Sunday, October 30, 2016

Whisptriker-Only filth will Prevail (2016)

Whipstriker from Brazil is a great blend of Black Metal with Thrash Metal. The vocals are harsh but there not exactly screamed. There almost a mix of early Venom, Slayer, Possessed and Darkthrone. There also some catchy choruses layed out in the album. The drumming is simple. It's typical Thrash Metal drumming. The riffs are speedy and evil. Sure the guitars don't really pull of anything crazy but there are some pretty good solos. "Only filth will prevail. The speed is matained through out the album and there are no songs with slowed down parts. Pure fucking evil war thrash metal!!! It's a damn evil mix in the end, for any fan of old school death, thrash and black metal, as well as appeal to crust fans. It doesn't slow the fuck down and I can guarantee this would be a wild pit if it made it to stage dominion. Nonetheless, Whipstriker offers us some fast exxxecutioner tunes on this. Blackened thrash fans would never destroy this. One of my favourite Southamerican products to date in the eyes of thrash!!! If you're interested in Black/Thrash Metal, get this right away!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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