Saturday, February 22, 2014

Interview with We all die (laughing)

Here's the interview with the Depressive Progressive Introspective Dark Metal called
We All Die (Laughing).

1-It seems like most bands of today strives towards a brutal direction within he boundaries of metal, while you're in a way different direction and are not afraid to do it. I'm talking about the unique sound of We all die (laughing). Tell me about this heavy release and the interesting cover song.
D : It's a complete release of the mind, very selfish as well since it's Arno & I, from the beginning until the end of it. We chose one track to keep the journey big and it is worth the work we did.

2-What do you think is the biggest difference about your sound compared to new bands?
D : New bands? Oh well, I don't know any new bands, or not that much. But I'd say that we're not really making this music to please people. Which is already something that puts us apart.

3-What is your view upon the metal scene which we have today?
D : Needs more recognition on the underground.

4-Wil there be a time when a performance could happen?
D : Time will tell. We're not against at all. But it might be complex...

5-How do you manage to keep motivated after seeing all the pitfalls in the music industry?
D : Selfish music for selfish people. If I wanted to "win money" mainly, I'd be doing pop music, or something in the likes. Speaking of... who knows.

6-Do you consider your non-metal influences ( if there's any) as important as your metal ones? Explain what your particular non-metal reference points are and what they bring to We all die (laughing).
D : Influences are influences, there is no such thing for me as having two distinct influences from either metal or non metal. On this album, I am mainly influenced by my mind. Where's the music so? I have none. Or if I have, it's mainly what i was listening during the composing/recording of this album, which is mainly Dj Coone / Headhunterz / Brennan Heart (all hardstyle) or John Coltrane, Miles D (Jazz), or some Diamanda Galas there and there. As for metal, I don't remember.

7-What is the meaning behind the band's name?
D : It comes from this underrated band "The Angelic Process". They released an album with this track named "We All Die Laughing" and it fit the description of our music. We put just some brakets to amplify the paradox.

8-Well this is it for now , thanks a lot for answering this interview and good luck. Keep up the good work !
D : You're more than welcome. CYFAWS
Interview by Paul Caravasi

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