Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pulverized-"Decadencia Espiritual" (Demo 2014)

I am a big fan of the Southamerican death metal.Chile had unique, heavy feeling when speaking of the sound and style of the bands and that is why so many of them really were my favourites – and still are (Petagram, Torturer, Sadism, Death yell.......)as they are just immortal classics for me. Anyway, here I am going to review another band from Chile. Pulverized brings primitive, raw Death metal, the whole demo is very impressive and brutal, which is something really cool… and these maniacs from Chile are all mainly about the  massive death metal, but with some more grinding moments here and there. I can say they're influenced by early Gorefest, Suffocation and obviously Autopsy ,it is just a prime old school death metal with its obscure and dark atmosphere, killer feeling (something all these modern death metal bands are completely lacking), really good, but still slightly raw production. It is priceless for me, to have the chance to review such bands and listen to them. Find this demo and check it out !
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Diabolous666/Putrid-Split cd

Undoubtedly one of most heavily anticipated albums ever in the Peruvian black metal scene (or what's left of it). How interesting that this album should come out now, when the black metal scene is definitely on the wane (stylistically, and in terms of enthusiasm, audience participation, and compositional originality) worldwide. are these two bands worth listening to? I believe so. Diabolous666's rabid hatred of Christianity is featured here, all the songs are raw as fuck and it sounds here like they even increased their potential for speed while widening his range of rhythmic techniques, blast in a straightforward manner, hyperactivity is translated here into multiple fill techniques (the sheer speed of which you probably will not believe), an original approach to changing patterns and beats beneath the guitars almost schizophrenically (but with a freezing precision that belies any sense of madness. Putrid attacks with a more Black/death metal approach, savage and straightforward to your fucking face in the vein of early Sepultura (Morbid visions era), it is brutal and Insane,. So, in my final summation, I think this is a very worthy release.I recommend listening to it, and I am sure it is going to be massively brutal to your brain.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Mudra-"The End of World"

I think this album is still a solid modern thrash effort and is truly keeping the Thrash metal sound alive in this, the new era of Thrash Metal.The album in question is very much a mixture of the sounds found on bands as Exodus, Slayer and Anthrax. It takes the overall aural chaos of “Among The Living” " Bonded by Blood" and also parts of the refined energy from “ South of Heaven".To start with, the production is bloody brilliant. Every guitar and bass note just sears holes through your head while the drums blow away what's left of your brain. Really truly great production by these young guys from Arequipa-Peru.The Lyrical content of the album is also spot on, exactly what one would expect in Thrash lyrics. Addressing issues of war, violence, the hypocrisy of religion, etc. The vocalist has a very unique screech that is at once maddening and pleasant. It fits the songs very well. All in all it's a very solid release. I eagerly await the next release from this Thrashers!
Review by Paul Caravasi

The Crimson Brigade-"Blood Battalion" (2015)

You can actually HEAR all the instruments. And it DOES have a sense of atmosphere to it, a total black metal band. For the vocal part, here you can here a sense of anguish in his screams as in you can actually feel his pain to a certain extent. Plus the drumming is well constructed, good timed...at least doesn't sound like a drum machine going off at 10000000000000000 mph. Also the sound production is a bit raw, but you're still able to hear the majority of the musicians . 13 songs and I can without a doubt say that these are a good offering, sounds fast. Also it should be noted there are keyboards on here, but isn't so bad. If you like really raw under-produced  black metal albums. Oh yeah, I completely forgot...the artwork on the album cover is interesting. I am not a black metal fan and i can tell this is definitely not boring.You definitely get your money's worth with this album.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Battlestorm-"Demonic Incursion" (Cassette)

Battlestorm pushed the extremity bar further and further, such as Venom, Hellhammer, Death, Sarcofago and Bathory, this band are no joke. Other bands have their own tantalizing techniques and spooky structure to get you at, so that doesn't necessarily make it better, but these maniacs just pushed everything that came in the past few years. Basically extreme metal bands nowadays sound the same and too technical. The guitars are just as fast (should be another word for it) as they literally just openly strum a few single notes and chords at the blistering speed of darkness. Forget light, this is heinous, evil and will easily push black holes aside and give you Hell. Barbaric !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Nattergal/Mortuus Sum-"Buried and doomed in misery" (split cassette/2014)

Nattergal features an inhumanly evil vocals. Even though the sound quality is really raw and probably worse than even the first demo of Hellhammer in terms of production, kind of like it. Even though the songs sound evil, dark and brutal. Like many old black/death metal recordings, you can only really hear the drums and vocals best, but the guitar comes out pretty clear aside from some fuzz. No bass of course, its burried too deeply under the unholiness of everything else like The songs by Mortuus Sum. Its well worth getting this split cassette demo anyway.
Review by Paul Caravasi

1/2 Southern North-"Anthology" (2014)

This band found a way to unite lackluster songwriting with sloppy musicianship to produce this boring album. Each such loop is further combined with uninspired sounds to form a synthesis of annoying elements sure to disappoint any listener.But then again, this is my opinion, you have to hear them to have your own.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Theosis-"Ierotelestia" (2014)

Well for starters, this band sounds a lot like the first two demos of of Satyricon.... A LOT like it. Moving on, this cassette has an excellent production for a black metal band (most of them sound shitty) . The drums are full and alive, vocals actually sound evil and don't sound monotone and annoying like other bands of the same style. The guitars have this cool hazy/thin tone to them, something that I can't recall elsewhere. As for the music? Well if you Like Black metal, then you'll enjoy Theosis, the music itself is executed quite well, not to mention the good production. Worth exploring if Black Metal's your thing.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Infected Priest-"Hammering Nails to Fragile Bones" (Demo tape 2015)

Infected Priest from Finland…the crusade against Christianity and this insane demo cover is bound to piss a lot of people off. The music on here is just flat out amazing,  heavy songs beyond heavy, like a lot of the riffs on here. The song "Trinity" also delivers in the insanely heavy department. The songs have a lot of thrash parts like the awesome one in “Scarecrow" and plenty of blast beats. I actually think these guys are influenced by early Deicide. The riffs and drumming are so incredibly heavy that it is hard not to love this demo. Production on here is good. None of the drums get lost behind the guitars and they sound amazing, vocals are in top form here.Even the bass is audible on here, this is a plus because it makes it sound even heavier. Everything about this demo is great and I think you will agree.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, March 27, 2015


Reigns of Hecate # 1 (Peru)
This zine by Clara Herrera is another torchbearer for the true Metal cause, although in SouthAmerica "true metal" must have a slightly different meaning, Clara seems mostly interested in brutal bands. There are some mini-bios on a few bands, reviews on bands, ads and sick art, contact info as well, Pro-printed A4 format black and white pages. That’s about it...all "Metalheads" should write  the editor(if you’re not a Metalhead, I guess you need to inquire for pricing), so I expect she’ll get a lot of letters from both the curious and from true bangers.
Clara Herrera Novoa
JR. Galeano 896
Santiago de Surco
Lima 33-Peru
Review by Paul Caravasi

Reborn from Ashes # 8 (Usa)
This issue only features a few interviews that covers death metal. CD reviews, demo reviews and Reborn from Ashes is looking very nice.This issue features 3, in-depth interviews: RUDE (US), R'LYEH (Mexico), and INTO DARKNESS (Italy), artwork, mindblowing frames by Mark Riddick. Next issue will be a special edition dedicated to the Mexican Death Metal scene. Always keeping the true old school way. Worth checking into.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Pentagram Grimoire #1 (Peru)
This zine is the independent and informal expression of the opinions of two absolutely narrow minded Metalheads from Peru. Has interviews with: Grave Desecration, Putrid and m ore. Seems to focus more on death/grind/black Metal than heavy or thrash metal, but I really like the writing style. A second issue is in the works, however this first issue is well done, at least that's what i can say about it.A cool zine supporting METAL! Their interviews are good. But I love the force & eagerness behind this zine to support Metal! Excellent layout! Very informative & very supportive!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Testament Zine # 15 (Peru)
Chino  Muro, the producer of this rather entertaining printed Metal fanzine based in Peru is the kind of Metal fan who lay his cards on the table right from the word go. "Metal IS long hair, freedom, breaking away from society and generally living wild," that's the attitude. Lots of Black Metal, Death, Doom and Grindcore covered by this 'Zine. There are some excellent interviews in this issue : Mx, Shining, Denial Of God and more...-developing chats with local bands. I was spellbound by the interview with Mx and Fervent Hate. Layout is neat, it comes with a free dvd, written in spanish. Testament Zine is well worth checking out. Haaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiil ! ! ! ! !
Review by Paul Caravasi

Voces De Ultratumba Zine # 1 (Puerto Rico)
Another cool zine printed entirely in spanish from Puerto Rico. This may be metal's most dedicated and diehard publication. The publisher Jay Collazo loves metal and only metal and this is reflected in his zine. There is very little tolerance in these pages for anything but his one and only musical passion. Now before you get it into your head that this is some sort of indictment, this zine doesn't bring a lot of pages but you can see the dedication to pure metal. That is why we call it "fan"zine folks. This is great. Interviews with Crospy Maniac (By Paul Caravasi-Editor of Soulgrinder Zine), Grave, Nocturnus AD, Bajo Presion and Deadly Venomed, plus there are reviews and features a cool artwork. Support print zines !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Rest In Pain Zine # 1 (Poland)
This is the first issue I’ve seen from this guy and this issue is interested. This issue has interviews hand written like in the early 80's,there’s CD reviews,demo reviews, good interviews and the layout’s pretty 80's. The scanner needs some work and some of the photos came out dark but those are just minor problems. I’d highly recommend this zine to all Metalheads.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Liquid Cheese # 38 (Usa)
Cool Fanzine covering different Metal styles, Horror, and Porn, what a great read. In depths and interesting Interviews, movie reviews, music reviews, the artwork is fkn insane. You'll get a lot of info about the underground scene and that means Metal, Movies, Books.The  Reviews are also very informative & detailed, contacts, ads... The layout is excellent and professional. Very cool zine indeed !
Review by Paul Caravasi

Infinite Terror # 2 (Peru)
Oh yeah! Infinite Terror fanzine it's a winner! This second issue came to me by the own hands of the editor.Actually, I've heard a lot about this zine and was anxious to check it out. It's quite refreshing to see how popular and united the Metal community is worldwide. Inside there are interesting interviews, reviews and a lot of information. A decent zine,and it is available worldwide, so, you shouldn't hesitate to contact the editor immediately.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lawrence's Creation-"Drop Zone" (2015)

The first thing many notice when first hearing this instrumental album is how much of a punch the guitar work really packs, use of some great changes in tempo. The riffs to this release are many in number and have a lot of variety to them, never-ending barrel of creativity to pull out some catchy tremolo-picked lines, intricate structure and wildly contrasting tempos. The drumming is powerful and the performance is as unhinged as the guitar work is, the nature of the drumming on this album - fast and nonstop with a balls to the wall attitude. A killer release by Lawrence.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Ara-"Devourer of Worlds" (2014)

The vocal sounds as though he is unleashing the spawn of hell when he opens his mouth on this release. His voice is both very low in pitch and yet completely decipherable, allowing everyone to understand perfectly the brutality he aims to deliver. This is an album that many will want to return to the first listening to uncover all the brutal moments they missed upon their first listen whilst attempting to soak everything in.This is a dose of death metal that hits hard with some enjoyable riffing, creative drum patterns, and demonic vocals. I highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't heard a whole lot of death metal and is seeking for a new outlet for their restrained anger to headbang along to, as they do not come a whole lot better than this. For fans of Gorguts, Nocturnus and Atheist.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Crucifyre-"Black Magic Fire" (2014)

A bunch of catchy, melodic Black/death metal tunes, changing it up once again while maintaining a strong standard of quality, vocalists shouted and growled. This album has few shouts and growls, it's mostly singing, and it actually works well for them. It's strong as an album, and the first half flows quite well. The album turns heavy with a groovy death metal riff that feels right. All of this adds up to a  good album,they blended the melodic death metal well and retain and sound off their identity. This an interesting album, catchy tunes, and worth a few listens.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Dead Earth Politics-"Men Become Gods" (Ep-2015)

Full of riffs in almost every song on this Ep. There are a few catchy riffs here and there, a few decent heavy metal songs,the songs are well written and heavy as can be. However, I'm obliged to give props to the drummer, he can produce quite well and is a beast of a drummer. To conclude, this is a heavy record, for fans of Pantera, i wasn't a die hard fan of that band but i can tell these guys are relly influenced by them and can still write some heavy music without descending into jibberish or obfuscated nonsense. Any heavy metal fan will enjoy this record.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Shredhead-"Death is Righteous" (2015)

This record transmits anger, just listen to the first 10 seconds of the initial "Devil's race", tortured screams, angry and devastated growls, helps to accentuate the violence in the lyrics,obsessive riffs, drums is unleashed, with difficult and heavy rhythms, sometimes fast with a dominating double bass, sometimes filled with Groove sounds, dark and heavy bass riffs.Each song has a different sound, while the lyrics deal mainly topics like drugs, suffering, and suicide. Shredhead is fast and furious and everything ends with a violent restart, that flows into the main riff. This album is varied, inspired and fucking angry thrash metal.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Solanum/Epi-Demic-"Passages To Lunacy" (2015)

A cool split cd featuring two crossover bands. 2015 is the time of great anguish thrash metal bands, somehow managed to get even heavier, faster, and more abrasive than the commercial shit, here we have uninhibited thrash that kicks ass and doesn't lose its ties to their hardcore punk roots.The two bands here are similar, I really can't find a problem with Solanum and Epi-Demic. It's another great addition to my already impressive collection of thrash metal bands. Pick it up if you're a fan of the genre and have the opportunity. It's a decision you won't soon regret.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Iamí-Luz & Sombra (2014)

This band is one of the noisiest things I have heard.The production is raw as fuck, the guitar playing is sloppy, the drumming is off time, and the vocals, well it is black metal. That being said, this release is pretty badass for what it is; a short, hateful, blasphemous incantation to darkness and all that is Black metal. As far as production goes, this Ep captures the raw hatred of Iamí perfectly, yet all of the instruments can be picked out from one another. It features  pure, unabashed hatred and blasphemy in its purest form and they succeeded. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this for your average black metal fan, but for those who want to capture the true feeling and emotion that black metal used to be, this is required listening.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Bitterness- "Resurrexodus" (2015)

As far as brutality goes, "Resurrexodus" by Bitterness is about as fucking heavy as thrash can get. Seriously, this album is fucking VICIOUS and VIOLENT, and it can easily stack up against anything recorded in the early 90's by Demolition Hammer, Exodus, Sadus or any other thrash metal band from that era. The whole album sounds like the band took the primitive style of the classic bands and injected a speedball directly into it. Vocals are some of the sickest, raspiest, and most insane-sounding of any new thrash band. The guitars and bass are both razor-sharp and bludgeoning, cutting through the mix with ease and melting your face off with punishing riff after riff. The drums are absolutely crushing with the kick drums in particular sounding like hammers pounding away at your skull nonstop. If you're a thrash fan trying to expand your horizons, a death metal fan who can't get into thrash because it's too "tame", or just a fan of extreme metal in general, then I can't recommend this album enough. You will NOT be disappointed.
Review by Paul Caravasi


There's  definetly classic heavy metal in this album. The best way to explain this is in the song "Metal and Lacel! It is a cool song, it has a cool verse riff and a heavy drum beat. Overall this album isn't bad, if you like 80's rock/heavy metal. Great riffing, cool soloing, and classic vocals, i recommend you to check them out and have your own opinion. For fans of Twisted Sister,Quiet Riot, Wasp, Dio and 80's metal bands!!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Metal  Crucifier is a band fromed by old schoolers Peruvian bangers. Bringing back the sound of traditional heavy metal, raw and in your-face. I have the chance to interview the band.

1-Metal Crucifier is a new band. Who create the band, What inspired you to form it and why the name?
Walter Crucifier: The band consists of Renato Bar on drums, Julio Obregón (Thalarium) on Vocals, Gustavo Bermudez on Guitar/vocals, Enrique (Ekitant) on Bass and myself Walter Crucifier on Guitar, chorus and other blasphemies.Well ... the band was formed by me (Walter) because of my need for Heavy Metal with a sincere traditional sound and my strong influence of NWOBHB. To be honest, I had this idea in my mind for several months, however, I decided to make it happen right at the Sabbat's show, when the Japanese maniacs were playing a song of  METALUCIFER (Gezolucifer sings in both bands). That show was so important to me, 'cause in that precise moment they played "Heavy Metal Hunter" I told Giovanni who was beside me; I need to form a kick ass Heavy metal band! And that was exactly what happened Ha ha !. The name of the band was born precisely because of the influence of METALUCIFER in me and in the other members as well. I used only the first word and added it to Crucifier, which is the name i've been using since the time i was playing in Hadez (another peruvian band).

2-What were your expectations when forming the band?
Enrique Ekitant:: Doing a good job, both musically and lyrically, create great songs and shock people when they hear us for the first time, is like getting a punch in the face. They have to feel what we are trying to create. We want to play as much as we can, and everywhere. We want the band to be recognized in Peru and overseas as well. I think we are on track and doing a good job on this one.

3-What about the process of recording your songs. What has been the hardest thing when recording them?
Walter Crucifier: It has been a very interesting and rewarding process. I "compose" (Ha ha!) the music and vocal lines of the songs but in the old fashioned way; I start with the riffs, melodic lines or interludes and stuff and then record all these ideas in my phone or with my Canon camera to finish it. 20 years ago we did it in a cassette recorder and it was the same.I don't use Guitar Pro or any similar bullshit! Then in the studio of my good friend Giovani Lama called "Lethal" we recorded a demo which serves as a  pre-production and then begin to arrange the tracks. I think the hardest part was recording my own solos because i'm never  happy with the final result. The cool part is recording the songs with two cases of beer on the side!Ha ha ha!

4-What is the most gratifying thing of the recording process?
Renato: Listen and feel that we're giving life to a classic Metal sound with our long musical experience on this album, we all love the raw and honest sound of music, Metal Crucifier is a clear example of that. The work has been achieved thanks to the ability of each musician and freedom to create the songs.Walter's compositions are extraordinary and the kick ass lyrics created by Kike were the beginning of this madness, I got contacted on December 2013 at Crypto metal bar at 2:00 a.m.and since then i'm working nonstop, i gave the structure and put my touch on drums, then came Julio the young blood in the band and amazed us with his voice; He took the lyrics of Kike to a new different level, then Gustavo did his job balls out on the guitar strings, the result is a mixture that is not common, because of our experience as musicians  from other genres of metal. Giovanni Lama is an important key in the recording process as well for his support, patience, food and lot of beer too.
Crucifier: Lot of beer that always buy, CSM! Ha ha! Heavy Metal Beer!

5-Tell me about the live shows of the band and tell me the bands you shared the stage with.
Gustavo: Metal Crucifier was honored to debut on stage opening for Picture and Grim Reaper on their visit to Lima-Peru getting cool reviews for our aggressive musical style. Then we had several shows in the peruvian metal scene. .The show with Faith Or Fear was killer too !

6-Do you like any particular band from Peru or elsewhere?
Walter Crucifier: Of course! Well, personally from Peru are several cool bands: Mortem, Hadez, Disinter, Kranium, Masacre, Armageddon and Orgus, among others. Obviously that is included NECROPSYA band which already have 7 years of playing with them. These are bands that i grew up listening to (chronologically and as a musician). Currently there are several bands which are also good: Epilepisa (Alma atormentada, csm) Evil Damn, Goat Semen, Eternal Exhumation, Vlad, Profaner, Cobra and the young guys on base 4; Kraken!Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
¿Bands overseas? You'll need paper and ink if i named all the bands I like (Ha ha ha!) But as a main influences of Metal Crucifier, i would say:  Running Wild, Metalucifer, Tyrant (Germany), Omen, Ruthless, Iron Maiden, Angel Witch Grim Reaper and all NWOBHM bands!

7-How do you want to get exposure in Peru and worldwide?
Enrique Ekitant: We must play very often, promote,sell merchandise of the band and so on, there's no other way. Achieving recognition in Peru is difficult but not impossible, it is not a matter of going out and play.We're lucky enough to be musicians for many years, and one way or another, it helps a lot as a band. In regards to having contacts all over the world, recording process, distribution and promotion, etc... It is also important to play in different places and make ourselves known. The rest of the world can contact us through social networks. The Youtube videos also helps a lot and it's very important. We have just started filming our first video which we want to release it along with the album. We want to be recognized worldwide and we have some projects underway.

8-What are your plans and expectations for the future?
Renato: The immediate plan is to release the album, finish our video and start promoting it in the local scene, social networks and concerts. Also promote it overseas thru the social network. It's a self titled album and will be released through the label Death Cult Records.

9-Where the metalheads can find news and buy merchandise of the band?
Julio Thalarium: We have shirts available by Polos Marloncho,that's all the merchandising that the band has so far. You can find us on Youtube or in our Facebook page www.facebook.com/metalcrucifier

10-Could you compare the Heavy Metal scene in Peru to how it was before?
Gustavo: Obviously, there's a difference from the old days, i remember bands as Masacre, Orgus, Sacra, etc. the evolution of heavy metal has been slow but satisfactory and got better with the musical level of bands like Armageddon and others in the same vein .In today's heavy metal scene  Metal Crucifier plays heavy metal with balls, aggressive,dangerous, and it's here to stay CSM!

11-How would you define the sound of Metal Crucifier?
Julio Thalarium: Two words: Insanity and Alcohol !
Walter Crucifier: Raw and convincing!

12-What would you say to someone who has never heard the band?
Enrique Ekitant: Be prepare to blow the speakers and ears with 8 songs that are like a punch in the face from start to finish!
Renato: Eat shit and die!
Julio Thalarium: Fuck them but first listen to Metal Crucifier that will kick your ass!
Walter Crucifier: ¡Ja, ja, ja, ja!.

13-What is the most special concert you have done so far?
Enrique Ekitant: Definitely the first one !! Our debut was with the bands Grim Reaper and  Picture.That day we killed on stage! We had already posted some of our material on our Facebook page which was well received. It was great to see that in your first show some metalheads were singing our songs. Another concert that was very good was the show with our good friends of Faith Or Fear,with whom we maintain contact and are they're true fans of Metal Crucifier !.
Walter Crucifier: It was a killer night sharing the stage with our brothers of Kraken and Sepulcro damn it.

14-In my opinion I think this band brought back the real feeling of heavy metal. I want to thank you guys for your time in answering this cool interview and wish you luck on this path of Heavy fucking Metal. The last words to close this interview are yours, whatever you want to say.
Renato: As always thanks for the support of all the fans of this scene and be aware and stay alert of the debut album, we want to release a great quality stuff and please go to the shows, buy merchandise it's the only way to survive on this scene.
Enrique Ekitant: Keep the metal in your hearts and this feeling beyond times. Thanks to all the headbangers for the support !!
Gustavo: We thank Soulgrinder zine for this opportunity and for the interview and hopefully  when the record comes out we can count with your support as well promoting the album in your Fanzine. Thrash till death !!
Julio Thalarium: Paul, we hope to see you in September to drink and vomit hahaha. Thanks to all the readers who follow your zine, from Peru to Pennsylvania, Cheers!
Walter Crucifier: Thanks for the support to all fans, Juan Carlos Argandoña owner of Death Cult Records, the other members of the band, Giovanni Lama for his true support in the recording and all those who supported us one way or another making this possible and not stay  in just one idea. I also thank you Paul for this interview, for the support and exposure of the band thru your zine. When you visit Lima,definitely we'll drink a lot of beers ,yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. all bitches!
E-mail: metalcrucifier666@gmail.com
Interview by Paul Caravasi

Monday, March 16, 2015

MX-Re-Lapse (2014)

Riffs...oh YEAH!! Damn this album has killer riffs. These riffs slay. These riffs kill! In fact, these riffs can be used to conquer the world. This is a compilation of re-recorded songs from their early days, specially "Simoniacal" and "Mental Slavery". Massive guitarriffs. Some psychological warfare alternate the gruff vocals of mad despair with insanely intense guitarsolos, Alexandre's drumming is insane, the bass line is heavy as fuck, and the road to Hell is open. And once there, Mx unleashes these perfect thrash metal songs in existence. I started listening to Mx circa 1990 (i was 14 years old) i was a young boy and i realized how fucking excellent they were. "Beneath The Remains" by Sepultura and "Simoniacal by MX were absolutely insane stuff for me at that time. I immediately went to the store to buy more brazilian bands (Sarcofago-Chakal-Vulcano, Ratos De Pora, Explicit Hate, The Mist, and so on). Well, this album is brimful of rhythm and riffs it's like an orgasmic experience for any Thrash Metal fan. When these guys were in prime form they were up there with Slayer, Exodus andKreator best work. The portugues version of "Fighting For The Bastards" featuring Joao Gordo of Ratos de Porao is killer. If you don't know who MX are , you need to start listening to them right fucking now. These brazilians will kick your fkn ass for sure. MX RULES !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, March 13, 2015

Night Demon-Curse Of The Damned (2015)

Do you like NWoBHM? Well, I guess you should know this band. Get crushed by opener "Screams in the night". Night Demon makes serious heavy metal! The riffs and solo's are really well done, just like the production which is clear and good, but still has raw edges (like it should be).The riffs could be on an old Iron Maiden album. The vocal is pure kicking ass heavy metal. Well, enough told. Some bands try to achieve the mighty 80's feeling and most fail. But Night Demon succeeded!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Angelus Apatrida-Hidden Evolution (2015)

Here we can really breathe the true essence of thrash metal. The group from Spain is on pure adrenaline and the violence at high levels. Massive, bombastic mid-paced riffs that ends in a pure up tempo assault, the riffs are never boring because the guitars are always inspired and heavy. The pounding, clear production exalts all the instruments and the vocals are not too harsh. The guitars riff on "Immortal" get stuck in the head and won’t come out. This is the most important part in this album: the thrash violence is always balanced with melody and impressive sense of songwriting so that each song has something to be remembered for among a bunch of other ones in this genre. A cool album, a true masterpiece by Angelus Apatrida that any thrash metal fan must own. GREAT!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Dr Living Dead-Crush The Sublime Gods (2015)

The album begins with "Crush the sublime Gods" a song which is an excellent indicator of how the rest of the album is going to sound. Awesome chugging riffs with excellent fucking bass. Every single song on this album has some sort of solo, and every single one of those solos is phenomenal, chugging riffs too. How about charm? Does this album have any? You bet your ass it does. Vocalist definitely is influenced by Mike Muir, a unique voice which helps you know exactly which band Dr Living Dead is influenced by. This album is a thrash metal must-have if you're tired of the same old chugging riff-solo-wash, rinse repeat style. This band brings a whole new flavor to thrash with their different levels of tenacity within the same album. Kick ass riffs and solos, Vocalist brings the intensity and a great voice, and the entire band brings grade-A metal. This album will please all true fans of the Thrash metal movement. Find it, buy it...and Enjoy it!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Napalm death-Apex Predator (2015)

This is sheer grind, brutal, fast, incisive. Everything that any Napalm fan could ever want, this is so good I'd call it a 'blasterpiece' it is that godly. What makes it so amazing is how it is a proper throwback to what many call the glory days. None of the death metal experimentation here, this has the feel of an album that comes between 'From enslavement to obliteration' and 'Harmony corruption'. It is brutal, short and boy does it tear your face off. Highlights for me are 'Metaphorically Screw You',  Purely because of Barney's seething vocals, he sounds like he is about to Kill somebody. It is awesome, if you loved the late 80's/early 90's Napalm Death then get out there and buy this record, it is truly awesome, simple as that!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Alley Way-No Last Call (2013)

This record is honest, decent and I assure you these 8  tunes will make you enjoy it. In this LP you will find what rock & roll is all about: energy, fun, attitude and guts. Exactly what Lemmy (Motorhead) always said: rock & roll is the only religion that never lets you down, the electric church and don’t you listen to a single word against it. That undisputed truth refers to this release as well, and there’s no need to remind you how unique is the classic distinctive raw Rock & Roll sound compared with the lame rock artists of nowadays. This one will satisfy your soul. Grab your beers and listen to Alley Way to a maximum volume !
Review by Paul Caravasi

Cruciation-Chemical Holocaust (Demo 2015)

This demo has a proficient start as a death-thrash act. Even though after the first song they already started to tweak their sound towards a more death metal entity. Cruciation gives us quick raspy, brutal vocals, sped up thrashy guitars, and mid-paced thrash beats mixed in with blast beats; which is a staple point with certain death metal groups. The production has a clear sound. The speed on Chemical Holocaust changes quite frequently.The riffs literally never let up. The solo work is quite decent and fitting for a demo release. However, the energy level is there with an aggressive sound. This is an underrated band that belongs in any thrash or death metal collector’s collection. The best songs are "The Final Battle" and " Chemical Holocaust". I recommend Cruciation to any extreme metal fan who likes technically challenging brutal death/thrash albums.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Last Sacrament-Enantiodromia (2014)

Let me start this review by saying that when it comes to death metal I am all about the old school. I've always preferred the older and dirtier death metal to the more modern over produced technical guitar masturbation that is called death metal now. Don't get me wrong I like some of the newer stuff and appreciate the talent it takes to write and play in these bands, but its not the same and most of it is not for me. Sometimes change is good, sometimes its for the better but not always. In the case of Last Sacrament I'm glad they play old school, dirty and sick Death metal. The musicianship on this album is particularly impressive, cool guitar solos. This album is a must have for fans of Death Metal from Florida, gory, sludgy, aggressive and raw. Everything you expect from an extreme band. Brutal riffing and killer vocals. Its worth your time if you're into the old school sound so go buy it now.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Aggressive Mutilator-Poison Minds (2014)

Aggressive Mutilator attacks once again with this new release featuring their new Ep "Poison minds" "Curse of the Outlaw" Demo 2014 and "They want to cut off my Head" Demo 2013. The guitars are razor sharp, the pounding drumming kicks ass and the not so melodic gang vocals are bringing back memories of the old days, when Metal music was coming straight from Hell. Yeah, this band just hope to create kick-ass music that will satisfy both themselves and the fans. That's all that has to be said, nothing more. If you are looking for some good Celtic Frost, Exorcist meets old school Metal manifesto, then these guys can surely do the work for you! Hold the flag of hate high you crazy motherfuckers! We are waiting for your next assault!
E-mail: michael_holm@hotmail.com
Review by Paul Caravasi

Philm-Fire From The Evening Sun (2014)

Dave Lombardo's Philm is about the weirdest metal band there is (In a good way of course), is as much Sabbath-influence as you can squeeze into a 90's metal band. Very "70's" feeling in the riffing and melodies. Kind of catchy, but excellent. Philm have this original sound which every metaller could need from time to time. I mean this band features kick ass musicians Gerry Nestler/ vocals-guitars, Pancho Tomaselli-A fkn beast on bass and the one and only Dave Lombardo on drums. My favorite tracks are "Fire from the evening sun" a massive headbanger... and "Lion's Pit", a freakin tripped out psychedelic journey that will have little appeal for metal purists. In short, this is a solid, rockin heavy album that is absolutely worth owning.It’s not too slow or depressing, and makes for a great showcase of what this band is capable of performing. Absolutely mesmerizing !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sakrilejist-Demo 2014

Demonic vocals are all noticeable on this demo. The Black/Death mixture is still a favored recipe, and it's taken to the extremes on this recording, the blasting is intense, you can tell this band is influenced by Incantation, Morbid Angel and Mayhem, Aaron's vocals is an undeniable element of the music, mid-tempos slabfest with endless waves of thick double bass and atmospheric guitar leads. The only minor gripe I have with this demo is the production and it features only 3 songs. The bass drum does sound heavier and sits higher in the mix. This makes some of the faster sections of the music extremely chaotic. I don't necessarily have a problem with how this sounds on its own. In the end, this is a deadly offering from the Sakrilejist brotherhood.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Dementium-Paranoid Existence (2014)

So, what's the band like? Imagine the sheer, breakneck speed of Slayer, Whiplash and Exodus with catchy riffs. Guitarist/vocalist Randy Fuentes has some really harsh vocals, shouted and pushed almost to the point of insanity, and his razor-sharp guitar tone along with Cristian Martines slices through the riffs. Bassist Jose Correa is surprisingly agile - his bass lines are supportive without being merely doubling, and he knows exactly when to throw in a good fill, and drummer Bryan Perez  keep up the pace admirably. This album stuck to the old school basic style of Thrash Metal, has a thicker guitar sound as they experiment with a few slower tempos (of course, slower for them is still fast as hell, but you know what I mean....),absolutely irresistible if you like your music fast fast fast - get your fix of Paranoid Existence NOW!
Review by Paul Caravasi