Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Soulburner-Blessed By Fire (2008)

Southamerican warriors Soulburner really packed a punch into this album, a punch so powerful that it really gives a huge hint to what metal from Chile sounds like. They have probably made the best album they've ever released. Why? It has a creative edge, has songs that make you want to mosh all day long, and has lyrics that are unique and pure metal. First off, the vocals are really brutal. This is a whole new spectrum in terms of vocals. It's very unique! The guitars are shred-worthy and are just heavenly, carrying out the songs and bangs the head that doesn't bang (or somewhere along those lines). The sweet and savory guitar licks and riffs make the songs really addictive and makes you want to listen to them for hours on end, the guitars kick loads of ass! The drums, like the guitars, carry out the songs as well. The beats and blasts are basically the virgin blood on the satanic cake, flawless and well-executed. They also plays along well with the vocals and other instruments. The bass guitar is well done, barely audible but you can hear the rumble. In conclusion, this album is totally worth buying and you shouldn't miss the opportunity should it cross your path. As a southamerican, I am quite proud of this band. They take the next step up and make some shit that's really productive and satisfying. To make things clear as my final verdict, I dub this Death/thrash album MOSH MATERIAL!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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