Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shadow Host-Apocalyptic Symphony (2014)

Nothing new, but deliciously Thrashy and cool, this cd is like a hammerhead to the skull. It is deadly, fast drumming, tight riffs and killer vocals, When you hear this band you'll be Vicioulsy Headbanging, 10 tracks of pure Thrash Metal in the old school way. If you like Forbidden, Artillery, and Testament definitely you'll enjoy Shadow Host. In Thrash we trust!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

SIGNALFEIDE-Fornjot (demo 2014)

Well, this is not something i will desecrate , but i need to say that, I want to hear Metal of some kind. Not listen to weird sounds, wind, whispering and stuff. I don't believe in this kind of stuff. Good luck next time. If you don't believe me, check it out by yourself!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Ragestorm-The Thin Line Between Hope And Ruin (2013).

Death Metal from Italy!! I was expecting something more brutal, but i was content to find some dreary elements present. Tracks like "Debt Ritual" and "Moloch" are written well. Controlled by interesting brutal riffs and some fast drumming. The band sometimes go overboard, desecrating certain songs with cheesy mid tempos, but for the most part, this album held my interest. There are faster parts in which the band shows they're truly talented. The band isn't afraid to experiment, and they do it in a brutal way!
Review by Paul Caravasi

HellArise-Functional Disorder Ep (2013)

The screamings of Flavia is so deep, it sounds like she's trying to swallow her own jaw! Hellarise invocates the beast through brutal vocals arrangements and a truly extreme atmosphere. My last words for this good Death/Thrash band from Sao Paulo-Brazil is that they unleashed chaos and pure evil layered within. Stop posing and support this band!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Solemn Curse-Eruption Of Apocalyptic Chaos (2012)

This 4-track album does not have the typical shitty production, i guess they spent time thinking how to mix this album and the person(s) responsible ought to be given several musical awards for taking a style i really don't like very much and giving it a vibrant new life. Can they play? Hell yeah they can! Solemn Curse is full of melody not only supplied by the amazing riffs but even the screaming vocals have a strange but brutal sound which does hold some kind of weird quality in itself and blends into the music. The music on this album is very emotional epic in every strong contrast to what i've heard since black metal came back in the 90's. Interesting!
Review by Paul Caravasi


Satarial from Russia was created in 1989 by Lord Seth.
It was then called " A.M.S.G. " ( Ad Maiorum Satan Glorium ) and in 1993 changed on Satarial.
Satarial is the first black metal project of Russia. Here's the interview with Drummer/Vocalist Angelika.

1-Who came up with the band name and what does it mean?
Satarial is a hierarchy of Lucifer in a world of Chaos, is a magical formula, leading to understand and to know the real truth. Satarial is a dark fire that destroys the illusions. Satarial is something that is beyond human understanding of good and evil. In this world of these concepts do not exist. The mystery about the name Satarial we disclose in our album "Queen of Elve''s Land". In occult practices this  is a concept that control the third world on the Tree of Chaos. This gate, opening the way to the primordial Fire. This is the formula of knowledge and understanding of the primordial Chaos, this denial and the destruction of illusions of Demiurge. Satarial is what kills God in the soul of people. After  satanic formula AMSG - it was like the next step in the knowledge of the darkest light.

2-Tell me about the line-up of the band
Satarial`s members in 2013:
Lord Seth – vocal, guitar, music, lyric
Angelika – drums, vocal, synthesizers
Egor – bass
Lolita – horn, visual art

3-What languages are your songs generally in and what are the main lyric topics?
Our lyrics touch on a few layers, one of which mysticism and pagan folklore. And the other layer is anti-clericalism. On the creation lyrics inspires wild nature, forests, mountains, our sorcery practices. energy that surround us, and Nordic mythology and history.
Most of our songs are performed in Russian. But in some songs we use old English, ancient Celtic dialects, Latin. Album " Latexxx" was in German and English. The author of all lyrics of the group is the Lord Seth.

4-If you had to describe your music without using genre-tagging or clichés, what
would you say?
Sorcery traditions of the North brought in music Satarial ethnic Influences. The music harmony is based on the ritual combinations of the planets and notes, and melody as the language of the Universe and Nature. All of this in harmony with Nature in the glory of the Triune the Goddess and the Horned Own! Therefore, I think you see why black metal with folk influences.

5-What plans does the band have for 2014 and beyond?
In 2014, the group Satarial will celebrates its 25th anniversary. We want to make a great tour and have live concerts in all cities and countries, in which people love our music. We have already prepared a new program and a new show. Also this year, we will release our new album called "Lunar cross". It will be sound of the heaviest album of Satarial. I`m, Angelica, on this album, recorded not only the keyboards as on the previous albums, but and debut as a drummer. The album will be imbued with magic, mysticism, filled with spells and planetary harmonies. In addition, we plan to release a new video.

6-How popular would you say Metal music is in Russia in general and are there any upcoming young bands you wish to note?
Now metal music in Russia is in crisis. Many clubs are closed. State not very fond of the genre metal, as it is quite provocative. Fewer and fewer people attend concerts. But this is affected by the economic crisis. Young bands break up because of this, before going to the big stage.

7-If you could give any advice to musicians who want to form a band or bands but not sure how to do it / having trouble doing so, what would you recommend?
Probably, the band should think about the correct sound, not to dream of stadiums and rock stars. All has now become much more difficult. All require money.

8-Are there any plans to tour outside Russia at some point?
Yes, we plan to tour in other countries and is currently talking with different organizers and with booking agency. But so far any concrete dates can not call.

9-How long have you been playing drums? who do you take influence from?
I play the drums last two and a half years. Before that I was only a keyboard player. Now at concerts I combine playing drums, keyboards and backing vocals. I consider the drums as not only rhythmical, but also a musical instrument. Therefore, it is important for me to drum set harmoniously sounded also and in the notes.

10-If you could sing a duet with any musician from any time in history, who would it be and why?
Perhaps it would be interesting to do a duet with a group of Qntal. This band have an excellent vocals, which will harmoniously sound with our heavy music.

11-How did you train to become a drummer, was it natural or did it take time?
This all started when Seth told me that I should be playing the drums, in addition to everything else. Because in Russia have a deficiency of good drummers, because they all short time playing in metal bands and then go in commercial music. And so I had to do the drums. But for me it was not a problem. And after six months of practicing, I already played its first gig as a drummer in the band Satarial.

12-If you could take Satarial to only 3 countries (except USA), where would you take them and why?
I think that would be Mexico, Peru and Italy. Mexico and Peru because it is interesting to visit the energy and natural places in these countries, and to make our sorcery practices. And Italy because I like history of Ancient Rome. And because there in the middle ages were developed sorcery traditions more than elsewhere in Europe.

13-What would you say makes Satarial who they are?
Bad that digital cd format is not transmits the power of witchcraft in music.
In our new program we use only analog sounds, analog synthesizers. Melody of this sound penetrate into the deep subconscious. We set up the structure of our guitars in drob G. This is a sound of the Sun, the sound of the explosion, which started our Universe. We use a 7-strings guitar, because such guitars are a real magical instruments. Seven planets magic, the seven gates etc. Bad that digital sound from a CD loses mystical vibrations. It can be felt only at the concerts, live sound. When wave from the stage return back. It's a harmony, it is like a snake that bites its own tail. This is a real ritual, is the initiation and invocation, which pulls out from the illusion to the depths of the primordial chaos.
We are inspired by only the world around us, not touched by people. We deny the illusion created by the Demiurge, and we live by the fact that lie between light and darkness.

14-Thanks Angelika for your time answering this interview for Soulgrinder Zine. Finally are there any hello's, thank you's, etc you wish to send out to friends, family, fans, etc?
Be free from forced the thoughts and opinions of different religions. Do not take illusory world as the truth. You can achieve everything what you want, if you'll believe in yourself!
Blessed be!

1996- And the flame will take the temples of christ (S.I.rec. Russia)
1997- And the flame will take the temples of christ (Hobgoblin rec. Russia)
1998- Queen of the Elves land (Hobgoblin rec. Russia)
1999- Queen of the Elves land ( Italy)
2000- Heidenlarm ( Italy)
2001- Heidenlarm (Irond rec. Russia)
2001- Larm (Hobgoblin rec. Russia)
2005- Tanz mit...Tod (Cyberrock rec. Russia)
2006- Latexxx (Yaros film Russia)
2007- Tanz mit...Tod (Sleszy Rider rec. Greece)
2007- Latexxx (Sleaszy Rider rec. Greece)

1996- Satarial
1998- Valpurgieva nosch
1999- Queen of the Elves land
2006- Gothic Rush
Review by Paul Caravasi

Spewtilator-Goathrower 7" Ep (2014)

Ha, this is the real deal-totally headbanging mania! Spewtilator plays aggressive/raw violent Thrash Metal in the vein of Onslaught, Whiplash, Destruction (Mad butcher), Sodom (In the sign of evil), but they don't try to copy. While having a traditional sound they still  sound fresh and even more original, but who cares about originality as long as it kicks as hard as this. The riffs, production, and the voice-everything sounds like it could have been done in the late 80's. You won't regret buying it!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Necroriser-Violent (2013)

A great 3-piece from Uk. These songs are played to perfection, brutal Death/Thrash
as you need it, it reminds me of Sepultura on Beneath The Remains/Arise era, catchy riffs interludes, classic meaty riffs, and the vocals are pure rage. Chaotic blasting ensure this to be recommended listening for the sick. Metal in every sense of the world. Necroriser rules!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Interview with We all die (laughing)

Here's the interview with the Depressive Progressive Introspective Dark Metal called
We All Die (Laughing).

1-It seems like most bands of today strives towards a brutal direction within he boundaries of metal, while you're in a way different direction and are not afraid to do it. I'm talking about the unique sound of We all die (laughing). Tell me about this heavy release and the interesting cover song.
D : It's a complete release of the mind, very selfish as well since it's Arno & I, from the beginning until the end of it. We chose one track to keep the journey big and it is worth the work we did.

2-What do you think is the biggest difference about your sound compared to new bands?
D : New bands? Oh well, I don't know any new bands, or not that much. But I'd say that we're not really making this music to please people. Which is already something that puts us apart.

3-What is your view upon the metal scene which we have today?
D : Needs more recognition on the underground.

4-Wil there be a time when a performance could happen?
D : Time will tell. We're not against at all. But it might be complex...

5-How do you manage to keep motivated after seeing all the pitfalls in the music industry?
D : Selfish music for selfish people. If I wanted to "win money" mainly, I'd be doing pop music, or something in the likes. Speaking of... who knows.

6-Do you consider your non-metal influences ( if there's any) as important as your metal ones? Explain what your particular non-metal reference points are and what they bring to We all die (laughing).
D : Influences are influences, there is no such thing for me as having two distinct influences from either metal or non metal. On this album, I am mainly influenced by my mind. Where's the music so? I have none. Or if I have, it's mainly what i was listening during the composing/recording of this album, which is mainly Dj Coone / Headhunterz / Brennan Heart (all hardstyle) or John Coltrane, Miles D (Jazz), or some Diamanda Galas there and there. As for metal, I don't remember.

7-What is the meaning behind the band's name?
D : It comes from this underrated band "The Angelic Process". They released an album with this track named "We All Die Laughing" and it fit the description of our music. We put just some brakets to amplify the paradox.

8-Well this is it for now , thanks a lot for answering this interview and good luck. Keep up the good work !
D : You're more than welcome. CYFAWS
Interview by Paul Caravasi

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Death metaller Steve Tucker (ex-Morbid Angel frontman), released their new album, "Orchestrating The Apocalypse" by Warfather on January 21-2014. Check this brief interview out!

1-Hey Steve, what's going on over there? I guess you're preparing the release of your new band these days or what?
Tucker: Hey Brother,all is good, yes I am doing some interviews , in between the US and European release.

2-So what should be expected from Warfather music? Still the same sickness and brutal metal?
Tucker: Yes, It is definately brutal music, I wanted this album to be relentless, I feel the message is urgent.

3-Could you tell me the line-up of the band?
Tucker: Yes, we have Avgvstus on bass, Armatura on guitar, Demios on drums and myself on vocals and guitars.

4-Do you find it difficult keeping a band together and has it been hard going on for all these years in the Death Metal world?
Tucker: I think Keeping a band together has always been a difficult , it is like any relationship, people change and sometimes people get tired of each other.

5-Which are the bands/music you listen to yourself?
Tucker: I listen to a lot of things, lately it has been Katatonia and Soreption, two totally different bands. I have always listened to a variety of things, for me ,like most musicians, I have some music that I love to listen to , but I have no desire to play anything similar. It is all about the mood.

6-How did you come up with the idea of putting Warfather out?
Tucker: Honestly, I felt it was time to have a band again, It was something that I missed, I was still doing projects, but I wasnt really getting to get in a room and jam, I needed that back in my life.

7-Has the media exposure made it easier to spread your music?
Tucker: Media is good, but with it comes opinions, which I generally don't care for. Sensationalism seems to be abundunt in the world today, It is easy to be loved one minute and forgotten the next. This is one of the things I love about metal, it crosses all trends , stands the test of time.

8-Was it hard to choose the artwork for the album?
Tucker: Actually I think it was the easiest thing that happened on OTA. We had the right artist for the job, it went extremely smooth!

9-Have you encountered any violence at your past gigs with Morbid Angel here in the U.S or any other countries or got problems with the police/authorities for your music?
Tucker: I have seen a lot of aggression being released at shows I have done, Not neccessarily violence, But I am sure that if can showed up and recorded video, they would say it was violent. Through my eyes what I see is a brotherhood of people with a similar passion. Occassionally there is an asshole in the crowd that got too drunk, but I am sure you see plenty of this at a country show as well, It is all about how it is percieved, who it is that is acting foolish. People listen to music and attend shows to escape reality.

10-What are the next step for Steven Tucker from now on? Touring a lot maybe?
Tucker: Warfather is now in talks to do tours, so that will be the focus for the next year at least, then we will do another album.

11-I know you're a busy man, so i'll let you get back to whatever you're doing....Final necromantical screams??
Tucker: Cheers for the questions! \,,/ see you at a show
Interview by Paul Caravasi

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Inverticrux-Malcontent Manifestation Monitoring

This is a diverse album, incorporating traditional metal, thrash, doom, and black metal. This makes for a somewhat bizarre, experimental form of extreme metal, that is still brutal and very interesting. The vocals are hellish screams putting operatic vocals as well, This band put a lot of effort into making this a solid release, and i suppose for the most part, that's what it is.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Warfather-Orchestrating The Apocalypse (2014)

Steve Tucker finally unleashes "Orchestrating The Apocalypse" in 2014! Delivering 12 tracks of demonically heavy, memorable Death Metal the way it should be done, it is an audio onslaught straight to your ears, The production isn't bad at all, his might not be the most groundbreaking Death metal release you've ever heard, but Steve knows what he's doing and he does it extremely well. Talent and skill of this caliber should not go unrecognized. I'd like anyone ever said Death metal is dead to pick this album up and then try to prove that statement while we listen together! If all you fuckers could stop listening all the metalcore or deathcore shit for just a few minutes and quit boasting about how technical they are, you could take a listen and realize that Death metal is just as good now as it ever has been!!!The vocals is like hearing an angry psychopath along with a 525-foot blast of brutal metal. THIS IS FKN GOOD!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Chaos In Music-Vol. 2 ( Compilation/2014)

Born Of Chaos Records from Pennsylvania is supporting the local and worldwide scene for a while now. This compilation features 19 bands, March To Victory, Anticosm, Betrayer ftm, Chinga, and more. I would like to see these guys running this label for many years. An interesting compilation from a promising young label. Metal rules!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Seeds Of Perdition-From Within (2014)

Surprisingly well executed Death/Thrash. There's a limited new sound but nothing that kills the vicious atmosphere created by the razor-sharp guitars and pounding drums. There's stuff here that could have come out of the early 90's. This is not to claim it a rip-off but to say something about the quality of the actual songs. For those who still believe in the extreme metal scene need to give this band a try. The songs are equally brutal with such a killer sound there's nothing to do but turn up the volume until your ears bleed!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Betrayer Ftm-Full Blast (2014)

10 tracks of challenging Thrash Metal from Colombia. The material is interesting, for those seeking something else than the usual dose of extreme metal i'd definitely recommend this. I can hear the influences of Motorhead, Hallows Eve and even Nasty Savage with a more clear approach than a dirty thrash sound. But there's some good stuff here, so if you like to drink a few beers and enjoy some killer riffs i'm sure Betrayer ftm will go perfect with it. These guys have a bright future, i hope to hear more from them soon. You won't regret buying "Full Blast"!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Metal Scrap Records-20 Years Anniversary Compilation (2014)

This is 100% pure underground. It is good to see Metal freaks running labels worldwide. The standouts include Hell:On, Crusher, Infected, Cryogenic Implosion, Ram-Page, Mind Affliction, Ungrace, and more... 16 bands and two cds, also featuring videos and an interview with the owner of the label Anatoliy Kondyuk. This compilation you have to listened to a maximun force, a strong compilation from a promising label. Keep up the good work guys!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Def/Light-Transcendevil (2014)

Another band from Ukraine. Black metal with a vintage sound and i would have to mention influences hovering around Dimmu Borgir, they have a bit of Death metal as well.9 tracks that will draw your own conclusions on their originality.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Halberd-Ruthless Game (2014)

Some more Thrash Metal. This time Halberd from Russia, five tracks of groove, heavy riffs, vocals  in the style of Sacred Reich, their music is moshy and well produced for followers of this style. This band keeps those 90's days rekindled and even keeping it updated somehow. A solid release!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Death Of Kings-Knifehammer 7" Ep (2013)

Two tracks of Heavy/Thrash. This Ep shines with a razor sharp production filled with power, the cover art and presentation of this 7" is killer. If you don't know who this band is, well, this Ep is definitely worth your time. Looking forward to hear more from this band in the future. You need to hear this for yourself!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sadistic Ritual-Hellish Mercenary 7" Ep (2013)

Thanks to Boris Records from Atlanta for sending me this Ep. Sadistic Ritual method of attack is similar to Whiplash on Ticket to Mayhem. They take the most fistbanging old school riffs, and mix it with only the most cult elements of the current thrash metal style. The frozen guitar sound takes you into a demonic, suicidal force. This band is playing fkn metal, this 7' Ep features 2 tracks. I hope to hear a full lenght album soon. You should go buy this Ep. Long live Metal!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Mastic Scum-CTRL (2013)

Brutally malicious, painfully aggressive and lethally heavy! Mastic Scum from Austria are technically challenging-yes, brutal as fuck and original. One thing for sure though, they will make your ears bleed. No matter what, this band bites down hard and refuse to let go until blood is spilling so watch out or you might be the one ending up six feet below killed by this brutal music!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Dyatlov-Desconocida Fuerza Incontenible (2014)

The ravaging Thrash Metal sickness of Dyatlov will make blood flow and corpses rise from their graves! Make sure your head is safely screwed unto your shoulders, as this album will cause some savage headbanging. These Maniacs from Argentina know how to fkn thrash. Also,Thanks to Leticia Rodrigues for supporting the Argentinian Metal scene. Thrash 'til death!

Sunlord-The First One (2013)

Sunlord from New York city definitely are doing good music, stone rock with thrashing edge. The songs are strong and they score some extra points with this release. There are some heavy-as-balls parts on this album that really kicks ass "Onward Riding" for example, the voice is a mix between Lemmy and Jeff Becerra. There are moments when they break the barrier and present some crushing riffs as well, decent combination of heaviness and some aggression as they're not afraid to show their Argentinian roots and influences.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Dirigiri (2014)

The year of self-financed cd's brings us yet another keeper, Dirigiri from Texas. The first thing that grabs you here are the vocals and guitar, a very old school brutal throat, early Deicide comes to mind or BoltThrower as well. Very refreshing to hear for a change, as most really heavy Death Metal bands these days prefer the low end gurgle. The production is superb! A fat sound accompanies the likewise riffs, and the band can handle themselves at any speed. What's really cool is that they're dedicated musicians. Save the trip to Best Buy or Walmart to look for the new Deathcore stuff, and write this band instead. Grow some nuts, be a man. Quality Death Metal here up for grabs. Good underground stuff!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Monday, February 3, 2014


Banda formada originalmente en 1995 por Lucas Rimaudo (Vocals) y Juan (Guitarrista), quienes provenian de diferentes proyectos mas volcados al Heavy Metal, Hard Rock y Thrash Metal, que en esta ocasión tenian la firme intencion de llevar un sonido mas extremo, influenciados por Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Vibrion y Carnal Scum, asi nacio Atrofiamiento que empezo haciendo un Grindcore Noise muy rapido y muy sucio, para finales del 95’ el grupo intenta preparar un Demo Tape, pero les imposible debido a la falta de musicos en Santiago del Estero, es asi que bajo la colaboración de Coco (Guitarrista) y Paco (Baterista) graban un Demo en una sola toma, de 4 canciones, esto sucedió a comienzos de 1996. Unos meses después terminan componiendo temas, pero durante 1998, Atrofiamiento termina por acabar en un receso intenso, debido a que sus dos unicos integrantes, se deciden por hacer otra cosa. Durante años habia quedado guardado el unico registro de aquella grabacion, hasta que en el 2014, el que fuera baterista de Atrofiamiento, Paco habla con Lucas nuevamente para ver que hacian con dicha grabacion, el mismo vocalista de Atrofiamiento, decide volver a activar a la banda, editando el demo bajo el nombre de “Primer Mutilacion: La Invocacion de las Bestias” en su version CD-R de 200 unicas copias y tambien una limitada edicion en Demo Tape. Siendo este el primer registro que se hizo en Santiago del Estero, dentro del genero Grindcore Noise, que para algunos era una muestra de un sonido muy extremo y muy emparentado con Napalm Death de la epoca de “Scum”.
Los reunidos ATROFIAMIENTO en esta epoca se encuentran comandados por Lucas (Vocals), Juan (Guitarras/Bajo) y Paco (Bateria). Quienes estan preparando lanzar durante este 2014, un EP que sera la antesala de su primer album oficial, eso ya sera en el 2015, mientras tanto Atrofiamiento esta preparando un EP, mientras promociona su antiguo Demo Tape, toda una reliquia del underground Argentino. Aqui les presento la entrevita con Lucas.

1- Hola Lucas.Dime donde nacio Atrofiamiento y cuando?
Lucas: Primero que nada gracias por tu apoyo e interes en difundirnos en tu blog y fanzine,
la verdad la historia es medio extensa, pero empezare contandote que nos formamos alla
por 1995, ponele finales de ese año, en Santiago del Estero (norte de Argentina). En un
principio costo muchisimo, porque nuestra ciudad no estaba preparada para esta musica,
asi que consegui cierta formacion inestable hasta 1998, cuando me fui a estudiar y
trabajar a otro lado, le di silencio a esta banda, que en su momento fue algo increible
porque fuimos los primeros en nuestra ciudad en tocar Grindcore y musica extrema,
pasaron 18 años desde que nos formamos y bueno de algun modo, estamos de regreso
porque Atrofiamiento es una parte brutal mia, que no se ira nunca mas y tiene mucho por
escribir y decir.

2--Cuentame acerca de todos tus trabajos ya sean con fanzines o bandas extremas.
Imagino tienes mucho que contar.
Lucas: Bueno tras 1998, yo residi en Tucuman, una ciudad estudiantil muy encantadora,
alli no habia mucha escena, continue editando mi fanzine Debajo del Imperio y tambien
forme otro proyecto llamado Nightagh, que duro hasta el 2010, era bastante brutal, pero
mas Death Metal, en el 2004 lanze "Unlesashed The Chaos" y tuvo muy buena respuesta,
luego, yo viviendo ya aqui en Rosario (Santa Fe) revivi esa aventura y grabe en el 2009 a
"Psychopath Degeneration", los cuales pienso re editar en algun momento, digo yo,
veremos que pasara, debido a que quedo mucho material guardado. Termino por llamarse
ACROSSER, pero no segui mas, tambien participe como corresponsale de varios medios
graficos y webzine en Europa y Latino America, a su vez yo aparte hago Trono de
Serpientes Zine, algo muy vocado al Death Grind Black Metal, organize muchos conciertos
y festivales, pero eso es muy agotador, me retire de eso, prefiero hacer revistas y mis
proyectos en la musica, que son muchos por cierto!

3-Quienes fueron sus integrantes de la banda y de donde son?
Lucas: Bueno en un comienzo con Atrofiamiento, fuimos yo, Juan y Paco, que son de dos
hermanos, nos ayudaban a veces amigos, todos ellos se quedaron en mi ciudad natal
Santiago del Estero, yo ahora resido en Rosario, o sea que la nueva formacion que se vera
en los directos, solamente quedo yo en las voces, el resto sera una formacion nueva, a
menos que algunos de la primera line up decida unirse, pero es complicado, ellos tienen
sus vidas personales y estan alejado de la musica.

4-Cual fue la motivacion de formar la banda?
Lucas: La que te comentaba al inicio de la entrevista, que es hacer algo muy brutal,
influenciado por Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Brutality, Carcass, Crematorio, Carnal
Scum y Vibrion, ellos me enfermaron la mente a finales del 93' y bueno mi rumbo cambio
para siempre.

5-Me comentabas que tienes un Zine tambien.
Lucas: Desde 1996 redacto el mitico DEBAJO DEL IMPERIO: BOOK OF STEEL, una
revista con cierta cantidad de dementes que siguen mis numeros que estan super
especializados dentro del Heavy Metal y Speed Metal y bueno aparte esta el sangriento
Trono de Serpientes Zine, un vomito totalmente underground....

6-Cual es la direccion musical de Atrofiamiento?
Lucas: en su epoca fue muy extremo, mejor dicho eramos terriblementes ruidosos y
enfermos, ahora seguimos mas Grindcore y algunas cositas Death Metal muy influenciados
por Waco Jesus, Pig Destroyer, Terrorizer y mi amor eterno por Napalm Death...ya
escucharan cuando en Julio haya un nuevo EP....

7-Cuales son las bandas que te gustan actualmente? Crees que la escena Metal esta bien
en estos momentos?
Lucas: Creo que esta mejor que hace 20 años atras, la gente sabe mas y se informa mas
que hace años, se perdio el circulo del under extricto para entendidos, eso seguro, pero
todo cambio tiene un sacrificio, pienso yo, por ahi hay mucha mediocridad que es producto
de eso mismo, no? Es larga la discusion, pero a su vez interesante, lo cierto que el mundo
del Metal cambio mucho para bien y para mal tambien.

8-Hay bandas en la misma linea en tu pais aparte de Atrofiamiento?
Lucas: Argentina es un pais muy Heavy, por ahi Socialshit, Crematorio, Fibroma, pero
todos son mas Death o Grindcore, pero asi Noise en los 90's no era nadie, estabamos
nosotros, Scud y no se por ahi el primer Vibrion, podria ser, pero hoy en dia tampoco hay
nadie usando la bandera del Grind Noise, como que aqui la escena es muy suave y Heavy,
debe haber bandas, capaz, pero yo no las conozco, asi extremas...mmmmmh la verdad que

9-Cuales fueron tus influencias en un principio?
Lucas: Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Brutality, Carcass, Crematorio, Carnal Scum y

10-Hoy en dia hay muchísimas bandas pero muy pocos zines dedicados al Metal
underground. ¿Cual es tu opinión acerca de este tema y como crees que se desenvolverá
en los próximos años?
Lucas: Creo que es un tema eso, porque primero puedo hablarte de Argentina, donde en
los 90's hubo una explosion de material underground, pero jamas hubo continuidad, ese
tambien es el problema, el otro que no te dejes engañar, hay muchos que en los 90's
hacian apoyo porque no les respondian las bandas grandes, ahora como pueden hacer
entrevistas a Kiss o Motley Crue, te dicen EVOLUCIONAMOS NOSOTROS y te cobran por
un puto espacio ¿Donde quedo el compromiso y amor por este genero? En la billetera, que
se vayan al demonio, los que quedamos, valemos mas que los cipayos ignorantes que se
fueron, al dia de hoy, veo mucho eso, yo morire haciendo mis fanzines y tocando mi
musica, porque es parte de mi vida, ese es mi mensaje que le dejo a mi hijo y la escena,
que un dia dira mi padre lucho por sus ideales y asi fue hermano, dejemos un legado que
los que hijos del Metal, un dia seguiran eso por amor y pasion, todo seguira, pero a su
tiempo. Espero si que la escena latina evolucione y no se quede atras, Argentina es un
ejemplo como es un pais tan grande, pero deja desear mucho como escena de verdadero

11-Crees que les falta originalidad a algunas nuevas bandas?
Lucas: Si vos decis por el Slam y gente como Monumental Torment, cosas muy ligeras y anti naturales, puede ser, pero es otra generacion, otro pensamiento, el tiempo dira si seguiran emulando a los que hicimos en los 80's y 90's...veremos...

12-Cual seria tu opinión de una banda que tiene un sonido de death metal sucio o
Grindcore pero que lidia con liricas políticas por ejemplo? ¿Cambiaria esto tu percepción?
Lucas: En Argentina las primeras bandas extremas eran sociales, aqui se usa mucho eso, hasta las bandas de cumbia le cantan a la desocupacion y la hambruna, no se, si quieres cambiar algo, pienso que el camino es la accion social y no cantar y decir "fuera los opresores" eso me parece de cuarta y que no queda mas que en un canto populista de mierda, yo hablo de muerte, locuras, enfermedades, etc. No me interesa hacer lo que muchos hacen aqui en mi pais, que mucho hablar, pero no salen de Capital Federal, si les invitas para un concierto a beneficio de sacar a los chicos del analfabetismo y hambre, a ver si vienen..mmmh lo dudo mucho, de boca todos somos guapos, pero en la acciones se manifiesta todo.

13-Como fue la recepción del público a Atrofiamiento antes y ahora?
Lucas: HORRORIZADOS!!! Nos decian que estabamos locos y enfermos, con el pasar de los años el demo del 96' fue de culto, hasta que bueno el ex batero me paso el demo para volver a editarlo y eso mismo hice en este año "Primer Mutilacion" se edito en CD-R en Argentina y ahora estoy cerrando para editarlo tambien en Split en Chile y Europa, ademas lo vamos a presentar en Chile en el Festival Salamanca Metal & Rock, a mediados de Noviembre y pensamos hacer 4 fechas mas en Chile, luego pienso que grabaremos un disco debut, pero bueno la re edicion de este demo, ahora lo ven como una reliquia de culto y todo el mundo nos da una mano con esto, eso es algo que sorprendio muchisimo, de todo el mundo llegan propuestas para hacer entrevistas, reviews, publicar la biografia, etc. Por eso estoy preparando un nuevo EP.

14-Terminando con la entrevista, ¿podrías mencionar algunos de tus discos favoritos de
metal de tu pais y extranjero?
Lucas: Argentina:
Crematorio "El Rostro de la Opresion"
Vibrion "Deseased"
Fibroma "Demo"
V/A Plegarias del Horror
Pogrom "Flagellum Daemonum"
Inferi "The End of a Weak Nature"
Infierno "El Llamado del Diablo"

Tzelmoth "Nefario Ritual..."
Nebiros "Mas Que Vencedor"
Waco Jesus "Mayhem Doctrine"
Napalm Death "Utopia Banished"
Pig Destroyer "Prowler in the Yard"
Aborted "Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done"

15-Gracias por tu tiempo en responder esta entrevista. Buena suerte.
Lucas: Gracias a ti por tu tiempo y tus preguntas, espero haberte respondido lo que esperabas, se lo que es hacer un fanzine, claro que lo se, tambien quiero agradecer a los que alguna vez fueron parte de Atrofiamiento y bueno estoy trabajando para sacar un nuevo material, en esta etapa de regreso, que esten seguros a nadie va decepcionar, porque siguo totalmente atrofiado de la mente ja ja un saludo a todos, gracias por todo.
Entrevista por Paul Caravasi