Monday, August 24, 2015

Dogbane-When Karma Comes Calling (2015)

Dogbane does not disappoint, this album is somewhat Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Saxon, Queensryche styled metal with a much darker twist. There is good twin guitar work with a lot of leads, simple but effective drum playing with a small trace of double bass, and the powerful vocals of Jeff Neal, then concentrating on a riff/solo/instrumental splendour kind of approach, Dogbane typically aims for overall song melody and atmosphere, sometimes enhanced by tasteful clean guitar parts within quieter passages - brings out the lyrical ideas perfectly and vice versa. Most of the songs here are pretty enthralling and show a good sense of variation for the most part, creative drumwork and a solid backbone for the vocal and bass drum driven chorus. Very nice, good things to come for this group.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Withering Soul-Adverse Portrait (2015)

This gem, it’s packed with old school Blackened Death metal excellence. What really sells me to this output is the that the music retains the beautifully captivating atmosphere that I fell so much in love with this sound. "Vestige" opens with heavy riffs enough to hypnotize the listener.This song is a great example of metal at its perfection, the melodies are outstanding, and the synth and guitar work as one to create a very memorable song. A notable aspect about this cd is that there is no use of clean vocals. The gutturals are deep. No complaints there. Adverse Portrait is a very fine slab of old school school metal for those who can’t just get enough of this kind of material. I would say that the songs on here are masterpieces, and so I would recommend this release to any extreme metal fan and anyone who is looking for some great atmospheric death metal. The way it used to be done. I can only congratulate and continue to let this record spin once again and in the end over and over again!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Dawn Patrol-Democracy Delivered (2015)

Dawn Patrol is pure aggression, the music reflects attitude and their desire to rebel against society. "Democracy Delivered" does not try to surprise or trick the listener with flashy time changes or experimental songwriting. I don't want to make the band sound simplistic, but I believe the power of their music lies in their ability to get in and out of a song in between 3-4 minutes. Dawn Patrol has a straight forward Thrash style, and what they lacked in technical ability they more than made up for in energy. Songs like "1984", "Democracy delivered" and "Toxic Avenger" thrash it out, It has riffs that leads into a heavy speed that will make your neck sore by the end of each song. Highly recommended!!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Habamal-Tributo Thrash and Death (2015)

The intensity level is consistently high throughout this CD. Every song is delivered with reverence and power, and in some cases heavier than the original. And the production is pretty good too, with an incredible dark, saturated guitar tone that dominates the proceedings, though the drums have a little more of a garage ambience than you'd expect. "Slowly we rot" (Obituary): A powerful run-through with toe-curling intensity and a heavy foot on the gas pedal. Some shredding wah-wah leads rear their heads as well, but the female vocals sounds more angry and evil. "Agent Orange" (Sodom): This version is, again, both faster and tighter than the original (and I love the original, so that ought to tell you something). Frenzied leads again tear it up with a vengeance, evil-sounding black screeches on the chorus. "Phobia" (Kreator): They're driving the song along with amazing power. This is not for the weak of heart and Habamal do this tune justice.
"Evil Dead"(Death): The song that gave a whole subgenre a name is tackled with enthusiasm and you can tell that they're enjoying themselves on this one. Lita's roars Eviiiil Deaaaaad!!! are especially convincing! "Suffer the children" (Napalm Death): Navigates the various tempo changes. I'm amazed that the rest of the band can keep up with the drummer at times. "Nemesis" (Arch Enemy): Lita's vocals are better and more appropriate than the new singer in Arch Enemy.This benefits from a better guitar sound than the original as well as better leads  and  bass tone is warmer and deeper than the original too. Guitar sound and solos are a nice surprise! "Slave new World"(Sepultura)" Habamal manages to pull it off. The guiitar tone is better than most Sepultura wannabes and they have a good feel for the tune as well. This is such a covered tune that they do well. "Raining Blood"(Slayer): Drummer again handles Dave Lombardo's daunting drum parts, fast and flesh-ripping version.  Cool tune, this is the most surprising cover choice here. I am a die hard Salyer fan and I have to say this is my  favorite tune here on the CD. I give Habamal credit for having the balls to cover these classic tunes like this and doing something really good. Lita rules! Habamal from Ecuador stands out with a highly remakes with the originals, keeping the original thrill and also making it abit updated. Cool tribute !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, August 10, 2015

Holocaustum-In the fields they Bled (2015)

Holocaustum play some insanely downtuned, slow death metal featuring a female vocalist,  the music here kicks ass. The production on this album is killer. Everything sounds incredibly heavy and gruesome. For the record, Shawna Silvers is one hell of a vocalist and some of her growls are deeper than most male singers. What's cool is that the illustration in the cover art goes hand in hand with the themes, as you can imagine yourself standing there in war witnessing the corpses arising from the field. Heavy guitar riffing enters the picture as the songs unfolds into a dark symphony of fucking death metal. The tracks remains at a brutal pace almost to the very end as the drummer uses  heavy double bass destroying everything in his path. So if you're into slow, crushing old-school death metal, then this is most definetely recommended. Definitely this has to be in the pages of death metal history. Brutal as fuck !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Stonecutters-Creatio Ex Nihil (2013)

Riffwise, this album is packed with aggressive, pounding, wrenching, and turbulent tons of kick and a fun loving atmosphere while still remaining a very dark piece. catchy, bouncy tunes charged with cut-throat choruses, hammering verses, and buzzsaw riffs properly coated with a deep sense of eradication and guidance. Brian Omer's voice follows suit properly, as well. He usually yells with his hoarse voice.The quality of this album is rich all around, Double bass from the drums are thick and mighty as they attack in full force. Bass support rummages in the background, but give extra strength to the guitars, helping fill any gaps in the air as to prevent a thin atmosphere. After that, I think we’re good from here on out. The sound is dignified in the beginning; each song carrying it’s own exclusive rhythm and groove. In conclusion, this band deserves a hell of a lot more credit for their work these days. Interesting Thrash Metal!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Deathblow-The other side of Darkness (2015)

They are angry, devastating and pounding. The riffs are truly pissed off and simple but extremely catchy. ”Beyond Obsession" and “Headless Throne” are just amazing in their schizophrenic, relentless tempo, they do a great guitar work here as well. precise, quite inventive and most of all total impact, the speed is unbelievable. Tremolo picking united to the palm muting riffs and fast bass drum parts united to up tempos. The violence in the vocals is unbelievable and this time none can stop Deathblow from destroying our poor ears. All in all, this Ep is violent and a lesson in heaviness to all those “no more thrash bands” of this era. Deathblow are here to stay.
Review by Paul Caravasi