Saturday, November 29, 2014

Los Entierros-Discipulos De La Vigilia (2014)

The music of Los Entierros from Peru is so simplistic and sludgy, almost cumbersome, yet so completely appealing on multiple levels, the guitar sounds as if it's being played through a broken amplifier which fell off the back of a pickup truck one too many times, and the bass is just a plodding distorted rumble. Los Entierros possess a modicum of musical skill, creating some noisy and offensive guitar solos. Actually, when I first heard this band, I couldn't stan them because of these same solos of squawky excess, but at this point I have to slap myself because the leads actually fucking rule. There are eleven songs on offer here, completely catchy and headbang worthy. And the vocals! Man, I like it enough, he has a really melodramatic voice that reminds me, in a way, of creepy Italian horror films. It's strong and powerful, and at totally unexpected times (usually in the middle of a phrase) he'll suddenly switch from a chilly melodic wail to a demonic rasp/snarl.The vocal melody in the verses is absolutely cool and will ensure that the songs remains in your head for days. Yes, this is another metal release that conjures up a really powerful feeling in me. There are some albums which you just put on and totally sink into, totally feel that you understand absolutely and that resonate on some deep, subconcious level that goes beyond mere ideology. This is one of them. Maybe it's because i've been listening Grindcore and death metal, and my brain is already fried. It's short, but feels like a complete work as it descends gradually into the bowels of sludge and decay and leaves you there until you can pick your jaw out of the mud. There's no complexity, no technical wizardry, but the emotional content wouldn't be served by such an approach, and after all, this is Doom metal of the purest, most minimalist variety, ready to lay its burden on you and scrape your cranial layers with a trowel until you understand what it's trying to say, really has to be heard and praised, and is probably what will convert most first-time listeners into appreciators of this style of music. As a side note, anyone who appreciates Doom metal, definitely needs to check out this band, as in my view this is worth checking out!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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