Saturday, November 16, 2013

Interview with Insurrection

Deathmetal band from Gatineau, Québec, Canada.
Interview Answered by Vocalist Stef Jomphe

1-The music of Prototype is not a  walk in the park, who's in charge of that, tell me about the line-up.
We kind of wish it was a walk in the park, beacuse most parks we've seen were fucking disgusting and populated by oddballs! That sounds like us to some degree!

2-Where are you from?
We're all from Gatineau, which is right next to Ottawa, Canada’s capital!

3-A lot of bands share the same cult influences of Metal's past, but what are some of the newer bands to influence you?
Influences come from such random places, and we're all influenced by pretty much radically different bands! I don’t know what influences the other guys lately, but I've been listening to a lot of Hypocrisy, Bloodbath and such.

4-Are you happy with the production of the album?
For the production, we went with Topon Das of Fuck The Facts and we got the result we wanted: something organic and that breathes, yet heavy! Pierre Rémillard (Obliveon, Cryptopsy, Krisiun, etc) did the mixing and mastering for this one!

5-How would you describe the music of Insurrection in a few words?
I'd say it's death metal based on groove, a good mix of technicality and straight up simple heaviness. We're not over the top and we try to keep it catchy and fun to listen to.

6-What is your opinion on the current state of the Metal Scene in Canada and worlwide?
It's hard to tell where things are headed. I'd say band wise things are going pretty good and the fans are there, but it's hard to tell what state it's in since we were never 'it'.

7-Who writes the music and lyrics for the band and how did you decide singing in both languages French and English?
The music was written by pretty much everyone in the band as opposed to previous albums, and I (Stef) do all the lyrics. I never really took a conscious decision to write in both languages, I just did it beacuse I could. French has some pretty intricate ways of describing things and English is simpler and catchier.

8-Have you had any label interest outside Canada?
We haven't really looked outside of Canada to be honest. We've always been DIY up till this album and the indiegogo campaign we did went in that direction.

9-How did you come up with your band name?
The band name came after a LOT of arguing and thinking and suggestions. We wanted something bilingual: that was important. Even now people still mess up our name pronunciation and mix up two languages! We didn't want anything gory or overly typical, but something easy to remember with a kick!

10-Have you always spoken English? Is it your second language?
English is our second language, but in Gatineau, it's hard not to work in English due to its proximity to Ottawa!

11-Do you guys play a lot of shows?
We try to play as many shows as we can. In our Unrockstardom, we have jobs and lives, but we're pushing hard to reach out to the fans and do what we do best!

12-What are you plans for the future?
I think we're overdue for a video clip. That and promoting the new album. eventually we'll start working on number 4 :)

13-Well, seems like i'm out of questions for now. Thanks for your time in answering this intrview, good luck with everything and this space is for you my friend.
Thanks for your time! Hope to see you at a show sometime!
Interview by Paul Caravasi

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