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Death metaller Steve Tucker (ex-Morbid Angel frontman), released their new album, "Orchestrating The Apocalypse" by Warfather on January 21-2014. Check this brief interview out!

1-Hey Steve, what's going on over there? I guess you're preparing the release of your new band these days or what?
Tucker: Hey Brother,all is good, yes I am doing some interviews , in between the US and European release.

2-So what should be expected from Warfather music? Still the same sickness and brutal metal?
Tucker: Yes, It is definately brutal music, I wanted this album to be relentless, I feel the message is urgent.

3-Could you tell me the line-up of the band?
Tucker: Yes, we have Avgvstus on bass, Armatura on guitar, Demios on drums and myself on vocals and guitars.

4-Do you find it difficult keeping a band together and has it been hard going on for all these years in the Death Metal world?
Tucker: I think Keeping a band together has always been a difficult , it is like any relationship, people change and sometimes people get tired of each other.

5-Which are the bands/music you listen to yourself?
Tucker: I listen to a lot of things, lately it has been Katatonia and Soreption, two totally different bands. I have always listened to a variety of things, for me ,like most musicians, I have some music that I love to listen to , but I have no desire to play anything similar. It is all about the mood.

6-How did you come up with the idea of putting Warfather out?
Tucker: Honestly, I felt it was time to have a band again, It was something that I missed, I was still doing projects, but I wasnt really getting to get in a room and jam, I needed that back in my life.

7-Has the media exposure made it easier to spread your music?
Tucker: Media is good, but with it comes opinions, which I generally don't care for. Sensationalism seems to be abundunt in the world today, It is easy to be loved one minute and forgotten the next. This is one of the things I love about metal, it crosses all trends , stands the test of time.

8-Was it hard to choose the artwork for the album?
Tucker: Actually I think it was the easiest thing that happened on OTA. We had the right artist for the job, it went extremely smooth!

9-Have you encountered any violence at your past gigs with Morbid Angel here in the U.S or any other countries or got problems with the police/authorities for your music?
Tucker: I have seen a lot of aggression being released at shows I have done, Not neccessarily violence, But I am sure that if can showed up and recorded video, they would say it was violent. Through my eyes what I see is a brotherhood of people with a similar passion. Occassionally there is an asshole in the crowd that got too drunk, but I am sure you see plenty of this at a country show as well, It is all about how it is percieved, who it is that is acting foolish. People listen to music and attend shows to escape reality.

10-What are the next step for Steven Tucker from now on? Touring a lot maybe?
Tucker: Warfather is now in talks to do tours, so that will be the focus for the next year at least, then we will do another album.

11-I know you're a busy man, so i'll let you get back to whatever you're doing....Final necromantical screams??
Tucker: Cheers for the questions! \,,/ see you at a show
Interview by Paul Caravasi

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