Monday, December 14, 2015

Mutilated By Zombies-Decimation Sentence (2015)

Menacing piece of death metal. By menacing, I do not mean to say alienating or disturbing, emotions conjured up by Morbid Angel's Blessed Are The Sick or Demilich's Nespithe, for instance. No, by menacing, I mean that "Decimation Sentence" attempts to convey in a death metal album the feeling that you are about to be crushed by a tank, and by album's end, to have been crushed by said tank. Mutilated by Zombies achieve this sense of menace in every track by resorting minimally to melody (and even in the guitar solos, melody is not the primary consideration), and instead focusing on simple, aggressive, downtuned riffs frequently played at high tempos, backed by viscerally audible bass and fierce drumming that alternates between blastbeats and slower rhythms, and gutteral yet discernible vocals that complement the music perfectly. There are ample time changes and transitions in each song to prevent a sense of familiarity from setting in with the listener, which consequently prevents any dilution of aural menace that this band so successfully conveys. Intense and significant to the formula of calculated brutality that is on display here. Listen to "Maggot Bath" and " Mock The Sun" and tell me that you do not feel like killing rolling over them with a tank!
Review by Paul Caravasi