Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Crator-The ones who create:The ones who Destroy (2016)

Progressive death metal music. Well, Necrophagist were considered the band that was unique in this genre ( i don't know why) and after the release of this record I believe Crator is not bad at all. This album takes enormous influences from both technical/progressive as well as neoclassical music and the result is complex,to any listeners - you must give this album several chances. Multi-layered guitar parts, odd-time signatures as well as searing shred guitar, this record is full of tricks. The drumming is absolutely perfect and not just mindless blast beats. This is admirable, extremely versatile and doesn't hesitate to slow things down to give the band some breathing space. The bass is very expressive and unlike 90% of death metal records, it's pretty persistent throughout the entire album. This is difficult to absorb. There are so many parts to each song - overlapping guitar pieces and bass interludes - which I can imagine are extremely difficult to play live. Secondly, there is a real emphasis on being as musical (not melodic!) as possible, and focused on being very fast or unpredictable. This is technical music whilst remaining elegant, symphonic, and actually listenable. expect that they continue to release highly musical and dexterous material. Well done!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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