Sunday, July 19, 2015

VHS-Hi-Fi Horror (Uncut edition) Demo 2015

VHS incorporates a lot of fast hardcore, punk, Thrash crossing the border into the realm of Death metal. And they do it well! personally, I quite like this approach. I makes the fastest parts still sound tighter than other extreme metal bands in these days. This demo is, indeed, Raging Hell! Screams? hell yeah, And good ones too. Like i mentioned of course there are still a lot of hardcore punk moments on this demo.And obviously the backing gang-shout-vocals and incidental lead make this band sound more brutal than one would expect from a band like this. The subgenre was just discovering itself in those days so expecting some experimenting and more than just blast speed and grunts is advised to anyone still studying their heavy metal history lessons.It’s pretty hard to come up with a final score for a killer demo such as this one. It would be easy to say “this demo is so cool so here’s 99 points”. I could do that. But in 2015, how does a demo stand out? Compared to most modern day metal bands this demo sounds extreme, brutal, refreshing and especially energetic. And fortunately Metal is a genre in which having a better production isn’t always a good thing and Yes, this band will easily kick your ass!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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