Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ominous-You Created Tragedy (2014)

Pure evilness and worship to the shadows, it’s the soundtrack of fucking hell. It condenses the sorrow and pain of a long lost soul and turns it into music just for humanity to hear and witness the real depths of horror. There isn’t a hint of hope or light on any note Ominous play. Technical and syncopated but somehow they managed to throw brutality in it, slowing the pace sometimes, which make things much more memorable too. This is not applied to the riffs though, that is still fast and frantic. Slow passages bedizen their rapid and brutal brand of death metal and they may come in suddenly, drastic tempo changes are present everywhere. The quality of the recording is ok, not as today’s bass flooded heavy productions, more dismal and mid range oriented. Their abrasive sound is very dynamic, heavy notes and harmonics sound brighter and nostalgic, their palm muted riffs: merciless and rougher, the growling, particularly evil and low pitched but still clear enough to understand the lyrics shows no pity for the credulous, Jay Meerholz beats the shit out of the drums… a fantastic death metal drummer, you can hear his exquisite technique on the bass drums, how fluid and even each strike goes after another. His arms are solid too, the amount and quality of drum fills in every song is insane. In other words Vic Gonzalez and Alex Rosati do a brutal job as well. This is Death metal from new jersey!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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