Wednesday, June 11, 2014


                                                          2 Day Metal Fest
                                                    Jabber Jaws-Allentown, Pa

It’s Saturday night, what could be better than heading into the venue and catching a metal show that was put on by Marvin Skip Horn. This event was held at Jabber Jaws in Allentown, most of you know this venue is the new place to see local shows from now on.
On stage tonight was a band LifesBlood, that I am not familiar with, . They established themselves that night, they performed a really tight set. I couldn't catch all the following bands 'cause  i was at the bar talking and meeting cool people. Faith Or Fear is next on stage, it's almost midnight, these members are from the philly/Jersey area, and who have established their own sound of Thrash metal since the lates 80's. If the stage had been bigger I am sure that they would have been moving around with some great energy. The floor filled up a little more for FOF. Some have compared this band to Exodus and Overkill, well being an avid Thrash Metal fan, I don’t hear it at all ( maybe the riffs). Their set list was a killer , songs like CDS, TIME BOMB, RIP OFFS, PUNISHMENT AREA......
You can't compare these guys with another band, they do have their own sound, and that’s exactly what you hear, to create something your own. I really miss Tim Blackman on vocals, he has all my respect, but to be honest the new vocalist did an amazing job as well, they really did an excellent show. An underrated band that hopefully are getting more attention thru the metal world. Cool show!!
Next day , another band I wanted to see Condition Critical from Jersey. For this band a bunch of metalheads came to the stage area, and I can totally see why, if you like Demolition Hammer, Sadus, or Exodus, then this is exactly the sound you are going to get. Band members all wore cool Thrash metal shirts. Musically these guys killed it, totally Thrash metal. It’s a shame the venue was not really big enough to hold a brutal mosh pit, I think that would have shown the band just how much everyone was enjoying their set. Next Band Dying Eyes Of Sloth. Their set was kick ass Death metal, and they put it together in a brutal way too. For me it was great to be able to stand right up front and enjoy, the only way to get the real feel for the music. Guitar, drums, bass and vocals were all carried out to perfection, I really enjoyed their set.
I appreciate watching a band that’s trying to be unique and knows what they are doing. March to Victory was next and did a good job as well. Last up tonight is Solstice, this band I do know but never had the chance to see them live. They kicked ass that night, you always want to see the crowds enjoying, that way you know you are dishing out the right stuff for all to walk away with a great feeling. Killer set list as well , people enjoying the show to the maximum and having so much fun and you will see Ryan on vocals/rhythm guitar, Dennis Munoz lead guitar, Alex on drums and Julian Guillen on bass. Their music though fast paced is well put together, guitar riffs, drum blasts, bass and brutal vocals are worth a listen. They obviously have worked hard/practised a lot to reach their accomplishments. Solstice has perfected their sound, its not just noise. And I found myself really enjoying their music. What a great fucking night that was. Really cool hanging out with cool Metalheads and glad to see the Metal scene getting stronger every day !!
Concert Report by Paul Caravasi

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