Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chainsaw-Hill Of Crosses (2014)

Chainsaw is a great blend of Black Metal with Thrash Metal. The songs on Hill Of Crosses have the up-beat feeling of Thrash Metal and have the evil feeling of Black Metal. The vocals are harsh but there not exactly screamed. There almost a mix of Araya (from Slayer) and Culto (from Darkthrone). There also some catchy choruses layed out in the album. In "Maniac" the chorus is simply "Maniac-A sledgehammer pounding your corpse" and in "Born With Horns" the chorus is "Murder psychopath murder i want to stick your head in a blender...!" The drumming is simple. It's typical Thrash Metal drumming. The riffs are speedy and evil. Sure the guitars don't really pull of anything crazy but there are some pretty good solos. It is a good album. The speed is matained through out the album and there are no songs with slowed down parts, simple yet fun to listen to album. If you're interested in Black/Thrash Metal, get this right away!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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