Monday, August 24, 2015

Habamal-Tributo Thrash and Death (2015)

The intensity level is consistently high throughout this CD. Every song is delivered with reverence and power, and in some cases heavier than the original. And the production is pretty good too, with an incredible dark, saturated guitar tone that dominates the proceedings, though the drums have a little more of a garage ambience than you'd expect. "Slowly we rot" (Obituary): A powerful run-through with toe-curling intensity and a heavy foot on the gas pedal. Some shredding wah-wah leads rear their heads as well, but the female vocals sounds more angry and evil. "Agent Orange" (Sodom): This version is, again, both faster and tighter than the original (and I love the original, so that ought to tell you something). Frenzied leads again tear it up with a vengeance, evil-sounding black screeches on the chorus. "Phobia" (Kreator): They're driving the song along with amazing power. This is not for the weak of heart and Habamal do this tune justice.
"Evil Dead"(Death): The song that gave a whole subgenre a name is tackled with enthusiasm and you can tell that they're enjoying themselves on this one. Lita's roars Eviiiil Deaaaaad!!! are especially convincing! "Suffer the children" (Napalm Death): Navigates the various tempo changes. I'm amazed that the rest of the band can keep up with the drummer at times. "Nemesis" (Arch Enemy): Lita's vocals are better and more appropriate than the new singer in Arch Enemy.This benefits from a better guitar sound than the original as well as better leads  and  bass tone is warmer and deeper than the original too. Guitar sound and solos are a nice surprise! "Slave new World"(Sepultura)" Habamal manages to pull it off. The guiitar tone is better than most Sepultura wannabes and they have a good feel for the tune as well. This is such a covered tune that they do well. "Raining Blood"(Slayer): Drummer again handles Dave Lombardo's daunting drum parts, fast and flesh-ripping version.  Cool tune, this is the most surprising cover choice here. I am a die hard Salyer fan and I have to say this is my  favorite tune here on the CD. I give Habamal credit for having the balls to cover these classic tunes like this and doing something really good. Lita rules! Habamal from Ecuador stands out with a highly remakes with the originals, keeping the original thrill and also making it abit updated. Cool tribute !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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