Saturday, April 5, 2014

Natas-Deathcore 1985-1993

When the glorious metal scene was in their best shape, Natas burst onto the scene like a whirl-wind from the deepest abyss. Whith an aggressive musical violence unheard that decade they brought new unlife into the 80's and 90's stagnated and crumbling genre with their ungodly raw Crossover attack. those demos that came like a nuclear missile onto the scene. This double cd features the demos "Outcast of Society" 85', √Źnternal Damnation"86', Split Ep 90', "Think What You Want" Lp 89', and "No One Gets Out Alive "Demo 89'. There's not much lacking from this release which is a pure mayhemic Metal assault, even though their Punk influences are there to the maximum, they sound fucking Thrash Metal, still the legacy of this band will forever live on. Natas moves so fast and they crush everything they run into. This is fkn insane!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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