Saturday, July 7, 2018

Meliah Rage-Idol Hands (2018)

What we have here is well crafted, played and catchy Heavy Metal songs. I dare anyone to listen to the opening of "The kill-all rule" and not want to start headbanging! Vocals are catchy. For me they are the high point of the album this time. The bass is prominently featured, much more than previous albums, which works to the song’s advantage. The tone of the guitars on this album are killer, they add additional heaviness to the songs and drumming is good too. Not bad at all in the long run, a few adjustments here and there, but overall fairly acceptable old school heavy metal with thrash influences. This effort delivers the goods.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Meliah Rage-Dead To The World (2018 Edition)

Originally released in 2011, this Re-issue features 2 bonus tracks. Well here's the review:

Drummer is probably the strongest member of the group; his skills on the kit are quite sharp and technical, the bass adds nicely to the sound layers and he gets a few moments to shoe off his fills, the guitars are pretty damn good.Then we have a  good vocalist. This album is a power metal with thrash metal influences. How about the songs? Actually, they're all really pretty good, each sounding similar but different enough o each do their own thing. You've got more straightforward speeders like the catchy "Skin and Bones" or " Never from Me". Then we get a bunch of bigger, more atmosphere and riff-driven mini-epics. Overall, "dead to the World" it's a pretty damn cool listen. The band members have good grasps on their instruments. Additionally all of the songs are pretty kickass; often pretty memorable with a lot of riffs thrown around. If you can get a copy of it, then I do recommend it. It's a pretty good album.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Warfield-Wrecking Command (2018)

Here comes the simple recipe for a strong thrash metal album. You need at least 4 guys (or girls). Everyone of them has to be a live wire. They do not need to be technically perfect, but they must have a master plan with a clear goal: total sonic devastation. Furthermore, it is helpful to have a talent for coherent compositions and a penchant for riffs that are sharp enough to stab the listener in the twinkling of an eye. (Of course, only in the figurative sense.) But the most important thing is the right attitude. Youthful recklessness is essential, a small portion of naivety does no harm. Warfield possesses all the ingredients for this recipe. This album features an explosive mix of riffs, drumming, bass lines and brutal vocals. The very abrasive guitar sound constituted the most outstanding feature of the production. Due to the continually increasing fury of the opener, the guitars dominated the mix right from the beginning. Finally, to be quite fair, this album is one of the greatest thrash release of Europe these days, it clearly deserve its praise and status among the new and old school metalheads. I definitely recommend this record, it's actually a great one to start with. What you get is a great variety of thrashing riffs and lots of aggression. Go ahead and take a listen, or if you already did once, do it again!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Killing Addiction-Omega Factor (2018)

This band is again able to deliver us a very good quantity of death metal in this new Re-release of their demo from 1990', 7" Ep from 91' and the Omega Factor album from 93. They are again here to enjoy the relentless march of this sincere band in death metal. Uncontrolled fury and convincing riffs. The brutality and the blast beats are mixed with  catchier riffs to create good songs specially in their demo and Ep. The furious assault of the instruments is precise and terrifying for power and precision in the album, great vocals are screamed, angry and really nasty. The stop and go with thrash restarts give more variety to the songs. The blast beats are often broken by up tempo parts or fast double bass kicks and this is what is great to make these compositions less monotonous. Also the structures are more complex but flowing and the tempo changes are really well-done and stuck perfectly with this massive structures of violent music. The energy and mix on this cd is lethal, in a good way. This is where the souls of this band collide to create a really good and violent music.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Ripped To Shreds- Burial (2018)

This is all about pure death metal inspired in the swedish sound. The level of brutality in this album is mercyless…this solo project from California takes no prisoners with this debut.The guitar sound is so rotten, low tuned and underground while the drum is always pounding and bad ass. “Craven Blood” is the opener. No melody at all, this is total impact. The brutality can be found in most of the riffs and structures and are amazing, followed by fast solos, never technique but made to destroy. With “Yellow River Incident, 1938” the level of rottenness is so high...unbelievable. Here can really see Repulsion influences with the first blast beats. The sequence “Black Seeds” is truly bestial in malevolence and impact. Truly hellish, powerful and always rotten. There's one song performed in Mandarin "Bone Ritual" about burying without embalming to let the flesh naturally rot away......
Very good work. Brutal as fuck!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Seeking Obscure-Cutting Heads (2017)

Sick and twisted solo project called Seeking Obscure. definitely is one of the most fun albums to listen to when in the mood for horror and gore. Seeking Obscure blends death, thrash metal and grindcore beautifully into one  sick sound. The riffs are not fast but are catchy. The bass rumbles along underneath the riffs providing more earth shaking tremors. The drums are not played particularly fast, but they are technically very impressive. They are constantly present and blend with the music extremely well. There are some vocal effects that are used to great effect, enhancing the listening experience that much more. The vocals are often deep, decayed growls that sound as if they are coming from the grave. Every once in awhile vocalist Rob will unleash a blood curdling shriek or do something else unexpected which further adds to the horror of the music.The production on the album is thick and dirty, yet clean enough to hear everything that is happening on the album. This album is a ton of fun. Featuring re-recordings of 3 tracks from the 2006 split Cd and covers of Hipocrisy "Left To Rot" and Therion "The Return". Killer stuff !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Molder-An Act Of Revenge (Demo 2018)

Unquestionably this band is fkn vicious, easily gained a respectable status already. This demo debut is violent and schizophrenic, the atmosphere in these tracks is savage. The violence, the impact and the darkness are the essential elements of Molder. The production is very clear for the drums sound and the vocals, but always conserves a beautiful dark touch. From the opener we already can see the awesome blend of thrash metal riffs, dissonant breaks and sudden fast restarts. The vocals are already able to be frightening and truly morbid with that raspy, dramatic and totally sick tonality, it reminds me of the early Pestilence. Unbelievable drumming, he has a chirurgical precision on alternating the fast beats while the  guitarist always draw lines of pure violence united with morbid lead lines to create a compact and suffocating sound. The fast riffs run after each other in an infernal organized chaos of fast solos, desperate vocals, catchy refrains and relentless drums. The sound is like a wall of sick devastation. This demo is a real inferno of all the influences you could find in the extreme genre for these times, but redone in a personal and brutal way. Now it’s time to discover Molder. This is an  incredible debut!
Review by Paul Caravasi