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The band is from Buenos Aires-Argentina. Formed in March 2010 with the only reason to play covers, basically influenced by thrash metal of the 80's. The band shared the stage with several bands , including NECROPSYA ( Peru ), Betrayer FTM ( Colombia ), Sacrario ( Brazil ), Luciferian ( Colombia ). During the months of February, March, and April of 2012 the band went to their first extended  South America tour by the hand of Macabre Records, performing 21 dates in Argentina , Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay. Becoming the first thrash metal band in Argentina Under an  extensive tour.
In November of 2012 through the production " The Board productions ", the band released their first official video in high quality " Corrosive Waste " from the Ep " Violence on the Streets ".Toxic Wine currently is in phase composition of what will be his first official studio album and playing live throughout the Greater Buenos Aires and surroundings.

1-Hi and welcome to Soulgrinder Zine. Let's start by telling me the most relevant event for the band in 2013.
In 2013 the band was playing live recently, only a few shows compared to previous years where we played average of 1 time per month, we only did some presentations by the fact that we focus a lot on new songs and that was it, many rehearsals and composing riffs, lyrics and new ideas always remain true to the style. We wrote 6 or 7 new songs and they're are finished, just missing details, and start rehearing new material soon. At the end of 2012 we released our first video with professional quality  "Corrosive Waste", and we are very happy because in a few months the video had great acceptance and has been rotated by TV channels in Argentina and other countries as well, in addition to the 11,000 views it has on our YouTube channel in just a few months and a positive feedback from many countries, it's very rewarding for us to have a video clip and the support from metalheads.

2-Tell me about the line-up of Toxic Wine?
Toxic Wine are a trio of friends and also a band, Matias Cieri on drums, Rodrigo Leon on vocals/ guitar and bass Mauro Luna.

3-What have been the most memorable concerts in the history of the band so far?
For us it is best to play in our neighborhood, with all the friendly people that always come to see us, Hurlingham has something special because we feel very comfortable sharing music with our neighborhood friends. We had very good dates in January of 2013 in the main city where Thrashers organize a festival with bands from the country and the place is packed with people, we also have great memories of dates outside Argentina when we toured, for example Cali  or Bogota in Colombia, or Cochabamba in Bolivia, big nights .

4-What other bands you can recommend us from Argentina?
There are plenty of bands in the Thrash Metal cene here in Argentina. I can name a few, Rigor Mortis, Manifesto, Kimera, Lobrega, Bestial Malevolencia, Moshing da Law, and many more that i personally like, a great high level bands around here.

5-Is there any offer to play outside of your country now?
Last year we had an offer to play in Paraguay, everything was ready but it was canceled a few weeks before, and this happened twice with Paraguay, it's a shame but hopefully someday we'll play in that country.

6-Well, let's talk about what the Argentinian music scene: How do you see the level of the groups that are currently in your country?
There are great bands that know how to make Metal, great ones and we even could say they were "historic" in the metal scene.Militia, Escabios, Nepal and Lethal. The problem with our country is that among the musicians there is a lot of envy and they  criticize instead of helping each others out and say bad things in whatever they do, but when they see they act friendly, now with the whole stuff of Internet and Facebook, it's easier for the backstabbers ,they throw shit at bands in their profiles and stuff and in other social networks, that's the big obstacle that exists here in Argentina because between bands they try to savatage concerts and stuff. If bands would focus more on putting their heads on their own business things can go better, rather than criticizing the other, it would be much better.

7 - What does Thrash Metal mean for you?
For me it is my ground wire, it i great to release my fury and anger in a rehearsal room with my  friends, it's all about this music that has something different to other genres, is a violence expression that makes you feel alive and good, I say it is my ground wire because it works well when we play or rehearse after working all week, isolate a while playing or listening to bands is very good.

8-What would you say to those people that begin in the world of Metal?
Let them do whatever they want, they will not notice where others will say, what they like or think is good, keep forward because always there will be people who criticize you in a bad way, do what you want but always remain true to yourself.

9-What would you say to your fans and your detractors?
To our followers we always thank them at shows, thankfully little by little we see some new faces at shows and we are like one big family when we play, we know we are all very grateful haha always encourage to them to moshing or stage dive, make us feel happy for what we do. And to the detractors, envious, i can tell them how much they suck and we give a damn what they say because we are real people who know who we are and the humility we have, whatever they say , we will continue doing our stuff without asking. They all can suck my dick and die.

10-How Toxic Wine was created? Why the name?
Toxic Wine Emerged in the summer of 2010 as a cover band and to fuck around. After a while it was getting better and more "serious" because friends were asking for our own songs because the band sounded good. The name was created on a drunken night haha, the drummer was joking with that name because there was no money to go to a birthday party and we did buy a cheap wine, very cheap, and he said "uh this is a toxic wine" and the name stayed there...

11-How do you see the band currently compared to your first demo?
Fully renovated and better, while still playing the same style from the 80's like the first demo, we have more energy, we feel more comfortable playing or rehearsing, but when you got two guitarrists sounds more "complete" having all sounds, more compact, neat and tight, and not just my word but the kids who come to see us say the ame thing. There is a cool friendship between the three of us today, and helps a lot to make music, no more lies, no silly excuses, nothing negative. As for the musical part , there are some changes that you'll see in the new songs from the lyrics and the music, crossover and hardcore touches on drums you'll hear, we really burned our heads to create songs now, before we were more spontaneous, and something good came, now we are connected and we look in making arrangements of drums or vocals and chorus. We are excited and we all agreed that the band is better than before definitely.

12-What were and are your main influences when composing?
The influences are usually the German Thrash, Sodom is our main influence when composing, old Metallica could also be. We hear many Thrash metal bands and also band like Creedence or Pink Floyd, or hear classic heavy metal, death, grindcore, rock and roll, or even classical music. It would be boring to always listen to the same style, we have a lot of music influences besides Metal.

13 - What is the difference between Argentine metal and Metal from Brazil?
I think maybe here we always begin playing for circle of friends and not thinking in being popular or without seeking to reach success, sometimes we don't have the chance to have large productions for recordings, and many people only support bands going to their shows or buying their records and stuff, it is important to know that we have great metal bands, but there are always bands that look forward to the record labels in Brazil and see that country as a big step, it is true that they have killer bands and always been but I believe them to sing mostly in English is because it opens to a different market, each country have great bands.

14 - What do you think of this whole resurgence of classic thrash metal bands of the 80's that are taking the stages once again?
It's great because i never had the chance to see them live back in the day because at the time i was a little child lol. Having the chance to see bands from the 80s is something unique, and maybe in a few more years we won't have the chance,we are very lucky , in the near future i don't think that will happen again.

15 - Who would you like to share the stage someday?
With Sodom or Kreator, that would be killer, it would be something unique because they are our main influences.

16 Thank you for this interview, it was a pleasure and I hope to hear your full lenght soon, and see Toxic Wine live.
Many thanks to you Paul for having us in mind to participate in this issue of Soulgrinder Zine along with such monsters of Metal, it is great to get a band like us with kick ass bands or people already established many years ago in the metal scene. We send a big hug and look forward to having a copy of this killer issue in our hands and why not maybe seeing us playing live someday......Exitos!
Contact: : www.facebook.com/toxic.wine.thrash.metal
Interview by Paul Caravasi

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