Saturday, March 8, 2014

Interview with artist Dede Suhita/Inhuman Art

1-How goes it Dede? Hope all is well.
Yeah man! I’m fine here and still busy with artwork order and manage the band.

2-How would you describe your art? What is your inspiration?
I really love to draw human anatomy since I was kids, its begin when I was 5 years old drawing some superhero figures like Batman, Superman, Spiderman etc. I don’t have any specific inspiration, for me all the things in surround me can be my inspiration.

3-What are your preferred weapons of choice? I mean from a technical standpoint.
Knife and blade are my favorite weapons. But, sometimes I really interest with some idea from my friend who order the artwork, they asked me to draw a brutal murder with a weapon called Garrote, deadly weapon a steel wire use in the neck of the victim…

4-What do you think about the underground artists like yourself? Is there enough support for your art?
Today there are so many underground artists, and many of them just like a trend follower, I think it’s the same condition with underground bands. I have an opinion, if we can have our specific style of our art, we can survive for a long time, and we must have a good relationship with the media like zine, webzine and any other promotion companies.
I think today we can spread and presented our artwork to all peoples by social media, and there will be enough support for our artworks.

5-You have a cool style for your art. When did you notice this specific style of yours ?
I’m not really sure. I just drawing artworks and don’t care with my own style…But, I really notice my own style when I put together my artworks in big dinning table hahaha…..

6-Do you work out of home?
For doing artwork, I always doing it at home, I have my own room to work it. But, sometime I will drawing in outside of my house when I have a good mood and inspiration.

7-When the bands come to you, do they bring their own ideas or they just want your art?
Most of the bands bring their own idea and then I make the artwork, but sometime the band just want to order my ready use artwork.

8-Do you have a regular full-time job besides doing artworks?
Yeah man, I have a banquet equipment rental company, our job is rent all the things to complete a wedding party or private party at the villas or hotels  in Bali.

9-At what age did realize you had a passion for art?
I had a passion for art at 11 years old for the first time, when I had my first artwork exhibition in Australia and India.

10-What artists inspired you?
The Balinese legend artist like Gusti Lempad, and Indonesian artist like Raden Saleh has inspired me. And international artists, like Dan Sea Grave, Mark Riddick, Toshiro Egawa.

11-Can you remember the first band that believed in your talent?
Lividity (Illinois brutal porn) is the first band that use my artwork, I really surprise because there’s no Indonesian artist in that time doing some works for international bands. Big thanx to Dave Kibler who bring me the great opportunity in that time…..

12-What do you think it is about the dark side of life?
In my opinion everybody has the dark side in their life. And I always bring my dark side to my artwork and sometimes its make anyone will surprise when they meet me, cause they just thinking the guys who make a brutal artwork would be a man with full tattoo, long hair and piercing hahaha…. And I have some great memories on 1996, I have caught by the police and they bring me in jail, because they didn’t like with my artwork and a few month after that, some peoples from Christian fundamentalist Church came to my house and they want to bring me to the police again hahaha….

13-What kind of music do you listen while you are drawing?
While I’m drawing, I always listen a brutal stuff, I love with the bands like: Devourment, Internal Bleeding, Repudilation, Brutality, Prophecy, Carcass, Disentomb, Entrails Eradicated, and many more…

14-Well this is it for now Dede. Thanks for your time and i hope to see more killer art from you. Take care man
Yeah you are welcome man! I really appreciated and big thanx with the interview, good luck with Soulgrinder zine. Take care and brutal cheers from Inhuman Art – Bali !!!
Interview by Paul Caravasi

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