Saturday, July 19, 2014

Throne Of Sacrilege/Impurium-Unleashing A Cacophony Of Destruction (Split Ep/2014)

Throne Of Sacrilege takes the rhythm of old Morbid Angel and thats how you get the Morbid Angel influence. They do not make the same interesting guitar work, sudden and constant shifting in guitar patterns, that exists in "Altars of Madness", instead this band takes the most brutal parts of the first two M. Angel albums and combines them with black metal influences as well. That is not to say that the songs are not technical or brutal, i would say this is pure chaos. Probably the highlight of the album is the machine gun drumming and how much of the songs are built around enforcing the speed and rythm of the drumming. Infact the drumming, not the guitar writing, that is probably the closest thing to Morbid Angel. The drumming may not be exactly on Pete's level, but it stands well against the like (for example Longstrength's drumming). Overall, this band is a powerful killing machine. Sometimes you have to take one or the other. Its great to listen to their attempt to carve a name out of the Morbid Angel legacy. That is much better then trying to be "different" for the sake of being different and just ending up with something completely average and/or boring. For what it is, TOS is great. Many other have attempted this and have failed miserably. Not every band can reinvent the genre, but why do you have to? Just make some great music and if something original comes out of it... even better.
Impurium: Almost every track of this band here is notable in some way, aggressive and whatnot, providing a good clue as to what’s coming. It’s generally an excellent representation of the band’s overall sound and definitely a worthy piece of work and the entire band has something great to offer here. It’s a black metal sound, it’s a must-have, both for Death metal fans and for black metal fans in general.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Madrost-Into The Aquaticsector (2014)

Compositionally and musically, this is a huge step up from the earlier cd where the band were still in the process of crystallizing their own vision and interpretation of extreme metal. Madrost is a dynamic and diverse band while still playing in-your-face full on thrash. As musicians the band has grown. Where once could still them hear struggling on some parts on their previous album, here they’re comfortably playing and these maniacs have clearly grown more . What more can I say? Just get your hands on this album if you don’t own it already but claim to like thrash metal. The track 'Frozen Beneath The Snow' is a serious killer! Aggressive riffs and flawless drumming which makes you headbang like a maniac and if you are a guitar player, you'll really want to play it in yourself. I mean, after I heard this album a couple of times i want to learn how to play guitar because it really sounds so catchy and fun and you just can't miss them because they sounds so cool and you want to impress your naive friends with some killers riffs which will blow their head out! Don't you? features a shitload of headbanging riffs, "Into The Aquatic sector" is just another awesome thrash anthem which you'll dig for a long time. The band's superb musicianship and lunatic vocals stand at the forefront of this recording. In conclusion: if you are looking for a thrashing riff monster to bang your neck till it breaks, or if you want to blow up some dumb posers in town, get this fucking album right now! Take off your ass from the chair and run as fast as you can and get yourself a copy of a pure destructive metal piece!
Review by Paul caravasi

Nocturnal Hollow-Decay Of Darkness

This is a solid dose of ass kickery. Decay Of Darkness displays the signs of a band that is just about to reach their prime. After listening to this album, it is obvious it's a solid release. This album is aggressive. The solos here are awesome on this album, the riffs, bass, drumming, brutal growls. It certainly proves that Nocturnal Hollow is the backbone of the metal scene in venezuela. To conclude, this is an excellent death metal album. It is extremely aggressive and heavy and you shouldn't stop listening to this!!
NecroNauseA Records
c/o Julio César Crisóstomo Linares
Urb. Las Praderas 1era Etapa Mz. "H" Lt. 15
Lima 43 - Perú
Review by Paul Caravasi

Conan- (Ep/2014)

Crushing doom metal from Peru. This Ep features fuzzy doom riffs, the production is clean and this Ep accomplishes effortless changes in feel throughout, without losing its overall direction--straight into a dreadful abyss of doom. Most of the tracks undergo various changes in tempo and chord progression, but all remain straight doom metal, Conan already has an established sound. It's not progressive, and it's not meant to be. It's just a heavy fucking album. It is a flawless Ep of titanic, Peruvian DOOM!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sepulcro-1988-1990 (demo compilation)

Sepulcro is a band that hails from Peru. Their music is very raw Thrash Metal , i remember seeing this band when i lived in Peru in the late 80's along with Trauma, Mortem, Desarme and more kick ass bands from the peruvian underground metal scene. These guys have been in the metal scene for a while, and are playing in the local scene very often. Well, this cd is a compilation of the demos from 88' to 90'. I've always thought the production of the early demo was perfectly fitting for the material. I've always advised people to find the original demo cassette and listening that demo with a good pair of headphones. But back to the production of this cd , now certainly, you can listen to the whole cd and it kills. The music itself is such that it will alter your mind in a manner that no drug can ever match. So if you're a fan of thrash metal but haven't heard Sepulcro (or maybe never heard thrash), they are an essential addition to your collection and life! They are truly one of the most original, daring, and intelligent bands in the history of extreme music in Peru. So pick up this kick ass cd, grab a few beers and headbang like a fuckin' maniac. Sepulcro rules!!ú/229108817236081
Review by Paul Caravasi

Putrid-Mountain Of Megiddo (demo/cassette 2010)

This band  has assembled together to create some great straight forward death metal. This music is a tribute to the southamerican sound of the late 80's early 90's era. Lots of chunky riffs, pounding beats & raw/savage growls make this Demo a great homage to that time. This is the death metal style that started it all (remember bestial devastation or morbid visions?), well dive in, take a bath and get soaked in blood. Peruvian Death fucking metal!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Insepulto-Morbid Spawn Of Resurrection (2012)

Insepulto from Costa Rica brings 10 tracks of pure old school Death Metal. If you think of some of the great Death metal bands in the late 80's, Massacre for example & add a lot of 90's edge & attitude you'll have a decent idea of what Insepulto is about. This band just keeps getting better & better. They will surely be at the head of the Death Metal pack in the Costa Rican underground scene. This band is Fuckin' killer!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Algebra-Feed The Ego (2014)

A great release of this sickos from Switzerland. "Feed the Ego" pretty much follows the footstep of the old Slayer, actually you get a kick ass release, these guys deliver the pukes! This is Thrashing Metal Mania for the lesser refined of us. A furious band featuring on this cd 9 songs of madness and insanity. Great stuff!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Shards Of Humanity-Fractured Frecuencies (2014)

A brutal assault of the most vicious, primitive and rotten to the core death/thrash imaginable is bestowed upon us from the US hordes. A sonic attack on your brain. A powerful production as well as impecable skill on behalf of these maniacs, the technical level is good and if Shards Of Humanity continues in this direction i'm sure we'll hear more from them!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Trauma-The '91 demos

After popping this cd in, there is no question as to why these band was one of the best of the Peruvian metal scene, i always heard a lot of influences in Trauma since the glorious days. Many line-up changes but always keeping the true spirit in playing real metal. This Cd features the demo 1991 and live recordings of that era. If you remember this band you must have the cd in your collection no matter what. A definite must for all Heavy/Thrash fans everywhere.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Cobra-To Hell (2014)

These guys are Heavy Metal to the core. The vocalist range from deep screamings to higher pitch, this is perfect heavy aggressive style, that neither over power their cool sound. Straight forward kick ass Traditional metal, i can see why the Peruvian metalheads are going nuts to this, the music is very well executed as well. Crazy guitar solos, riffs, drumming, the bass line is brutal. This is pretty cool. A young band with a bright future i must say. I have no more words to describe this killer cd released by Austral Holocaust Productions. Heavy Metal is the law. Cobra rules!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Psicorragia-Satira Macabre (Ep/2012)

This band from Peru has been putting out great Doom/Death metal for a while now. Blasting brutality in their music, this Ep is much more mature sounding, from the song structures to the lyrical content. There are bombastic choirs and extremely brutal vocals. Their music takes you on a journey of well written, well played and extremely good metal. This is a great release for fans of kick ass underground brutality. If you don't know Psicorragia this is a perfect Ep to start with. Awesome!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Swine Infection--Promo 2013

Balls out grind/noise. Vocals are pissed off & great. This promo cd is impressive as well, similar to Agathocles or old Sore Troath. If you're into the grind stuff then you should check out these freaks from Pennsylvania. 7 short songs, but left me craving for more. Write 'em!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Dawn Of Apocalypse-Forces Of Darkness Reigns (Ep/2014)

Another project of Zatanic Tony from Sweden. This Ep is brutally weird but kicks hard and grinds you down. Uncompromising Black metal, this is chaotic and it's sick. Pure madness for the old schoolers. Write 'em or check out their website. If they continue in this direction i'm sure we'll hear more from them. Fuckin' wicked i say!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Pazuzu-Trash 'n Death (demo 87')

From Sweden comes this underground malicious band Pazuzu from 1987, performing fast and aggressive death/thrash. The raw, dry death rasps are truly vile and with a brutally raw sound. totally old school recording, worth picking up.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Nafarmaan-Quayamat Lullaby (2014)

Brutal Black/Death from Bangladesh. Combining elements of harsh Black metal, definitely this is for those craving something out of the ordinary. Crushing rythms, riffs, all wrapped in a filthy, distorted production. Excellent cover art and killer tracks. In the vein of Sarcofago, Dark Funeral and Incantation.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Incubus was an underground kick ass Cult Black/Death metal band from the 80's. Here's the interview with one of the members of the band Gino Marino.

Hi Gino, you don't really need too much of an introduction, but for our younger readers and those newer to extreme Metal can you give us a brief introduction to who you are and what you do?
Well, my name is Gino Marino, and I play and write guitar music, and drumming as well.

Back in the day you have been in Incubus and Nocturnus. What have been your great or less favourite moments in your career so far and why?
My greatest moments have been my time in Incubus, we were all young and crazy with no worries... and my worst moments were working and writing for Nocturnus, because the drummer mike browning was a really sloppy drummer, and it was a hassle to try and get him to play in time, or even remember the songs. There was a lot of times we played live, and mike would just stop playing right in the middle of a song, because he forgot it... WOW!!!

In the late 80's and early 90's Death Metal exploded as a genre, especially with the Tampa scene but it quickly became saturated with countless copycat bands and many thought that Death Metal would die out but it kept on going. Today the genre is more saturated than ever but what do you think it is that has kept it going since the 80's?
GREAT QUESTION, in my opinion the reason death-metal has lived so long and will remain alive forever, is because its honest, brutal, and expresses a lot of different real issues about this world. Its a genre that has no room for fake people!!

Your lyrics on the demos were very horror based and dark, are you a huge horror movie fan?. How did you get into the genre of horror, and what was the first horror movie you watched?
Yes, horror is my favorite genre, and it has been since I was probably 2 or 3 years old... I used to sit and watch creature feature every sunday!!! and my 1st horror movie was the creature from the black lagoon... lol..

Let me know about your solo project. What can we expect from you musically over the next couple of years? Do you still have any intentions to make some new brutal shit ?
My new project is called Suddaths Reign, and it comes out next month... and in my opinion is my best work to date... I also am working on a full length Incubus album to pay homage to my fallen brother Sterling, it will be done by the end of this year...

Now the " Question". How did you find these guys to form Incubus in the first place? What is going on with the ex member of Incubus and Nocturnus? Are you still in contact with them? Why Incubus and Nocturnus broke up in their early days as a band?
I found Mike browning through mutual friends that played in bands, and Incubus broke up because of fighting, drinking, and the satanic stuff... and I left Nocturnus because of Mike Brownings sloppy drumming,  and the adding of keyboards. I hated the idea of keyboards!!! The keyboards were cool for intros, and for lacing slower parts, but as a permanent member?, I was against it... We also split because of writing differences. I wanted to keep it more old school death (like the demo) and a few of them wanted to write a bunch of scales and arpeggios for the rhythms.

Who decided on the name Incubus and why did you choose it? How is the metal scene where you are?
Sterling came up with the name Incubus, and why he choose it? I don't know, (but it was a cool name)!!! and the scene in tampa is always flourishing... The metal community here are like family, we all help each-other for the most part.

How would you describe the music of Incubus and what would you say is most prominent?
The Incubus stuff was just plain brutal and chaotic!!! Its just brutal... and in my opinion, the guitar solos, and vocals stand out the most for me!!

How do you see yourself as part of the metal scene?
Wow!!! I don't really see myself like that, but iv been told that I am something??? But I don't see me like that. I just love to play guitar and write music!

How do you get the inspiration for your writing? Have you had sufficient support when you decided to form or be in a band?
My inspiration comes from my childhood experiences, and from MARIJUANA!!! I smoke a lot of pot for inspiration. for some reason pot really opens my mind and helps me to focus on what comes through. I have never taken lessons, or do I write my songs or solos, my ideas just come out of no-where, and over the years iv just accepted that... so smoking brings that out... So to answer your question, the metal gods and Marijuana give me my music!!! lol...

Besides Metal, what other types of music do you like? What kinds of things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I love blues, classical, and jazz!!! a lot of my playing is derived from blues... and I love video games, martial arts, billiards, skate-boarding, surfing, camping, a lot of stuff!!! I seem to take something, master it, then learn something else..

What do you prefer? Mp3's or physical cds? How is the music connected with the person you are?
Physical cd's!!! I like the art/lyrics ect!!! I hate a lot of new technologies. My new music is recorded in analog, because I cant stand digital stuff... not that it isn't great, its just I think the old analog sound was more metal/pure sounding!!! I embrace the sounds of mistakes, it is what metal is to me, not all this perfect sounding crap!!!

Who do you feel has had the greatest impact on you personally (not Necessarily musically) when you were growing up? Are you working outside of the band? Do you have your own family?
My mother was a big influence to me... she made me play piano when I was 4 years old, and she turned me on to led zeppelin / jimi hendrex / and many others. she was my best friend and we jammed as well... before she died I let her play piano on one of my projects... R.I.P. mom!!! and I do have a family, I have a wife, 3 daughters, and a son... I love my family and they have changed my life being in my life. They also must love me, because they put up with a lot of my crap!!! lol..

Thanks Gino for the chance to interview you for Soulgrinder. Any special greetings or last words to fans?
Thanks for the opportunity to speak to you Paul and the metal fans out in the world... I love everyone of you, and I am in great debt to all of you for keeping me alive inside our family of metal soldiers. I look forward to writing more music for all of you, and I look forward to the tribute/Incubus album for my brother Sterling. and if anyone ever wants to talk/or share their music with me, feel free to write me anytime on facebook. I answer all friends!!! FOREVER METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Interview by Paul Caravasi

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cancer-Dead Shall Rise (Re-release Blue Vinyl 2014)

I must say this is hell of a great album. If you are looking for cool and heavy yet technical riffs, catchy melodies, doom atmosphere, damnation lyrics, guitar slashing solos and those remarkable guttural vocals, this is it, this record is the one you are looking for. Not only is considered the best selling death metal album but it marks the evolving path for one of the best death bands who achieved worldwide recognition because of their impressive musical skills. The vocals, less to say are perfect for the genre, the guitar crunch and the total devastation holocaust feeling takes you to a post nuclear desert that is unavoidable, the improvement lies in technical skills and complexity with great tempo changes and textures, not to mention that The drummer does not need to go at full speed but he focuses on good rhythm techniques which is outstanding. The guitar duet takes your breath away. They were along with the others the best line up they ever had. When it comes to the songs "Hung, Drawn and Quartered" is the perfect opener, now you get the idea what the album is like. Back to one follows and the mid tempo rhythm with the tempo changes and drummer playing with his pedals are amazing, excellent riffs and outstanding rhythm parts in addition to their catchiness. To me, this album is more mature. There are heavier songs thou they are not like those from "To the gory end" but still it is an amazing and surprising album for every taste even if you are not a hardcore old school death metal fan because this one sure is innovator. It is a pity that it was in fact their last solid record in all aspects, this one is great but their next releases lack something whether speed, aggressiveness, death atmosphere or anything or simply: feeling. In all a standout for the catastrophic 90s but it manages to fit perfectly in the new death metal fashion. Again, Cancer created a unique sound that will last for many years to come. Once again great job Cyclone Empire records. Features two bonus tracks "Hung, Drawn And Quartered (Live 1992)" and "Blood Bath" (Live 1992) Both Tracks recorded live at Milwaukee Metalfest 1992 by Ron Goudie.This is the real deal!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Cancer-To The Gory End (Re-release Orange Vinyl 2014)

In addition to being one of the most important prime movers in the early  death metal scene, Cancer generally tends to be one of the most misunderstood, at least in terms of their earliest offerings. Much has been made about how they pushed the envelope in a way not really experienced in the earlier days of death metal when it was still tied more closely to its thrash roots (think early Sepultura and Death's first few albums), but with this has come an implicit impression that their efforts paved the way for what became the brutal character of the later 90s. Cancer presents something that is by all means intense, horrific, and worthy of an elongated screaming fit, but also something that is about as closely tied to their own mid 80s thrash metal roots as Death's "Leprosy", with a touch more sludge and nastiness to their production that is along somewhat similar lines to Autopsy. In other words, the grind-inspired blasting mayhem of "Altars Of Madness" and the extremely guttural gurgles of Deicide's formative albums is not to be found in Cancer's early days, particularly in the case of their rightly lauded "To the Gory End". Nevertheless, it should be noted that by 1990 an album like this was definitely on the highest echelon in terms of intensity and aggression, it just wasn't quite to where Suffocation would be one year later, or where Morbid Angel had gotten to at around the same time. Arguably the most unique aspect of this album is how short the individual songs are, in spite of coming off as longer than they actually are given the characteristically rapid switches between fast and slow that defines their formula. Be it the punishingly slow elements at play on "Witch Hunt" that play off on a faster element that is pretty close to the chaotic elements of "South Of Heaven" and "Reign In Blood", or the generally fast and occasionally tremolo based work heard on "Into The Acid" and "C.F.C", the ongoing formula speaks heavily to an extreme dichotomy between doom and thrash metal that was not widely heard of. But the most wickedly exhilierating example of this effective use of extremes in tempo change matched with a muddy, vile guitar tone is heard on the slow trudging turned frenzied monster of a song "Die Die".  Matching together the intense switches in fast and slow often finds one seeing the album cover. It's definitely an essential piece of the early death metal puzzle that no fan of the genre should be without, and one that will probably appeal as much to those who took to the outer fringes of the 80s thrash scene, particularly the mid to late 80s work of Slayer and Possessed. Even after more than 2 decades of genre expansion, this beast can still send chills down the bones of any that cross its auditory path. Good job Cyclone Empire for this killer release, also features 2 bonus tracks from their 89' demo. Cancer Fucking Cancer!!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, July 7, 2014

Toxica-Egoismo Autodestructivo (Ep/2014)

Thrash Metal from Argentina. The coming of 2014' meant a fine time for a lot of thrash bands worldwide. There’s some really amusing moments here. For instance, the promising first couple of tracks are totally heavy, vicious and vibrant, riffs and the whole instrumental structure of their music is fine and convincing,they are pure fun, energy and attitude. They sound certainly dirty, rough and destructive,this one still offers great moments, violent riffing and cool lyrics in spanish, certainly you can headbang to it and enjoy. A bright future for this young band influenced by Exodus, Testament and Slayer!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sacrificial Blood-Unholy Fucking Hatred

I was in high school when discovered the alluring genres of death, black, and doom metal in the early '90s. Honestly, I don't see this current trend of Thrash to re-create the glory days of thrash metal as anything but a fashion statement, but I have to make an exception for Sacrificial Blood, as the album "Unholy Fucking Hatred" flat out kills. The band on this album is a tight three-piece act and you can tell from the first punishing riffs of " Sacrificial Blood" that this band is pulling no punches. Sure, old guys like me have heard these riffs before; but somehow, with this particular band, it just works. What this band delivers is a 16 songs on this re-release. There are no bad songs to be had. Lead guitar work is minimized to occasional flourishes, as the main point of "Unholy..." is to tear your heart out and hand it to you, still quivering, then kick your corpse around the block a few times. The band creates a well-produced wall of flat-out speed -- punctuated by mosh parts that, time and again, punch you aurally in the sternum until you keel over. All of this is wrapped into a neat little explosive package and tied with a hateful black ribbon. Of course, you can hear their influences of Teutonic thrash, pre-1990's Slayer, and first wave black metal is delivered with conviction and aggression. So much so that one will easily forget hearing homages to "Agent Orange", "Bathory", or "Pleasure to Kill" shamelessly churned out by these guys. Forget that fact and simply concentrate on headbanging like it's 1986. They have the makings of everything I personally love about thrash metal -- attitude, aggression, precision, and irreverence. This band has a gift for bringing metal's sordid past to life, and they don't fuck around with it.Recommended for fans of Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Slayer, Dark Angel, Bathory, Venom, Sarcofago, Slaughter, Onslaught, Hellhammer...basically all of the most extreme thrash and first-wave black metal acts. You know, "Lay down your soul to the gods Rock 'n' Roll," and all that. Features two kick ass covers of Rainbow" Kill the king" and Riot "Warrior". Get this album right now. No posers allowed!!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Under Attack-High On Metal/The Aftermath (2014)

Wow. Under Attack are probably Sweden finest Thrash/Heavy Metal band in terms of aggressiveness and raw attitude. This is a compilation album and it is very catchy actually. The riffs are all very thrashy yet retain a BM feel to them as well. The production is very raw yet all instruments can be heard in the mix. The vocals are some of the most insane I've ever heard. They are very high pitched and raspy but the listener is able to understand a single word without the lyric sheet. The music for the most part is fast yet never gets into the territory of endless blast beats and "fast for the hell of it." The drums are well played with the right amount of blasts and double kick thrown in. The bass can be heard well at times, There is a guitar solo in almost ever song, solidifying their love of all things Motorhead and just old school metal in general. You can tell these guys had a lot of fun making this record and it really shows in the music they have crafted here. It also has some slightly distorted vocals in parts. Really though I think the vocals on the entire record may have a slight distortion and definately reverb thrown in. Makes it all sound more "evil" if you will. The lyrics are all in english as well, All in all this is just a very solid release from a great Swedish band. I recommend this to anyone who is into Thrash, Heavy, Speed, Black and basically any extreme form of metal. This is fuckin' cool!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Meat Train-Flesh Made Man (UK)

One of the coolest grind records everyone should own, Meat Train markes a brutal voyage into the world of anger and rollicking hardcore punk grooves. Noisy and sometimes quite experimental, the record averages at least one sticky hook per song, ensuring the listener that they are listing to songs and not just blast beats and distortion. Vocalist provides the insane screeches and low death grunts that are now trademarks  in Grindcore bands. Songs are founded on angry  lyrics, insane snare blasts, power drill breaks and yes, even somewhat musical doom metal riffing. The overall tone is on the hopeless and apocalyptic side of things, the songs are really quite catchy and on rare occasions almost melodic. Crusties, grinders, and noise connoisseurs would all find something to enjoy here, but then again, they probably already own the album. As for everyone else, the album is definitely sorta recommended. This album is sick!!
Review by Paul Caravasi