Sunday, March 20, 2016

Metal Crucifier-(2016)

This release has enough balls to break buildings and is mind-blowingly fast. Metal Crucifier’s finest is found in this debut album. This is raw, fast, ugly, and heavy; what Metal’s all about. You should bow your head in shame if you don’t have this headbanging ecstacy of phenomenal proportions. Get ready to have your head blown straight out its socket, ‘cause here we go. It kicks off with a crushing-blistering guitars rip you apart and from here on you’re under their control. Thousands of deadly riffs will brutalize you till no end…well, the end of the album. Be warned though, vocalist has a unique singing style. He has a raw, raspy voice, but can definitely hit the high notes and godly screams. Tracks of pure speed with no signs of remorse. The solos on these tracks just simply shred. Plus, the bass is very audible. Grade A traditional heavy/speed metal. Riffs fly by you faster and crush you. The songs gets better as you continue to listen. The chorus part in the middle of " El Abominable" is pure evil. This album smash your skull in and finally the last song of the album will snap your neck in two. A myriad of aggressively fast riffs, earth-shattering drums, a lethal double-bass attack, extraordinary bass, and solos that impress and nearly outdo the gods themselves, this is what  Hell ride is all about. The all-mighty Lucifer himself commands you to buy this album and to bow down and worship its (and his) ever-lasting supremacy. And you must obey. These peruvian maniacs will destroy you without mercy. Heavy Metal is the law!
Review by Paul Caravasi