Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nervous Impulse-Time to Panic (2015)

This band is unlike any other grindcore band that I've heard. Since this is the first album I'm listening to from this band, I have to say they have a very creative imagination with the brutal edge they deliver on this full-length album. A good aspect of this album is the fact that, although it may sound repetitive at most points (which is usually the case with most grindcore acts), it never fails to aspire creativity and originality in a genre that by most people's standards don't expect much from. Another great thing about this release are the shredding riffs that are found scattered throughout the whole thing. The music is exactly what its name implies but no band can get away with a great release without adding some chorus within each song an example is Napalm Death's first two albums which are executed very well in the riffing department. This album is heavy as fuck, the tracks are sure to annoy the hell out of anyone who has primitive knowledge on metal or is simply disgusted by grindcore, this is a rampaging destruction of your ears. So if you enjoy primal yet intelligent grindcore, or any extreme music for that matter, this album stands as a flagstaff middle finger to all that is holy and good, I think it kicks ass, so if you're a fan of grind and are seeking a new twist to this genre consider picking up this album right now.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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