Friday, June 22, 2018

Sinaya-Maze of Madness (2018)

Powerful songs with great variation in the way the guitars are used, also features high-paced drums and heavy riffs in the verses and brutal chorus you will likely ever hear. Not to mention every single other type of track in-between. Mylena Monaco vocals are solid here. Now, I like a bit of variety in my music, this is a Death/Thrash sound definitely. Everything else on this album is well done. From the heavy riffs and solos from Mylena and Renata (and playing in general), the spectacular drumming of Cynthia Tsai (particularly on the faster songs) and even the bass-work by Bruna Melo.The number of different styles of death metal these girls can play on one album is incredible. My personal favourite song on the album is probably 'Always Pain" (although with the number of great songs it's nearly impossible to choose). The track is a kind of average pace, but is also one of the heaviest songs on the album. The guitar work is excellent, a wonderful mixture of fast riffs and melodic hooks as well as a great solo to top it all off. The drums are fast and pounding for the most part, keeping in time with the guitars. So to conclude, i can say this is possibly even the most enjoyable death-thrash album to listen to.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Carnal Trash/CorpseEater Split Ep 2018

Today recording an album or a demo is easy, you can do editing and overdubs, you can emulate an amplifier on your PC, and it's not expensive at all. Even if you really suck at playing, you sound great. So you have to consider all these aspects when reviewing a recording like this, because this is the real deal, no pro tools at all, just pure raw insanity, the production is far from  perfection, but the seeds of brutal grindcore is here. Carnal Trash and CorpseEater (Solo Project from Germany) comes along and grabs you by the ear with a twisted, agonized yelp and a brutal grindy guitar riffs. This is pure nasty GrindAll in all, I consider this split absolutely mandatory for Grindfreaks, or anyone curious about what is Grindcore, and why it’s a genre worth checking out. Believe me.
Review by Paul Caravasi