Monday, August 24, 2015

Withering Soul-Adverse Portrait (2015)

This gem, it’s packed with old school Blackened Death metal excellence. What really sells me to this output is the that the music retains the beautifully captivating atmosphere that I fell so much in love with this sound. "Vestige" opens with heavy riffs enough to hypnotize the listener.This song is a great example of metal at its perfection, the melodies are outstanding, and the synth and guitar work as one to create a very memorable song. A notable aspect about this cd is that there is no use of clean vocals. The gutturals are deep. No complaints there. Adverse Portrait is a very fine slab of old school school metal for those who can’t just get enough of this kind of material. I would say that the songs on here are masterpieces, and so I would recommend this release to any extreme metal fan and anyone who is looking for some great atmospheric death metal. The way it used to be done. I can only congratulate and continue to let this record spin once again and in the end over and over again!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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