Friday, January 19, 2018

Aislacion-Minor Chants (Demo 2017)

The best two words that describe this demo are raw and unique.  Guitar rhythm and lead riffs complement each other perfectly in both the distorted and clean presence. The production isn't great but I think this is one of those demos where the important elements are Unprocessed, unrefined, crude metal. It has all the elements that make this demo so unique and raw at the same time as well as super groovy/Doomy riffs. It is definitely a kick ass demo making a solid distinction between all the songs. You definitely hear the Black Sabbath influence in this Demo with some killer melodies and heavy drumming . This is a demo I feel that any stoner/doom , and Metalhead in general  can appreciate regardless of what wave they are more inclined to. This demo honestly will put you in a doom trance as long as you can handle it. I will find myself listening to this Demo multiple times and it feeling completely natural and not tiresome. Great demo for a few cold beers in a dark room on a weekend.ón
Review by Paul Caravasi

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