Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thundersteel-The Exorcism (2015)

While term like "melodic" often carry a negative connotation with me in the power metal sphere. Thundersteel manages to do this in a old school way, right now isn't exactly the greatest time for traditional metal, and the name 'Thundersteel' doesn't really evoke a lot one way or the other, but don't be fooled, these guys are the real deal, if you haven't heard them, I suggest you check them out, this band is quite interesting. So, I've established that the music is good, but what does it sound like specifically? Well, despite its accessible nature, the songwriting seems to draw from a number of influences. The oldschool heavy/power vibes are definitely there, but the catchy, galloping, attitude-laden riffs hearken back to NWOBHM more than anything else; Angel Witch and Raven come to mind, but I'm sure other comparisons could be made as well. Keep in mind this is primarily an influence on the riffing; the guitar harmonies slightly evoke thoughts of NWOBHM as well. The production is pretty cool, if a bit too polished even for my tastes; the guitar sound is thick but it works well here with the catchy bass lines and drumming, the songs are all very solid, really you just can't go wrong with any of the tracks. If you're into traditional heavy metal or think that a combination of NWOBHM and some of the meatier europower acts sound cool - of if you're just a fan of Metal - definitely check out this album, you'll be singing along for weeks. Heavy metal is the law !
Review b y Paul Caravasi

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