Monday, February 2, 2015

Tunjum-Sagrado Tiempo De Caos (2014)

This disc is DEATH FUCKING METAL. Not the mid-paced kind, not the Swedish kind, just straight brutal double-bass evil straight from the Peruvian lands. And while there are quite a few bands like this (early Immolation being fine examples), Tunjum do differentiate themselves from the pack.Clara Herrera drummer/vocalist sounds like she came straight from the pits of hell - really low, gurgling, rarely moving into a high-pitched screech. Like I said before, the drums are pretty much straight speedy double bass, and the bass is tuned low so that it often just mixes into the wall of sound Tunjum produce. The guitar seems to enmesh itself in this wall too - every instrument including vox just produces a deep, dark mass of sound. My favorite song on here is probably "Batalla Ritual" a doomy crusher with death metal speed thrown in here and there. Maybe it's just because the song is different that it really stands out. Not that this cd is extremely monotonous, and in fact I can listen to it the whole way through, but overall the rest of the tracks blend together. So, a good pickup if you like blasphemy and low-as-hell fast death.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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