Saturday, June 8, 2019

Cruel Bomb - Manhattan Mischief (EP 2019)

The production on this Ep is absolutely perfect unleashing the monster in terms of brutality. The guitar tone is fkn insane, bass and drumming are fantastic. Brandon snarls his way through in the most inhumane way and the riffs are as heavy as a ton of bricks. Solos really do the job as well. I doubt any thrash fan can be disappointed with this. On a song level, everything rules. This Ep hits you like a brick wall with its inhumane speed and brutality. "Manhattan Mischief" is a incredible lesson in thrash Metal the Cruel Bomb way.The entire fucking Ep is mean and ferocious as hell. It's a face-melter, for sure !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Father Of Sin - Born Again Satanist (2019)

The new album by Father Of Sin from Pennsylvania is aggressive. When it comes to structure, the guitars are heavy as fuck, the solos are demented. The overall focus in the music is on the interaction between drums and vocals. The drumming attack is done perfectly. The vocals are insane, frequently double-tracked between thrash metal style shout and a half-death growl, and some female choruses as well, delivered with massive speed, spewing ridiculously verbose sets of lyrics over wide verses. These vocals are venomous; the obscure and antisocial lyrics make it even better. You can identify  the attitude and mood that the band expresses. And that is, emotion explored on this release made with absolute rage. I personally think it's great to see a band with one idea, one vision, and carrying it forth so well. Everything's in place on this record, and none of it seems awkward or stilted; it's all been crafted very naturally by people who clearly know how to write music in this style. And it's catchy! All the songs are very good, though some are clearly above others. I can say this is enjoyable. If you like metal in general, play this Cd in your stereo, this is an interested item to pick up whenever you can.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Iron Fire - Beyond The Void (2019)

Iron Fire are your typical power metal band, yet somehow they've managed to add a bit of fire and edge to their songs. The production on this album sounds good, I think that the production on here makes Iron Fire sound even more like your typical power metal band. There's some crazy shredding, and some slower more epic riffs. The guitarist on this album has shown some great versatility. The bass on here follows the drums for the most part, but there are a few snazzy bass riffs that managed to stand out. The vocals are you typical power metal vox; quite high most of the time, but you have to admit this guy has range, which is something I always appreciate. The drummer goes crazy on this album. I can assure you all that for the most part, what seems to be the "standard" power metal drumming isn't used in these songs. This guy knows how to keep a beat without getting repetative, and some of his playing is what adds such an edge to the songs. I would say that this, and their previous albums are essential for any fans of power metal. And those who do not like power metal may like this band for it's fiery and skull shattering sound. A good album by a good band !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Frightful - Born after Burial (2017)

This album is a revelation for me.  Headbanging madness and crusty hardcore punk attacks that bordered on death metal without transgressing over and blew me away. They clearly don't give a fuck about you and what you think about what they do. This album absolutely fuckin' slays! Sickeningly vicious, and heavy as hell, "Born After Burial" tips the scale as a great and enduring metal record. Neverending violence for my ears!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Bloody Brotherhood - Don't Break The Circle (2019)

The level of brutality in this album is insane. Bloody Brotherhood takes no prisoners with this one. The guitar sound is so rotten, low tuned and underground while the drum is always pounding and bad ass. The evilness can be found in most of the riffs and structures, followed by fast solos, made to destroy.  Just a constant barrage of heavy hitting brutality. The songs on "Don't break the circle" are constructed of simple riffs and relatively straightforward compositions, technical death metal, they are not. Their charm instead lies in the conviction of their delivery rather than their instrumental prowess. Every song is in fused with an all-consuming, yet organic heft and seething brutality. The tracks are a mix of mid-paced chugging, slow grooves and occasional bursts of speed. The vocals are deep, guttural growls. The drumming is effective, with liberal use of double bass.  This band from Spain set out to create a brutally heavy, evil death metal record, and they succeed in spades. The album flows seamlessly from one thick slab of death to the next with unrelenting power. In short, it's a crushing release!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Ritual Moon - Demo 2019

Ritual Moon is an amazing blackened thrash Metal female duo that kicks your ass and comes back for more. This demo starts off with a pretty cool tune. You should immediately start head banging. The singing is well done in the most brutal angry way. The guitar work on this album takes you back to the old thrash days of the 80's. 4 songs that will give you in your face fast paced thrash beats. The songs have that awesome I want to get in the mosh pit thrash sound. This demo is amazing! It has killer thrash riffs, the lyrics are catchy as hell, and support the usual metal themes. Evil, death, and War. If you love thrash metal you should own this amazing demo. Great job!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Vicious Circle-Unearthed Precision (EP 2018)

The guitar assault is fkn insane. Vinnie DiBianca really knows what he's doing, and it shows. Riffs and speed are varied enough to give each song a sense of independence, yet unified and cohesive in terms of style and production. The riffs are an onslaught of originality and brutality, and nothing sounds recycled. Dave Surran is a hell of a drummer too. The way he pounds his drums, the punch and the accuracy of the beats that unleashes upon the listener's ears, sounds so dangerous that it sometimes evokes an image of bullets piercing through bodies and puncturing concrete walls. Although I'm certainly a fan of thrash metal, I've barely come across a thrash band with a drummer that truly stood out. Aside from Slayer (Dave Lombardo), what other bands do you think of when you think of "great drummer"? Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus, Rigor Mortis, or Testament? I've never heard anyone talk about how great Lars Ulrich or Nick Menza is as a drummer. Have you? Allow me to humbly suggest Dave as one of the great thrash drummer and this EP is very convincing of Dave's drumming skill. Possessed but not processed - that's how I would describe Brian's vocal here. What makes this EP ultimately an incredible experience is the sense of danger that comes of violence, and nothing sounds more violent here than the vocals and the lyrics. Rather than tough-guy low growls or distortions, Brian shouts with urgency triggered by primal need self-defend, as if he's a rat cornered by a cat. As a result, his vocal sounds fresh and brutal at the same time. Yes, sometimes he whispers, sometimes he quietly sings. But in this album such deviations are not some cheap attempt to be diverse, it just serves as a counterpoint to the knife-sharp delivery of vocals, which in turns makes the shouting all the more purposeful. Bass player is killer as well, following the speed and anger of the band. To top all this off, the production is very appropriate. The sound of this EP, it's like a knife. The production of this  makes the guitar-drum-vocal combo sound like an audio equivalent of razor-sharp, sterile, shining knife that's yet to be blood-stained. Am I making sense? I hope so. Vicious Circle definitely will make your ears bleed !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Mordor - Evolucion?.... (2015)

Evolucion? Mordor (Spain) was released in 1997. Deep Sheep Productions Re -   issued this Cd on 2015. Not bad at all in the long run, a few adjustments here and there, but overall fairly acceptable thrash all over. With the scene surrendering completely to the new metal vogues very soon after 1997, there was no more room for a bunch of angry, wrathful retro metallers, and these guys came to the picture. Quite simply; "Evolucion?..."’ is a brilliant Thrash Metal album. Fans of the genre should own this album, if only because good Thrash Metal albums were a rarity back in the late 1990’s. This is a quality album that deserves to be heard by anyone who has a heart for this genre.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Veonity - Gladiator's Tale (2015)

For anyone wishing that power metal albums would just get to the point, popping "Veonity" into your CD player is the way to go, seeing as it starts off with two of the most energetic and immediately satisfying songs from this album "Into Eternity" and "Phoenix Arise". I would say "Gladiator's Tale" is a necessary purchase for all fans of power metal, unless your idea of the genre extends to Sabaton and no further. This is classic power/speed metal like Helloween and Gamma Ray, also they load up their songs with bombast in a manner that would be familiar to early Rhapsody. Drums punching strongly though not overwhelming everything, the bass warm and audible, excellent vocals, guitar melodies are awesome on this one. A powerful release !
Review by Paul Caravasi

Intent - Vox Populi (2018)

This album is very good and surely can compete with current big names in Thrash Metal.  Intent here are awesome because they achieve the goal of creating  well balanced songs. The galloping, total mosh tempo and riffs are perfectly mixed with a catchy and very good vocals. The drumming is a beast. Even during the verses, the tempo is intense and the riffs are always numerous and in fast succession. About production, everything is audible and powerful here without being too clear and modern. The guitars are the ones that acquired more power from the production. The bass is pounding and it comes out during the mid-paced riffs. I think that any thrash metal fan should at least listen to this album. Really, Intent here are  great and they can prove it if you give "Vox Populi" a try. It deserves it !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, January 18, 2019

Denied - Freedom Of Speech (2018)

Johan's amazing vocal performance is an essential ingredient of “Freedom of Speech”, his screams and wails are really good, and that's saying something. So, there's lots of highlights here and, most of all, there's NO FILLERS, which is something remarkable.There is interesting double bass pedal work throughout, but the real talent is shown on these longer and middle length songs. Here, intricate rhythms seamlessly intertwine with the leading melodies in an accomplishment of songwriting. the vocals are astonishingly clear and the story is keeping you on the edge of your seat almost as much as the songs. I feel that this album is an instant classic, and shows us today what the standard is for Heavy Metal, and it is very high. The album on a whole is outstanding. It’s powerful. It takes a little time to get into, but once you do, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience !
Review by Paul Caravasi

Black Rose - A Light In The Dark (2017)

Everything's straightforward in this album; the solos short and the structures, simple in their verse/chorus type, the riffs, catchy. Thomas Berg is in great form throughout, and I find the riffing in particular to be really first-class. "Carry On" is a good enough example of what's on offer- an intro riff that will stay in your head for years, short and catchy verse and chorus sections, and a bridge that dispenses with any progressive pretensions and keeps you interested until the chorus comes back in. The formula is repeated over and over again with amounts of success and it works. There's not really much else to say here. As far as I can tell, was to make a good and catchy Heavy Metal album and that was achieved. It's a cool record that will get you head banging and pretty much appeals to everyone. Do yourself a favor and get the album if you do not have it already, then again if you do not… what is wrong with you?
Review by Paul Caravasi

Locust Point (2017)

This album is full of great metal. There are a couple of faster songs on here, such as one of my personal favorites "Cadaver Dog", "Napalm Sun" which appears to be war oriented, it's also very catchy and has some great melodies. Some of the songs are mid paced. Very 80's sounding. There is also my other personal favorite "Written in Rock", which for me is one of the albums highlight. I think that this is a great metal album worthy of any metal collection. I think it rules. Now all of you metalheads who love 80's metal should respect your metal and purchase this album. It's a frighteningly good album, from start to finish, as close to flawless as possible !
Review by Paul Caravasi

Perpetual Warfare - Earthliens (2018)

"Earthliens"  is the latest album from the Colombian thrash metal band Perpetual Warfare. These guys have been around since 2006 and they are from Bogota, Colombia – the same place where many world-renowned Southamerican metal bands started out back in the ‘80s. It’s pretty clear that these guys like their classic thrash metal. The influences are hard to miss; with Exodus, Testament being the most prominent influence, combined with the speed and aggression of Slayer, Overkill and Kreator. Oh yes, speed and aggression rules the day here. Throw in some Testament-style guitar harmonies to the mix and you will have a fairly good idea of what these guys sounds like. Energy and aggression to get a mosh-pit going. On the other end of the spectrum you get the more technical tracks like "Alienacion", which starts fast before mellowing down towards a more melodic, yet still very guitar-centric part mid-way through the song. Reminded me of Kreator mostly due to the similarities in both the vocal style and the twin guitar harmonies. In summary, "Earthliens" is proof that old school thrash metal is having a revival. Had I not known that Perpetual Warfare have only been around since 2006 I would have assumed that they were from the ‘80s themselves. They are continuing the tradition introducing a new generation of metal fans worldwide !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, January 11, 2019

Demon Bitch - Death is Hanging EP/ Demo '12 (2014)

This band is heavily aggressive metal, with some exceptional displays of guitar ability within the solos and some marvellous invention displayed within the riffs. Structurally it is influenced by the heavy metal of the 1970’s yet still is fairly straightforward, thus meaning they have enough melody and repetition to be one which is easy to know by heart.The vocal performance on this album is just superb. Ranging from melodic and poignant passages to the incredible falsetto which carries more power and harmony than most vocalists in heavy metal. Let’s face facts. If you claim to be a fan of heavy metal, then you need this album. I repeat you need this album !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Dracena - Cursed To the Night (2017)

Very cool lead playing, tasteful and skillfull playing by Mia, she sings, plays guitar and bass, for that she has all my respect. There is an undeniable intensity and authenticity about this release that appeals to me. The main riffs and leads on the songs are great and the rythm is pummeling and worthy of the horns. Some tracks have some ferocious riffing mixed with a catchy as hell chorus that inspires my head to bang. Once again the lead playing is tasteful and fits the tunes really well. The vocals on the record are outstanding. I'll say it again The playing here, especially on guitars, is spectacular. The drums are mercyless also. Ultimately, what makes this album unique is the versatility. It manages to be catchy and also nasty enough to shock the masses, which is an impressive middle ground to accomplish for this style. The overall sound of this album actually points a bit more towards the technical and extreme era of Thrash. The pacing is along the lines of a mostly up tempo thrash sound, particularly during the vocal sections when riff layering creates a shimmering atmosphere that lightens the otherwise heavy punch of the usual melodic riffing associated with straight line Heavy metal. The way Mia sings is a mix between black and thrash metal and the result is killer. Words can't do justice to this amazing album. Go listen to this now !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus - Liber III: Codex Templarum (2018)

Heavy riffs, it's like you've entered that world where everything is a little bit brighter and more fantastic (as in fantasy), as if you've stepped into someone else's mushroom trip in a good way, distinctive graspy vocals all combine to define this album. There are lots and lots of riffs here... and they're so fucking heavy. Heavier than a pile of tombstoens and iron crosses. HEAVY! The excellent fuzzed out production helps alot, and  vocals are gruff and awesome, I like this. In my opinion This is kind of "doom-rock" so to speak.This is a freakin tripped out psychedelic journey that will have little appeal for metal purists. Listening to these guys is meant to be an interesting experience.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Putrid Evil - Chapel Of Stillborn Messiah (2017)

"Chapel Of Stillborn Messiah" takes you by storm. The Cd contains nine tracks of face-ripping, highly aggressive filthy primitive death Metal that could only come from hell. It's got a solid production with a dirty edge, but without sacrificing heaviness or clarity. The first thing you'll notice about this release is the completely disgusting vocals. The singer conjures some inhumanly low, insane growls. The drummer pounds away with relentless double bass and some very tasteful blastbeats. nasty guitar sound in a perfect way for this kind of attack. The bass is incredibly heavy and packs a punch more powerful than a cyclone taking down a hundred churches. This is definitely some morbid stuff. The music is insanely fast and remains at breakneck speeds throughout most of the Cd. Each song has like 15 different fucking riffs, with nearly as many guitar solos that keep dropping down like beheaded angels from high heaven. There are, however, some nice slower sections thrown in where everything takes a break from the hideous, demonic beating. Fans of early Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Blasphemy, Sarcofago, early Sepultura  and even "Hell Awaits" would love this. My honest review for a killer release, but you shouldn't be wasting time reading this anyway... Go find it now, and bang your fkn head!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Dissident - Unleash The Violence....In thrash we Trust (2015)

These guys have been around since 1998 and they are from Chile– the same place where many good thrash metal bands started out back in the 80s. It’s pretty clear that these guys like their 80s thrash metal. The influences are hard to miss; with Testament being the most prominent influence, combined with the speed and aggression of Slayer. Oh yes, speed and aggression rules the day here. Throw in some Testament-style guitar harmonies to the mix and you will have a fairly good idea of what Dissident sounds like, offering more than enough energy and aggression to get a mosh-pit going. On the other end of the spectrum you get  technical tracks too. In summary, this album is proof that old school thrash metal is having a revival. Had I not known that Dissident have been around since 1998 I would have assumed that they were from the 80s themselves. They are continuing the tradition introducing a new generation of metal fans to the old school Thrash Metal. Good stuff !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Matterhorn - Crass Cleansing (2018)

This album from Switzerland sounds ready to kick everyone’s sorry asses. The guitarwork is so damn top-notch. The eeeevil, noisy tone really adds up to the already great riffs. It’s very variated, with fast riffs coexisting with some midpaced ones and even some slowish, sludgy riffs. The drumming is simple but precise. Simple, raw and heartfelt. Talk about being heartfelt. This is the best adjective you can give to the vocalist,  i can tell this guy isn't the kind of musician that does his stuff looking at his watch, waiting for the session to end. He's fkn insane. The faster parts and the slower ones are perfectly alternated and the overall atmosphere is just priceless. I don’t care if this is influenced by Celtic Frost but it rules so fucking much. From the first track on, it’s just lots of great riffs, savage vocals, drumming, bass lines. Get it. Plain and simple. Obvioulsy, it should be institutionalized that this should be among every metalhead. Absolutely mandatory !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, January 7, 2019

Attacker - Armor Of The Gods (2018)

The new Attacker album... they definitely sound better with time. The driving riff assault in here is incredible. The songs are all very strong heavy riff oriented. They are primarily up tempo musically, with excellent vocals that tend to live in the upper register, as it's  required by metal singers on this kind of music. Highlights on the CD are album opener "Armor Of The Gods", "Frightmare", "Gallows Hill", and the completely stellar "World Destroyer".This is is a killer CD by an amazing and legendary band. What truelly makes this album, by my view, is the solo work, the vocals, and the great production. Good album - very good. Nice combination of speed, melody, and riff work. You like Priest, Maiden you'll like this.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Solfernus - Neoantichrist (2017)

This album from Czech Republic is cold and full of hatred.  What extreme metal is supposed to be. This is a mix between Death and raw Black metal. The vocalist sound like a ghost trying to communicate using the album as a medium. There is no rulebook on how to create that sort of effect in music. If it happens (and it almost never does) it's because the passion and feeling of the artist has been directly imprinted into the music. Solfernus felt anything but hatred while making this album. Every track is flawless on this release. When hundreds of bands today have tried to follow the old school vibe, there's a few that achieved it. This is fkn brutal !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Primordial - Exile Amongst The Ruins (2018)

This 2018 release is a true return to form of metal. There are some really killer, heavy riffs on here, great for headbanging. Nemtheanga is also in top form as he sings in every song.The sort of trademark slower, and clean parts are present, but this is indeed a good thing. The lyrics are very emotional, standard melancholic material. My favorites on here would be "To Hell Or The Hangman", "Exile Amongst The Ruins" and "Sunken Lungs". I must say that the entire album is good and contains plenty of rewarding and interesting music !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

LIK - Carnage (2018)

Kids, THIS is how to play death metal. None of the Mallcore bullshit or stuff that is hardly even metal, this is solid, Extreme fucking metal with some good melodic ideas, and excellent, occasionally thrashy, always memorable riffage. The album is definitely a must have. If this doesn't get your head banging, you're probably dead and you need to listen to some Opeth as you rot, just so you don't wake up again and pester the living. Yes, there is a whole fuckload of thrash influence in here, and that is what makes it so damn good. This is death metal the way it is meant to be, with good solid amounts of Death and Possessed influence, but with the brutality cranked up another notch. Overall, what we have here is a solid fucking DM album - this is the way the genre is meant to be done. This will please all the kiddies that want something br000tal, while making sense to those that want to be able to bang their heads to solid fucking thrash-based riffage, add to that some top notch drumming, bass and excellent vocals that fit the context of the album. Death metal in every way, Excellent stuff!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Fetid Zombie - Remnants Of Life (2018)

Each song on this Ep is a gem in its own right; there are no fillers.The boys had time to work on their skills. The guitars are vicious; they come through clearly but without having the sound of being overproduced. The riffs in each song are numerous and varied, but they meld together almost perfectly, there is hardly an awkward moment throughout these songs. From galloping riffs to haunting tremolo pickings, they never get old. There are even technical and melodic parts, and they fit in with the rest of the song  nicely. Do I need to mention the solos? They have a short thrashy solos and atmospheric slow that brings in a doomy feeling, these are in for the atmosphere. The drumming ranges from standard to savage, keeping to interesting double bass patterns and relentless sounding. You can hear the intense riffing going on and how well the snare fits in with the songs. The vocals add a level of menacing growls.  The songs are good to listen to, head banging atmospheric death metal tracks with killer solos and demonic vocals. The whole Ep is eerie and heavy. Awesome !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Anger As Art - Fast As Fuck (2018)

After listening to Anger As Art's "Fast as Fuck", I tasted blood and was craving for more. Now the first thing you expect when listening to a live album, is bad quality, amateurish played songs that differ vastly from the CD recordings and of course a limp and pussy delivery of live announcements. Well that is of course true for most bands that show off on their albums, pretending to sound oh-so-professional, while sucking utterly and disappointing. This live album is one of those amazing live albums from a band with enough energy to reverse the universe's expansion. Upon visiting festivals/concerts/whatever, one problem always seems to arise. That problem is that most bands are rather wimpy live. Well Anger As Art don't make compromises. They seem to come onto the stage, start playing, one or two comments to the audience, but no speeches about shit people do not need to hear. Whatever they have, it's authentic, it's brutal, it's massive and coming your way. Metal is music for people who respect not only the instrumental ability, but also the other very important aspects of thrash, namely the performance, the charisma and balls Anger As Art have to offer. A great successful live album. Impressive violent fun. I like !!
Review by Paul Caravasi