Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thrash Bomb-Mission Of Blood E.P/Cassette (2013)

Ass whopping Thrash Metal Assault from Italy!!Their sound reminds me of Slaughter, Dark Angel, Zoetrope, Vio-Lence, and early Anthrax. These guys like the " Old school". 5 well-written tracks which satisfy the craving for raw Thrash. The drumming and the constant barrage of riffs proves why i as well as you should appreciate this band. A favorite of mine already from this slow-developing yet rising underground phenom from overseas. Hope to see more from the band in the future. A sound that will be cracking your skull!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Memorain-Seven Sacrifices (2013)

A 5-piece Thrash Attack from Greece influenced by Sacred Reich, Toxik, Exodus and all the American Thrash Scene. Not really original in terms of the riffs they represent, but they do remind me of the Holt/Hunolt attack had. They show promise and hopefully the next release will give me more to go on. You need to hear what these guys are doing for this release!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Rampage-The Depths Of Rage (2013)

Death/Thrash from Russia! They tend to do the same thing as other Thrash Metal bands, but diversify it nicely with crafty guitarwork with constant shifting tempos. To be honest i don' like the voice but the musicianship is interesting. Will satisfy the need for speed and keeps the pit lively.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Eye Of Solitude-Canto III (2013)

The third full lenght cd of Eye of Solitude had an impact on me. 6 tracks based on Dante's Inferno, 66 minutes of dark funeral doom melodies, ultra-low vocals, it's the most amazing stuff  i've heard in the form of music. A killer guitar sound that makes you suffer, it doesn't really encourage any headbanging. Instead you'll walk into Hell and back. This band attacked my brain and will continue to haunt me in the afterlife. Love it or hate it, no matter what i doubt you'll understand it. For me i'll let myself descend into the abyss!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Scalpel-Sorrow And Skin (2013)

Well, this band it is not anything totally out of this world but definitely has extreme power. Bands that come to mind are Suffocation, Deicide, Mortician, Brujeria. Scalpel utilizes aggression well; this could hurt the toughest of all moshers. Decent production with nice packaging. Get in touch with Sevared Records to obtain a copy!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Virus-A New Strain Of An Old Disease (2013)

Thrash Metal is just what the lunatic doctor ordered! Ungodly maniac Metal playing by no rules, this is 2013 when Metal needs more wild and free sound, Virus is here to kick your ass, it is cool to get a chance to hear these british thrashers playing unadultered Metal. If you like German Thrash
this band is definitely for you. Crushing riffs, insane drumming, in other words Metal to the bone!
Review by Paul Caravasi


If you like traditional Heavy Metal then this is a good purchase for you, especially if you don't know their music at all. Cruxiter plays in an old fashioned style which makes you shake your fist and sing along or play it loud, if you enjoy Manowar, Judas Priest, Maiden, or early Queenryche/Fates Warning then you should know what i'm talking about. Cool band, you won't be disappointed!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Interview with WRATH-Thrash Metal from Chicago

The original WRATH from Chicago-land. Here's the interview with guitar player Scott Nyquist.

1-First of all, thanks Scott for your time in answering this interview for my blig. How did you come up with a style so Thrashy but groovy at the same time from a band like Wrath back in the day?
-Our style was developed over the course of many years. We don’t write for anyone but ourselves, and are our own worst critic! We pride ourselves on writing interesting and memorable “hooks” and we try to keep the complexity of a song in a tasteful range. That said, every band is a product of their influence.

2-Where did the name Wrath come from?
-The name WRATH came from Gary Modica’s brothers band’s song title, “Black Knight’s Wrath”. Gary’s other choice was Realm, whom we played shows with later (from Milwaukee WI).

3-Did Wrath become popular here in the states and outside usa? What about these days, do you think is the same reaction from the old school fans?
-Our popularity was probably bigger outside US in early days once we put out Fit Of Anger. We were introduced to the world as they were introduced to us. We had no idea how huge metal was outside the states. The states however were VERY kind to us on tours, etc. Our audience is older fans and younger fans who discovered 80’s metal later on. Recent festival shows found us talking to people who were in their forties and newer fans in their early twenties. That’s fucking cool!!!

4-Are there any bands on today's metal music scene that you feel have been able to create a unique sound on their own?
-Newer bands like HAVOC, LAZARUS AD, DIAMOND PLATE, AND WARBRINGER have definitely tapped into the vibe and feel of true 80’s thrash. Those bands have bright futures, and their musicianship is fucking outstanding!

5-Tell me a little about all the special Re-issued cds of the band.
-Stormspell Records reached out to us to re-issue Fit Of Anger and Nothing To Fear. We opted to release it as a package deal with a bonus DVD – Mutants of rare and raw live footage from the days of those releases. Iordan and staff did an outstanding job on the layouts! We are considering re-issuing Insane Society at some point in the near also.

6-What bands were your main influences starting out?
-Our influences back in the early days: Priest, Maiden, Sabbath, Accept, Motorhead, Metallica, Anthrax, and any other NWOBHM and later bands. Still listen to a lot of it!!

7-What kind of response did you get when the band reformed?
-The band kind of went silent around 1994-95 cuz the metal scene was in dire condition here in Chicago area. When we reformed in ’98-99, we picked up where we left off. It’s been fun ever since. Fans are so loyal in metal. We are very fortunate to have so many ties to the 80’s metal genre. It has meant a lot to our existence today.

8-What can people expect from a live Wrath show?
-At WRATH shows you’re going to see five guys give everything they have in the tank to make sure you leave with a thorough ass kicking! If you are not kicked in the ass, you are not paying attention. If you are not paying attention, stay home!!!

9-Insane Society is a cool cd, tell me about the unique lyrics on that album, what was the inspiration?
-The inspiration on Insane Society is rooted in all that was going on around us at the time (’89-90). Doomsday predictions (Test of Faith), plane crashes (Panic Control), Religious leaders molesting children (Closed Doors), and a very special trip to New York City (Insane Society). It’s kind of crazy how all of those themes are still happening here in 2013!

10-Mtv was such a good way to promote bands back in the day? It was all about music. What is your opinion about today's Mtv?
-Today’s MTV is dead to us.

11-How is Wrath different from the other thrash metal bands?
WRATH differs a bit in that we can relate to anyone. We’ve had comments from people over the years that were at a show and never liked metal, but they thoroughly enjoyed our show. Our singer Scott Matrise sings with very strong vocal melodies. He can bark when he needs to, and he can sing like his life depended on it. All of our singers over the years have brought something unique to the table. I think people can latch onto that easily. We are metal, but we are easy to digest!

12-What does the future hold for Wrath?
-Future is very good! We are finishing up our latest record as we speak (two solid years in the making!) and we recently hooked up with some people who were very instrumental in getting WRATH out on the road and spreading out. We are stoked!!!

13-Any words for the Soulgrinder readers and thrashers out there? Thanks for the interview Scott.
Interview by Paul Caravasi

Monday, November 18, 2013


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Interview with Insurrection

Deathmetal band from Gatineau, Québec, Canada.
Interview Answered by Vocalist Stef Jomphe

1-The music of Prototype is not a  walk in the park, who's in charge of that, tell me about the line-up.
We kind of wish it was a walk in the park, beacuse most parks we've seen were fucking disgusting and populated by oddballs! That sounds like us to some degree!

2-Where are you from?
We're all from Gatineau, which is right next to Ottawa, Canada’s capital!

3-A lot of bands share the same cult influences of Metal's past, but what are some of the newer bands to influence you?
Influences come from such random places, and we're all influenced by pretty much radically different bands! I don’t know what influences the other guys lately, but I've been listening to a lot of Hypocrisy, Bloodbath and such.

4-Are you happy with the production of the album?
For the production, we went with Topon Das of Fuck The Facts and we got the result we wanted: something organic and that breathes, yet heavy! Pierre Rémillard (Obliveon, Cryptopsy, Krisiun, etc) did the mixing and mastering for this one!

5-How would you describe the music of Insurrection in a few words?
I'd say it's death metal based on groove, a good mix of technicality and straight up simple heaviness. We're not over the top and we try to keep it catchy and fun to listen to.

6-What is your opinion on the current state of the Metal Scene in Canada and worlwide?
It's hard to tell where things are headed. I'd say band wise things are going pretty good and the fans are there, but it's hard to tell what state it's in since we were never 'it'.

7-Who writes the music and lyrics for the band and how did you decide singing in both languages French and English?
The music was written by pretty much everyone in the band as opposed to previous albums, and I (Stef) do all the lyrics. I never really took a conscious decision to write in both languages, I just did it beacuse I could. French has some pretty intricate ways of describing things and English is simpler and catchier.

8-Have you had any label interest outside Canada?
We haven't really looked outside of Canada to be honest. We've always been DIY up till this album and the indiegogo campaign we did went in that direction.

9-How did you come up with your band name?
The band name came after a LOT of arguing and thinking and suggestions. We wanted something bilingual: that was important. Even now people still mess up our name pronunciation and mix up two languages! We didn't want anything gory or overly typical, but something easy to remember with a kick!

10-Have you always spoken English? Is it your second language?
English is our second language, but in Gatineau, it's hard not to work in English due to its proximity to Ottawa!

11-Do you guys play a lot of shows?
We try to play as many shows as we can. In our Unrockstardom, we have jobs and lives, but we're pushing hard to reach out to the fans and do what we do best!

12-What are you plans for the future?
I think we're overdue for a video clip. That and promoting the new album. eventually we'll start working on number 4 :)

13-Well, seems like i'm out of questions for now. Thanks for your time in answering this intrview, good luck with everything and this space is for you my friend.
Thanks for your time! Hope to see you at a show sometime!
Interview by Paul Caravasi

Friday, November 15, 2013

Kobra and the Lotus (2013)

Well-written Heavy Metal tunes. There are some melodic-hitters on here, but the beef was into the songwriting with more feeling, emotions and careful construction of the songs using more of a soundscape style with their melodic/Heavy Metal style and ability to hit the notes right, giving the music more power and uplift, very much in the European way actually. Great skills and vicious guitar solos makes this album a feast for those who hunger for the Traditional Heavy Metal sound. Despite the clear similarities and somewhat classic style. Kobra and the Lotus has come up with their own sound at the same time, as they're not afraid to show their roots and influences.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Disfigurement-Soul Rot (2013)

Blaaaaassstt! You fuck!!! The 5-piece from Atlanta,Ga definitely rocks your cranium with ultra-sheer sonic circumcision, murderous speed and schizo-strengthed songs (there's 5) wil keep your hands lightly gripped on a 90lb double-edged axe awaiting the first victim that interupts this maxiCd when you're listening. The fucked scenario i leave you is early Kataklysm meets Incantation and Immolation! Grind your way to these maniacs.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, November 8, 2013

Mosh-Pit Justice (2013)

Another bands that's influences by Forbidden, Overkill, and Exodus. Mosh-pit Justice is like hearing "Forbidden Evil" once again, It's nothing new here but it's been well-played. I want to thank Mariyan for hooking me up with this cool cd, these guys like the "old school" with the influences before mentioned, 10 tracks which satisfy the craving for Thrash. The drumming and the constant barrage of riffs proves why i as well as you should appreciate this band. Not bad at all!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Soul Reminants-Black and Blood (2013)

A 5-piece from Boston that's very brutal like early Morbid Angel, Immolation, and Pestilence; intense, powerful and great, catchy songwriting. You may find it to be a bit typical in spots, but there's plenty of ideas floating in and out of each song which keeps the listener's interest. This is the kind of bands that remind me of the glorious 90's, with the blast beats, speed, brutal grind and still room left for harmonious parts. 9 tracks of material in the veins of the bands already mentioned without beign a clone. This is a must before it's gone!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Insurrection-Prototype (2013)

Have no knowledge of this band prior to this release, but it's certainly not bad. Powerful riffing and technically musicianship and a decent production. The technical level is good and if Insurrection continues in this direction i'm sure we'll hear more from them. It's a mixture of Death Metal with an occasional Thrashing style in the riffing they span through a wide spectre of genres though it never sounds confusing or loose it's foothold. Quite the opposite actually, as they have very much their own style and churn out tight and heavy rhytms with a convincing precision and determination. Lyrics in both languages French and English. A crushing production tops this off and leaves me curious on what to expect from these guys in the future. The Canadian Metal scene is getting stronger every day!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Infected Society-Get Infected (2012)

If Kaotoxin and Give Praise records mantain the quality of their releases the way it's been so far, they'll definitely be one of the strongest labels around. Certainly they won't grow big, as they don't care about the current trends at all, but they will definitely come out of it with pride and integrity. Same could be said for Infected Society whose album is an extreme metal feast of Grindcore. In a way the emphasis of the riffing is laid on Thrash, but it sounds so fuckin' demented that it can easily labelled Grindcore/Thrash. No matter what, the guitars pierce like white-hot needles and the vocals cut like razors. This cd features 6 pulverizing tracks including 2 covers, Napalm Death's Necessary Evil and Pantera-Sandblasted Skin. This band will leave you beaten, screaming for more. I'm sure i'll hear more from them!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Accion Mutante-Worst than a Virus ( 2013)

This German band was formed in the 90's, but still they pump out some of the meanest Grindcore i've heard for a long while. Accion Mutante presents 17 tracks of vicious, raw and hateful grinding complete with english lyrics, i can only give my praise to these maniacs for having delivered such a brutal gift of pure extreme-angry metal. Vicioussssssss!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Haiduk-Plagueswept (2010)

In 2012, I had the privilege of reviewing this solo project before on Aquelarre Zine# 14. Now i have the chance to do it once again with this cd from 2010. From the ever-growing Canadian underground comes Haiduk performing fast, and aggressive Black/Death Metal. The raw, dry death rasps of Luka Milojica are truly vile and with a brutally heavy sound this cd should definitely be worth picking up. It's very different than "Spellbook" (2012), but this one gets the job done in a brutal way too!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Reborn From Ashes #7 (2013)-Usa

The warrior of the underground Metal scene has another unleashment. Reborn from ashes is a zine you need to take time out and soak in the vast supply of info. Xeroxed with a cool layout, the cover art by Mark Riddick is FKN killer. As far as the content, there's lenghty interviews with Anatomia, Horrendous, Revel in Flesh, Vanessa and Billy of Razorback Records, Offal, Bloodsoaked, Xolotl-A load of reviews, decently done as always. Recommended for all supporters of printed zines, Tony knows music pretty well and doesn't ass-kiss. You don't want to miss this one so drop Tony a line and secure a copy of true Metal history.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Leukoplakia Zine # 3 (2013)-Mexico

Leukoplakia is also on it's 3rd issue and has improved even more with the interviews and layout. This issue has some interesting chats with the owners of Razorback Records, Ascended Dead, Devouring Faith, Envenomed, Violet Magic, Survival, Jacobo Cordova (Majestic Downfall/Zombiefication), Disgorge,Ruined-a decent amount of sincere reviews.For many who enjoy any underground zines, check this one out, quality work from Mexico. Written in Spanish, Leukoplakia Zine is good reading and worth supporting due to the devotion to the underground metal scene. Good Job Sergio!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Diovim Zine # 3 (2013)-Lithuania

This should be a zine you have at least heard of. Each issue is very similar to the last one, with the exception of the photos which are cool. I must say , the lay out continues in the same direction with a nice neat text. Interviews include Toxik, Maelstrom, Desaster, Lecherous Nocturne to name a few, and a good amount of reviews( demo, zine and cds), there's even a nice tribute to Jeff Hanneman. My only problem once again with this zine is that i don't read Lithuanian and the price of the zine is unknown, other than that it's well worth it, check it out and support printed zines!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Wan-Enjoy the Filth (2013)

The label, i know, is from Sweden; the band is a mistery a i didn't get too much info on them. This cd features 13 tracks of filthy Black Metal in the vein of Darkthrone/Marduk and Immortal. Very catchy and chunky/fast riffs, also with a Venom/Hellhammer influences as well,  for their Black Metal approach i was impressed with the band. You need to hear this for yourself, another Swedish band that shouldn't be missed.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Cursed 13-Triumf (2013)

Here's another band using the classic approach of Black Metal. But what separates this band compared to others is the overall musicianship is a little bit better and production is very respectable for beign very underground. 11 tracks of basic Black metal even though i don't lust the vocals much and i can overlook that easier than most. Anyway, they have to be a well-respected entity in Sweden!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Argus-Beyond The Martyrs (2013)

I want to thank Scott of Clawhammer Pr for hooking me up with this cool Heavy Metal band out of Western-Pa. These guys like the old school-traditional metal with influences ranging from Maiden/Attacker/Sabbath and Saxon, 8 well-written tracks which satisfy the craving for traditional heavy metal. The riffs, vocals and solos proves why i as well as you should appreciate this band. Hope to see more from Argus and its label Cruz del Sur in the future.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Death Toll Rising-Infection Legacy (2013)

Brutal Death/Thrash Metal from Canada. I can't recall the double bass stopping for a second, the production is decent, vocals are very similar to Jeff Walker of Carcass, and i suppose you wouldn't be too far off if you wanted too compare the music to Carcass also. However, there are significant differences, maybe the simplicity and brutality of At The Gates would be slightly closer. Kick ass solos and demented riffs are the main thing on these maniacs. If there is any justice in the world, this band will not remain unknown for long. You need to hear this cd, Don't consider yourself a fan of extreme metal unless you own this flawless nine-song release, there's no other way!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Relentless-Souls of Charon (2013)

Six tracks of challenging Stoner Rock with a Dooming edge, the material is really cool, it's for those seeking something else than the usual brutal dose of Metal. Guess it's more for fans of Pentagram or Black Sabbath, the vocals by Carlee sounds great and the songs are good too. The riffs are fucking tight, took me a few listens to get into this but it's definitely worth it cause there's some interesting stuff going on here. Would like to hear some more from Relentless.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Down Among The dead Men-Self titled (2013)

Viciously brutal Punk/Crust Death Metal is what put down by these maniacs on this 13 song release. Nothing new, but deliciously heavy and dirty, it's like a Hammerhead to the skull-gory, ugly and deadly, reminds me of Extreme Noise Terror, Benediction and Napalm Death ( Harmony Corruption era) and they're damn good at it. Killer voice, gutripping guitars and with a production at whole that would put many albums to shame. Down among the dead Men will grind you down, tear chasm in your mind. There's nothing to do but turn up the volume until your ears bleed!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Demonical-Darkness Unbound (2013)

Swedish Death Metal in the early 90's style. Surprisingly good and raw as motherfuck! A vicious atmosphere created by the razor-sharp guitars and pounding drums. There's stuff here that could have come out of the underground in those glorious days. This is not to claim it a rip-off but to say something about the quality of the actual songs. For those who still believe in extreme metal, you won't regret buying this cd.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Bodyfarm-The coming Scourge (2013)

More brutal metal from Netherlands. Straight forward Death Metal with 10 tracks of potent guitar tone used in the past by several bands such as Nihilist, Carnage or Entombed. The riffs are savage and definitely show the influence of the old school. Chaotic blasting and a demented voice ensure this to be recomended listening for the sick. Death fuckin' Metal in every sense of the word. Not for wimps!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Pentagram-The Malefice (2013)

From beyond the graves of Chile comes 10 unmerciful trax of relentless, brutal, Death/Thrash, in the old vein. Pentagram's  "The Malefice" delivers heavy hooks, lightning fast guitar riffs, blinding and blasting drum beats, and deadly raw vocals that your soul will scream with. These maniacs from Chile have returned to deliver the way it should be done, brutal and memorable. There can be no escape of this Southamerican attack!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Mountain Throne-Stormcoven (2013)

A new band from Germany, but the music is fuckin' old style Heavy/Doom Metal lunacy. The lyrics seem a bit dark though, in the vein of Mercyful Fate, no matter what, the music is filthy and i love it! I hate that ticking sound that more and more bands seem to prefer, so i was disappointed to hear it on some cds i reviewed. Mountain Throne is one of the best Heavy Metal bands out there, they sound evil as fuck, the solos shred like barbed wire and the vocal is like hearing Ozzy Osbourne on Steroids. Would love to see' em live someday, meanwhile i'll give Stormcoven another listen. Cool stuff found on this album!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Trainwreck Architect-Traits of the Sick (2013)

This band from Canada is fkn diverse and heavy. Featuring Jeff Waters (Annihilator) on track "As killer breathe" (that's a plus), the vocals are melodic- powerful as well, chunky riffs, punishing timings musically and a lot of Sabbath influences. A very good band and i hope these guys get the underground promotion they deserve. I somehow adapted to their cool classic sound and enjoy their original approach too. This one will do just fine!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Maghanat-There's no Escape (demo/2010)

This band display absolute a cool Death/Thrash technique, i'm reminded of old Sepultura, Slayer and even old Coroner with the vocals in the vein of Celtic Frost. Well, regardless of musical influences, Maghanat is intense and they kick ass. If you still haven't heard these maniacs, you need to get on the ball. It will definitely be worth your time. I hope to hear a full lenght cd soon. Mosh or die!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Demorian-Disco Diabolique (2013)

Still slower than a sludge that's about to overdose on sleeping pills. Sweden's saddest souls Demorian bring us their new cd, if you feel miserable already you'll surely not be any happier after sitting through these almost 37 minutes of ultra depressive industrial doom. Definitely an album that won't home with averyone, rather finds its way to a few twisted individuals searching through the boundaries of what metal got to offer.Love it or hate it, no matter what i doubt you'll understand it.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Enmachined-Thrash Assault/Demo 2013

Ha, this is cool. Totally headbanging mania! Enmachined from Bangladesh plays aggressive and violent Thrash metal in the vein of early Artillery, Overkill and Exodus (bonded by blood era) but they don't try to copy. While having a traditional sound they still sound fresh and maybe even original. But who cares about originality as long as it kicks as hard as this. The riffs, the production, and the voice-everything sounds like it could have been done 23 years ago. As soon as you pop this into your Cd player though you won't regret buying it.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Aggressive Mutilator-Death Toll VI (Demo 2013)

This is some totally fuckin' depraved, vicious and furious Black/Thrash metal, and even if the bass lacks on this recording it still shreds. Obviously the sound is not the best, but good enough to confirm these guys are on to something. This is very much in the European and Brazilian tradition and the ultra wicked riffing is topped by some unholy vocal molestations. Aggressive Mutilator from Sweden is definitely only for the blackest of souls.
Review by Paul Caravasi


Viciously brutal and grinding Death Metal is what's put down by this band from Iraq on this four song demo. Nothing new, but deliciously heavy and dirty this shit is like a hammerhead to the head-gory, ugly and deadly! Even a Slayersque riff in the second song. Get in touch with Salute records to support these maniacs.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Prayer of the Dying-God's Failed Creation (2013)

Almost 60 minutes is all that's needed to ensure a massive blood-bath when Prayer of the dying unleashes this Schizophrenic tendencies. The mercyless Black Metal insanity of Martin Ciappara and the colaboration of Tony Sundstrand together they'll send your body and soul tumbling bloody and beaten towards hell, the music shreds like a thousand rusty razorblades, effective drum-work, piercing guitars and a voice colder than ice. It perfectly captures the cold, haunting atmosphere most contemporary Black metal releases fail to present. Spill your blood and let yourself descend into the abyss with Prayer of the Dying as your guide. If you remember the 90's Black metal scene you'll know what i'm talking about.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 dwell and rot in (2012)

An unholy assault of the most vicious, primitive and rotten to the core Death metal imaginable. A sonic attack on your brain that will continue to haunt you in the afterlife. Very good artwork on the cover and the backgrounds, all lyrics by Uriel Aguillon, included on a decentrly-produced sound quality. Razorback is a unique label with many good underground signings in the past years. Hope to see more from the band and its label in the future.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Howling -A Beast Conceived (2013)

Brutally malicious , painfully aggressive and lethaly heavy! Howling with Vanessa Nocera on vocals is deadlier than Rambo on speed. Original-not really, brutal as fuck-yes, some will call it retro, i call it raw Death/ Thrash metal. Battering through some killer guitar riffs and solos, and basically don't giving a fuck. Original or not-this cd kills!
Review by Paul Caravai

Markradonn-Final Dying Breath E.P (2013)

This is my first encounter with the music of Markradonn, and from what i hear on this ep, i can say that these guys play a weird Death Metal with a dash of orchestral Black metal thrown in for an almost Scandinavian feel. They mix it up musically and vocally, the fusion of melody with brutality always serves for a good listen (check out "Infernal hate unbounded"), and you'll hear the band is able to produce an euphoric sound as well. The best thing about the instrumentation and crazy guitar solos is that they grow on you more with every depressive listen, unless you're accustomed to trendy music. I would like to hear what they could do next, the band is not afraid to experiment, and most of the time it works out for them.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cardiac Arrest/Mutant Supremacy Split Ep (2013)

Cardiac Arrest/Mutant Supremacy-Split 7" Ep 
Definitely this Ep kicks ass! The brutality of these two bands should not be taken for granted no matter where they come from or the lenght of their hair. Each band unleash 2 tracks of pummeling, flawless Death metal, and the real power is revealed when the band slows down and commence in opening the infernal gates of Dooooooooom!! I'm all for it, Adam Scott (cardiac arrest) and Sam Awry (mutant supremacy) have very recognizable vocals, one of which delivers a very dry, substandard yell, while the other has a decent growl, also They deliver heavy hooks, lightning fast guitar riffs, blinding and blasting drum beats that your soul will scream with, I'm  glad to get in my hands this killer Ep that is dedicated to old school, pure and unadultured death metal with nothing false added. You need to own this flawless four-song Ep, distributed by HPGD Productions.
Review by Paul Caravasi