Sunday, August 17, 2014

MotherSloth-Moribund Star (2014)

‘Moribund Star’ contains within its smelly and mildewed tomb one of the most beautifully strange songs in the world of metal, the emotion in their instrumental cd is acrobatic as well. As metal’s eternal underachiever you can sense that the storm clouds are never far from this band. Perhaps one reason I find MotherSloth interesting is their heavy/stoner sound, this is an unfailing album, it doesn’t assume that it can simply earn its keep by being doom or stoner for the sake of it. Songs like ‘Dry Tears’ and the only one with lyrics use strange brisk melodic guitars and 70s style middle eights that you wouldn’t normally associate with doom metal. Another issue of importance is the variation in these five songs and it is very enjoyable. The music probably sounds dated to those used to the extremities of modern metal, but for fans of doom metal, Black Sabbath, stoner rock or just that old 'vintage' crunch, MotherSloth from Madrid -Spain is one band to check out.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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