Friday, September 14, 2018

Dark Managarm-Victorious March “Special Edition 10 Years of War” 2015

This is a collection of music, recorded over 10 years, by two different incarnation of French black metal horde Dark Managarm. The difference between the two album parts is, the first half has better production and songwriting than the second half, but its a great listen all the way through. Victorious March is a crusty, thrashing, stabbing attack of metal blackness that borders on death metal when with the slight use of guttural vocals. They have some fun in spots with rocking riffs that will have your cold, dead, black metal ass, up and air guitaring like a drunken jock at the corner bar, who just heard the first lick of Enter Sandman.
Review by Deron Christman
 (Dethrok Metal Webzine )

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