Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Reino Ermitaño-Conjuros De Poder (2014)

This is one of those albums which helped define my taste in Doom Metal. It was Black Sabbath the first time songs had actually scared me! This might sound quaint in these days of sicko extremity but back in the late 80s, only a handful of bands had the ability to give you the heebie-jeebies in their music, Candlemass for example. But here's a genuinely eerie quality to Reino's songwriting and performances on this album which set the band apart from other Doom metal bands from Peru at least, to me, can be mentioned in the same breath as Celtic Frost in terms of scariness, much more radical, leftfield, experimental, avant garde. On "Conjuros De Poder", they deal with fairly stereotypical lyrical themes of dark fantasy,ancient Peruvian history, and etc on the whole. But the songs are delivered with such panache, such skill, such emotion and such a fantastic ear for melody that you'll forgive them that. The entire album is a mourner's lament, a heart-rending ode to mortality. It will become a doom metal classic that's for sure. I say every single song on the album is amazing in its own right. You'll weep at the crushing, monumental beauty of the riffs the band come up with on song after song. Rifftastic highlights and I haven't even mentioned Tania Duarte's phenomenal voice yet! She is truly one of the greatest female vocalist metal has ever seen with a highly distinctive sound that is simultaneously so pleasing to the ears and powerful. Wonderful as his performances on the other Reino's albums might be, Conjuros De poder represents the pinnacle of his career. It is also the band's best work to date. All in all, this is definitely a masterpiece of doom. If you’re into doom at all, you’ll be into this album!ño/229687576031?pnref=lhc
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Review by Paul Caravasi

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