Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cuero Negro-Peruvian Compilation Vol. 1 (Re-issue 2015)

This collection of Peruvian early-'80s metal bands has stayed in print for one reason only, Cuero negro. The bands that they share this compilation with are typical of metal bands of the time, i remember seeing this bands live and they were the shit back then, totally awesome on stage. Pure and honest underground metal, this is where Peruvian metal scene was stronger, definitely this is one of the best Peruvian compilation ever, bands featured on this comp. are: Hadez, Mortem, Sepulcro, Trauma, Sentencia, Mazo and Armagedon. Raging anthems announcing metal to the masses with thunderous fury. Collectors will probably want this, but even new young metalheads may and should be curious to hear the beginnings of Peru in the world of Metal. Originally released in cassette in 1990. Now re-released on Cd. Thanks Pino Risica for this awesome compilation!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Oscuros-Shallow Graves (demo 2015)

Only a couple of gripping tracks that unleashed a sonic storm of destruction. Maliciously crawling like a poisonous snake and equipped with a very simple yet extremely sinister sound. The characterising drum rhythm could also not be ignored. It reminded me of an Indian war drum, probably not the most talented drummer, but he fulfilled his task in an effective manner.
Finally, let me specify the description of Oscuros. If you are a metal fan, then Oscuros needs to be in your collection! If you can get past the rough production, than "Shallow Graves" may very well be to your liking (especially if you’re a thrash nut!). There is no doubt that this demo is the stepping stone to thrash and black/death metal alike.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Communion-Black Metal Dagger (Demo rehearsal 2015)

Listening the demos is like taking Sodom's 'Obsessed by Cruelty' or a similar album in extreme metal and injecting it with brutal speed and then seeing that same band's speed suddenly get veins-out-the-neck jacked with energy. .They have blastbeasts with enough force that they sound like two fast-forwarded, stiff-arms rapidly hammering nails—a metal against metal emulation. The vocalist makes himself sound as inhuman as possible with growls, having them peaked in intensity with effects drenched inside and out. I applaud these guys from Chile because each time I put this on i enjoy it. Communion is a hellish ride and near-death experience. Twisted and unmerciless; the kind where the curiously morbid part of your brain can't help but take a snap shot of it for later evaluation and exploration.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Teratos-Teratocarcicoma (re-issue demo 2015)

Originally released in 2005. Classic, raw death metal. If you don't like it, you don't like death metal in general - it's that simple! New brutal death metal wave and brought smiles to the face of old-school fans. Nothing more, nothing less. Guitars are heavy, some could say simple, but very catchy. Riffs are sick, vocals are dominant and nothing stands in his way. Not overproduced but simply heavy as a ten-ton hammer. You'll hear leads, here and there. But anyway, songs sound really good, you won't miss them. This is honest music. The spirit of true death metal is here! It is true that their playing same simple death metal music, but hey, it's not all about playing something complex and new! Sometimes you just need a brutal music, you need a bunch of energy slapped into your face - and here you will find it - listen to Teratos from Peru damn it!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Malignum-Oscuridad Eterna (demo 2006)

Very simple, yet effective style of Southamerican black/death metal. A raw production and mix, with some "primitive" songs, similar to Sarcofago, musicwise. There are some mixed influences, but you can hear that these guys were really into their music and they worked hard to get it out.There are no highlights or stand out elements here, just a very good old school metal with some ultra evil vocals. It comes down to average musicians playing good metal with lots of attitude. Looking for some good old school stuff? Get this sick demo from Peru!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Khazaddum-In Dwarven Halls (2015)

This Ep is fast and heavy with the classic Death Metal sound. Standard riffs, a mix between tremolo-picked riffs and the slower, off-timed grooved sections that are now played at a lower tuning, giving a different feeling to their sound, technical drumming mixing between blast beats, machine-gun like double bass beats, and some great fills, this band is already above average. They create music that capture storytelling of Tolkien myhology. The production is clean, but it's not like it's too overdone like your average bands of today. It holds an aggressive atmosphere to it. All in all, it deserves an 90%. Conviction and brutality!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Repulsor-Trapped in a Nightmare (Ep/2013)

Repulsor from Poland are a band I discovered simply by spotting them on Facebook. Since I love thrash I had to contact them. The Ep cover was what grabbed me- it was released in 2013! This is 'Pure thrash. No posers.' that statement is completely true! "Trapped in a Nightmare" is possibly one of the 'most metal/traditional' discs you can find from a modern band nowadays. Everything about the Ep is old school- these young guns even dress in the old school thrash street look- tight jeans and the all mighty hi-top sneakers (preferably Reebok! lol). True, there are new thrash bands- one such band is the Brazilians Violator, and they certainly stay as close to thrash as Violator. You can so easily compare the sounds of Repulsor to an '80's release from legendary thrash bands such as Sacred Reich, Kreator, Destruction etc and in my opinion, the fact that this Ep is so unbelivably old-school only makes it more appealing to metalheads.
The 6 songs here, are just full-on 100% thrash monsters, nothing less. There is no variety in style in any of the songs, but then again it's thrash, so who really cares? I can't really give a full description on any of the songs because they are all fairly similar at first listen but I will say that songs like 'To the Coven' and 'Killing Instinct' are some of the most brutal, most 'moshy' thrash songs to come out of the 21st century. It's really is great to see a modern metal band playing and bringing the music we love from the past, into the present. And doing a good job too.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Chemicaust-As Empires Falls (demo 2015)

Right here we have a barbaric death/thrash releases from 2015. This demo is a lesson in absolute anger, hate, and maliciousness! The music here is simply ABRASIVE. From the first song through the last, the listener is repeatedly pummelled by an intense death/thrash assault that absolutely takes no prisoners! Lots of riffs and downright thrashy mayhem that is similar to Solstice for example. The sound on here really can't be undersatated. The production achieved here is crisp, SUPER thick, riffs will dice you into tiny bits as you massively bang your head off. Right here you have one irresistable package of hate, every thrashing maniac should have in their collection! First time listeners to this band should seek out THIS demo. It is a solid band. This is the true representation of Metal and Anger, and it will kill you!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Ruin-Spread Plague Hell (demo cassette 2015)

Brutal, old school death metal. Personally, I find this demo to be amazing, a powerful and a very solid/raw release. Having said that, Ruin have a very dark, sickening atmosphere that brings to mind what classic bands like Autopsy, Impetigo and Macabre do. Savage riffs, insane drumming, and sick growls that are phrased similarly and have a similar atmosphere like the bands mentioned. In a way, though, this demo managed to create it's own sound even within this relatively primitive and basic release. What I mean is, there are very few moments where the listener will pick out a riff and say, "That sounds like Autopsy" or "This riff reminds me of this, which is actually a really cool and actually pretty clever riff idea, or the slower, chunkier ones that open up "Massacre of Flesh and Bones". I would say that the band is pretty good at this style. "Spread Plague Hell" is a great death metal demo that really shows Ruin's abilities, i must say this is a good representation of this style. It fucking rules. Great job maniacs!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Edenkaiser-Dominum Ex Mortis (2015)

I've never cared much for the new Black metal, the main reason being that is that many BM bands usually put too much on the symphonic part and very little on the metal side, making the band sound almost like cheesy classical music with blackish vocals. As much as I love classic Black metal (like Bathory, Mayhem, Darkthrone or Immortal), I'm not really found of new bands joining black metal - which is supposed to be raw and EXTREME. However, Edenkaiser from Spain is different. This is quite enjoyable, a very raw form of raw black metal. The production is, obviously, raw, which is probably why this album sounds so fkn amazing. It has a very special atmosphere, with the rawness of the guitars, drums and the insane voice of Sara Garcia, in a surprisingly listeneable cacophony. Pure black metal screeching. No clean vocals in here, only plain cruel and grim grunts and screams. The lyrics are malevolent.
Resuming: raw sounding and powerful guitars, killer drumming, and a brutal good singer make "Dominum Ex Mortis" one of the best and most metallic albums of 2015. I would pretty much recommend this album to anyone which would like to get into black metal, but don't know where to start. This might be a good starting point. Now if I were to write my favorite tracks, I'd probably have the whole album in there.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Skullmasher-Embrace Your Inner Filth (Ep-2016)

This Ep is just a straight attack, with the uncouth growling, most of the ep seems to devolve into some standard, mosh pit paced tracks. I will say this: Skullmasher sounds fairly amazing, with a punchier tone than its predecessors that recalls a lot of classic extreme Metal ala early Tiamat, Incantation or Morbid Angel , you'll never know that the vocalist is a girl, Morthen Vf is an angry vocalist. The tempo is high, though there is a slightly slower endings, the riffs are killer and drumming is insane.The level of this ep is almost constantly quite high. This band from Argentina is a quality product that deserves to be heard. Definitely worth the listen!
Review by Paul Caravasi