Saturday, January 25, 2014

Suffering Hour-Forseeing Exemptions To A Dismal Beyond (2014)

Suffering Hour, Black /Death /Thrash from Usa, their first studio album of 2014 features 6 songs, i should tell you they have aggressive great techniques that use on this material with a sound starting raw with devastating classic riffs of thrash and death metal, insane drumming on all songs, an example is the instrumental "Prog  thrashing death" showing all their skills, and you'll feel like wanting to keep listening to the album over and over again ... Recommended 100% for old school fans of extreme fkn metal.
Review by Karina Ruiz (Panama)

Loudrage-Uglier Than Thou (2014)

LOUDRAGE from Romania, bring their Ep Uglier Than Thou. What a cool way to start 2014 listening a good band, this Ep features 5 songs, if you like raw guitars sound and guttural vocals, and moshing, this is for you, the production is good as well, but they play dirty old school, this band is what you want, I'm sure you won't stop moving your head. Almost 20 minutes of Metal!
Review by Karina Ruis (Panama)

Thursday, January 9, 2014


One thing is certain and this disc fittingly titled Oruga presents totally weird doom/stoner sounds that are far too much for to even try to begin explaining it. I really enjoy Doom and Stoner bands but for Oruga from France maybe i need some acid. I think i'm only confusing you (and myself) with my babbling so give it a listen yourself. Damn what a trip!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Starsoup-Bazaar of Wonders (2013)

As the name of the band suggests we're up for some weird stuff. Starsoup from Russia has come up with a totally unique mixture of progressive metal and what not, which should satisfy those who think most metal acts just keep the same riffs or same approach over and over again. Definitely an album that won't go home with everyone, rather find its own way. Influenced by Dreamtheater, Fates Warning and Angra i must say. Not my favorite style But they show as clear development in their sound.
Review by Paul Caravasi

We All Die (Laughing)-Thoughtscanning (2014)

Doom metal from Belgium! This band's trademark is not in speed or aggression, but it's heavy and fuckin' melancholic. Still slower than a sludge that's about to overdose on sleeping pills, but there's some fast parts as well, these saddest souls bring us this promo cd, believe it or not it features a cover of Amy Winehouse "Back to Black". If you feel miserable already you'll surely not be any happier after sitting through almost 38 minutes of ultra doom metal. Let yourself descend into the abyss!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Thrashback-Possessed By Thrash (2013)

Mean and filthy Thrash Metal, just the way i like it; vocals in the vein of early Destruction and Whiplash, brutal guitar sound and a thick and heavy drum production. Some will call it retro, i call it Fuckin' Thrash. Somewhere between the mid eighties bay-area sound and the german thrash pioneers of the same era you'll find these French maniacs called Thrashback. Original or not this cd kicks ass!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Midnite Hellion-Enter The Unknown (Ep/2012)

In the age of Metal supergroups, one should not overlook the talent of these guys. A band that plays traditional Heavy metal with cool riffs. I could see one enjoying this Ep for the good musicianship alone. The vocalist tries his own thing here and does his job as well, but maybe for the extreme people it's certainly not something they could listen to all the time. If you're in search of a fresh sound in Metal, Midnite Hellion may be exactly what you're looking for. Not bad!!

Sceptre-Age of Calamity (2014)

Sceptre has been around for almost 15 years, this band from India unleashes their new album "Age of Calamity", the vocals are hellish screams of agony that sometimes clash with harmony during it's dying breath. They take the most fistbanging old school riffs, and mix it with the most cult elements of the current death/thrash metal style. The guitars and drumming transforms into a brutal force, the band is not afraid to show their music influences and most of the time it works out for them. I recommend you look for this!
Review by Paul Caravasi

BrainDead-Indoctrinator (2014)

Thrash fkn metal produced by Bill Metoyer!!It is heavier than most of the new bands out there, take it back to the old school and they couldn't have done it at better time. This is as tight and flawless as Thrash metal should sound, yet somehow even cooler. The epic moshing riffs float through the mind, and body leaving the listener to a maximum level of headbanging and awaiting to punch some faces. If you're into that fast sound of Thrash metal, check BrainDead out. You will be surprised!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nadimac-Nejebanjezivesile (2013)

Angry Metal from Serbia. Aggressive crossover mosh metal on these 11 tracks; a bit reminiscent of 80's bands like S.O.D.,Wehrmacht, Attitude Adjustment, Defiance, D.R.I. The vocals and riffs are insane, the words may get overused, but nothing else could possibly fit better for this band. This takes the listeners to bang their fkn heads violently. Call it retro thrash or whatever but this rules. These guys hold their ground at any speed, and always keep the listener interested. A very impressive record, certainly worth owning. Long live Metal!!!!
Review by Paul Caravasi