Thursday, November 7, 2013

Infected Society-Get Infected (2012)

If Kaotoxin and Give Praise records mantain the quality of their releases the way it's been so far, they'll definitely be one of the strongest labels around. Certainly they won't grow big, as they don't care about the current trends at all, but they will definitely come out of it with pride and integrity. Same could be said for Infected Society whose album is an extreme metal feast of Grindcore. In a way the emphasis of the riffing is laid on Thrash, but it sounds so fuckin' demented that it can easily labelled Grindcore/Thrash. No matter what, the guitars pierce like white-hot needles and the vocals cut like razors. This cd features 6 pulverizing tracks including 2 covers, Napalm Death's Necessary Evil and Pantera-Sandblasted Skin. This band will leave you beaten, screaming for more. I'm sure i'll hear more from them!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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