Friday, January 26, 2018

Riotor-Cursed Throne (2017)

Pure fucking evil war thrash metal!!! This album combines everything from Possessed to Venom and old Slayer. It's a damn evil mix in the end, for any fan of old school death and thrash metal. It doesn't slow the fuck down and I can guarantee this would be a wild pit if it made it to stage dominion. Nonetheless, these Canadian offer us some fast exxxecutioner tunes on this. The album strikes with catchy oldschool thrash riffing attacked by rasps and screams and brisk drums and it's definitely headbang-worthy, and if I was viewing this at a show, I'd be in total decision-making mode. One way is to sit there with the old arms crossed and watch the nuclear audio destruction; the other is to jump in the giant pit. That's fairly correct verbalism to judging this album. The songs combine with one another between the evil ritual sound and the fast raw/thrash tempo. The terminology to describing an album such as this is mismatched, and I think "evil as war" should clear that up the easiest. Blackened thrash fans would enjoy this. One of my favourite Canadian products to date in the eyes of thrash! RIOTOR RULES!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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