essential!
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King Parrot-Bite Your Head Off (2013)

I'm always extremely glad to hear new extreme bands like this. 17 songs of flawless metal, it's great to see all these ferociously bands popping out everywhere. I don't know how to describe their brutal sound, i dare to say extreme hardcore, but they're certainly sick enough and heavy as fuck! The production is cool and i can imagine once this band gets into a studio they're going to wreak immoral havoc. Worth listening to. I'll enjoy hearing what these guys come out with next. Everyone reading this better check out these guys!
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Rito Profanatorio-Necro-Ritual (2013)

After a fairly intro, the brutality of Metal gets started. Their Southamerican sound they have achieved here's amazing, you can hear everything right down to the impressive basslines, but it's still extremely thick and of course heavier than you could imagine, and the vocals are horrifically sick abominations, with lyrics in spanish and artwork to match, which is to say they're good. So, all told, this is just about all you could ask for. But you get more anyway. Also the cd features a cover of the Japanese maniacs Sabbat "Carcass Voice". This Peruvian band is extremely close to perfection, and to be honest, can't wait to hear what they can do next. Check this band out ' cause this is just stunning!!
Review by Paul Caravasi