Monday, October 3, 2016

Devotion (Spain)-Necrophiliac Cults (2016)

Ladies and gentlemen of the underground metal scene, I would like to introduce you to "Necrophiliac Cults" quite possibly the greatest death metal album of 2016. The atmosphere, the guitars, the slamming drums, crushing bass, the brutal lyrics, and the spine tingling vocals all come together so perfectly, hence, creating this album, a memorable and mesmerizing gem in the death metal scene. To me, the most amazing thing about this entire album is the absolutely astounding vocalist. The vocals are so different, so horrific, so inhuman, that you cannot help it but to be drawn into it. Vicent Riera ( Ex Obscure-Nadir) puts in more of a puking kind of noise to his vocals, which, in my opinion, add to the intense atmosphere of the album. The guitar work as a whole is killer , heavy as fuck. Not too technical, not too simple. Though Devotion is not the most technical of bands out there, Devotion from Spain still manages to pull out some incredibly original, melodic, intense guitar riffs. The solos in this album are also absolutely incredible and flawless. They are intense, fast, and do have a pretty thick groove to them at times. The guitar style used in this album really reminds me of the guitar work in Massacra, which, of course, is definitely a good thing. The bass in the album adds a whole new meaning to the word "crushing." The bass in this album, though not as noticeable as some other aspects in this album, the bass still adds a crushing effect that can leave a non-death metal listener crying. It is like when someone huge is yelling in your face, and you submit to the ground to him. Yes, it is that crushing. Last and not least, the drum work in this album is amazing. The drum work in this album mainly consists of mid tempos and touches of synths, they manage to have this drum style fit perfectly with their musical style, making the drum work and synths in a brutal way and that's another plus for this album, so fucking heavy as well. In conclusion, this album is an absolute masterpiece, no questions asked. Every song, every second, every moment of this album is absolutely flawless and amazing. If you are to listen to one song on this album, listen to "Risen Ghouls" which is probably the greatest song on this album. It has the most interesting structure, guitar work, vocals, and not to mention, some of the greatest death metal lyrics I have heard in my fkn life. Basically, if you like death metal, you need this album. If you don't like it, you're a dick and would be better off listening to metalcore shit !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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