Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Steel Prophet-Omniscient (2014)

Steel Prophet continued their heavy metal crusade started a while ago to save the heavy metal music in United states and wipe away the plague which affected it in 90's. Posers were shocked because of the attention this band got, and they started hating on them. But did they stop Steel Prophet? No fucking way. This studio album is a killer classic heavy/power metal machine made of cool songs with ground-shaking drum work, raw, classic and heavy riffs and some well-placed power chords, orgasmic melodic lead guitars, fast, tasty, unique and technical demanding guitar solos, soaring vocals, catchy refrains and well-written lyrics. 911 belongs to this group of fast songs, it's  excellent like the others, it has memorable riffs, leads, guitar solo, it's really enjoyable very good song, bad-ass. The album artwork perfectly represents this new progressive heavy metal album called "Omniscient". Of course they were not the only band formed a few years ago which actually played heavy metal music, but not many other bands did it the way Steel Prophet did. Some 80's bands started to bend, and tried to adjust the mallcore trends like groove, industrial, -core, nu etc. I like to see and hear bands representing the way to keep heavy metal alive, Stronger Than All is the path we need to follow - you can say whatever you want, we don't give a fuck etc. Just pure fucking heavy metal, that's all you can get from Steel Prophet. This release is highly recommended for every metalhead, and metalhead only. Cool stuff!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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